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March 2021 State of the Subreddit

Hey Gang,

It’s been a while since the last state of the subreddit back in August so we thought it was time to check in and make some updates. Only took me two months to write…

850k Users

Since this summer the subreddit and our community has continued to grow, maybe this time next year we’ll break a million. It’s been a privilege to moderate for this community as more people enter the fold. Hopefully when offline tournaments return in full force we’ll see a lot of new faces show up to locals and go 0-2 for the first time. I can’t recommend it enough.

New Rules

Rules Surrounding Allegations of Misconduct

After this summer's revelations and continuing developments, our policy was that allegations and claims of abuse should go through the Smash Code of Conduct Panel instead of r/smashbros. However, since the CoCP dissolved this fall we’ve had to update our policy on it. The modteam does not want to be the arbiter of what is or isn’t a credible allegation; we are not qualified for it and we believe it is not our place.

Going forward our policy will be that allegations cannot originate from Reddit. Users can still post links to twitlongers, youtube videos, etc., about allegations but they cannot originate here.

r/smashbros is not your personal blog:

  • Posts about the disposition or personality of other players are not allowed

  • Individual opinions about drama/allegations belong in the original thread.

This rule was a long time coming and it’s finally been made official in an attempt to clamp down on drama and keep things factual. This has been in the works since this post over a year and a half ago and at long last we have something in writing we can use to combat it. If you’re looking for drama go to twitter, they can’t get enough of it.

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Rule Revisions

Obligatory Changes/Tweaks to Clip Rules

Always a hot topic, the rules surrounding clips have been revised again to make them a little less subjective in an attempt to keep their enforcement consistent and post quality high. You can find the complete and updated rules in Section 1b of our subreddit rules, but for ease of consumption, here are the types of clips we’ll be removing:

  • Clips focused on Spikes / Meteor Smashes

  • Clips focused on early kills (Low % stocks)

  • Clips focused on Perfect Shields/Parries

  • Clips focused on 0 to death stocks

  • Clips focused on standard disjointed hitboxes

  • Clips focused on a comeback stock

  • Clips focused on extremely common character-specific tech such as Luigi's grab combo.

  • Clips focused on common melee tech such as wave-dashing or shield drops.

  • Clips focused on stage jank.

  • Gameplay involving computer players

In general, just pull off some cool shit on a human opponent and if it’s not something really basic you should be good to go.

Titles for clips should omit context

This is an extension of our “No Clickbait” rule, but in the future if you title your clips with something like "I was kicked after this," "I feel dirty," anything about teabagging, etc., it’ll be removed. Beating up a teabagger on Smash Ultimate wifi doesn’t make a clip any better, it’s nothing more than clickbait.

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Posting Frequency

Because of a few powerusers’ tendency to post a large number of clips in a relatively short amount of time, we’re instituting a hard limit of posting 3 clips per day outside of tournaments. I know Mang0’s stream slaps but you can’t be posting 5 clips in one evening, just pick the best three.

Skits relating to smash are permitted

This has been our policy already, but skits like the ones we see from Zain, The Keef Crew, and Smash Summits are allowed and do not conflict with Rule 2avi, which bans simple meme/joke posts. If you have a skit about smash that isn’t just a meme, you’re welcome to post here.

General Housekeeping


I never thought we’d have to remind people of this, but r/smashbros does not allow NSFW content.

Migrating the Flair System

This doesn’t affect the users, we’ve migrated the subreddit’s flairs to a new system that’ll allow us to add more flairs for future games. We were starting to run low on space due to how big the games’ roster has been getting.

Mod Apps Coming Soon

Just like in 2019, 2020, and presumably even earlier, it’s that time of year where we open up mod applications. The community has been growing a lot over 2020 and we have decided that now is a good time to open up applications once again. Just like last year, you will be able to apply through a Google Form where you’ll be asked a few questions that’ll give us an idea of what kind of mod you might be and figure out if you’ll be a good fit. It’s purely a volunteer position, but if you’re passionate about Smash and want a way to get more involved with the community, modding r/smashbros is a good way to do it. More information about how many mods we’re looking to add, what the requirements are, and more will be published in the announcement within the next few weeks, so please stay tuned.

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That concludes our March 2021 State of the Sub! If you have questions, you can always message the moderators. Thank you for being active users of the subreddit and please stay safe!


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