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Morgan Yu (Prey 2017) fighter concept, just for fun. This won’t ever happen.

Disclaimer: Prey 2017 is a good but not extremely popular game, it won't get a smash rep. This is for fun because I think that the diverse tools in prey could make for a fun and unique character, that will definitely never be in Smash.

Also, I won't be giving any exact numbers because I feel like it would bog down this particular idea, but I'll give a general idea of where things should be.


Morgan Yu is a precise and technical zoner in the air and an upfront simple brawler on the ground. Generally, Morgan uses their aerial attacks to weaken an opponent and grounded attacks to finish them off, with specials and throws keeping Morgan and their opponent exactly where Morgan wants.

Basic stats:

  • Weight: Lighter end of midweight
  • Fall: Floaty
  • Ground speed: Middle of the pack
  • Airspeed: Slow to start but fast once they get moving


Morgan's normals are for the most part based on their human weapons and neuromods from the game.

Ground attacks: Simple, kinda weak attacks meant to get your target that last bit towards kill range.

  • Jab/Side Tilt: A simple side, uppercut, downward smack combo with the wrench
  • Up Tilt: Briefly fire above you with the long-range Q-beam dealing no damage but building up energy on the opponent. Once enough energy is built up through Q-beam attacks, the opponent takes a burst of damage.
  • Down Tilt: Briefly mimic a small object, then transform back and hit the opponent with a savage uppercut.
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Smash attacks: Strong attacks meant to finish your opponent or make them back off.

  • Up Smash: An upward burst of shotgun fire.
  • Forward Smash: A charged sideways swing with the wrench.
  • Down Smash: Morgan briefly mimics a random small object (reduces hitbox), then reforms and performs a spinning wrench attack from the ground using their thruster.

Aerial attacks: These are Morgan's primary methods of building up percentage on their opponent and all have a decent range to them.

  • Up Aerial: Fire upwards with the Q-beam, which can be held to continue the duration of the attack greatly. The most consistent and longest-range aerial.
  • Neutral Aerial: Fire in a circle around you with the Q-beam.
  • Forward Aerial: Fire a powerful shotgun blast, accelerates you backward slightly. Highest damage but shortest range aerial.
  • Back Aerial: Quickly fire off 3 pistol shots. Low damage but a decent range.
  • Down Aerial: Grab a heavy object using leverage and throw it, deals decent damage and knockback but weakens as it travels.

Grab and throws: Mix of finishers and utility.

  • Grab: Rapidly immobilize your opponent with the Gloo gun and then grab them. Longer range than the typical grab, but not a ranged grab.
  • Pummel: Just smack 'em with the Gloo gun.
  • Back Throw: Toss the opponent behind you then quickly fire off a shotgun blast at them. Great finisher.
  • Up Throw: Launch your opponent with the lift field. Also a great finisher.
  • Down Throw: Push the opponent over then crush them with a heavy object. Best damage of the throws, not very good knockback.
  • Forward Throw: Shove the enemy forward them blast them with a psycoshock. Deals low damage with a moderate knockback but disables the enemy's specials for a few seconds.
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These are the glue that holds Morgan's air/ground zone/brawl playstyle together. They are also based on the alien abilities and spacewalks from the game. It's about to get complicated.

Side Special: Electrostatic Burst: Create a small field of electricity to the side that you use this ability, using it towards the opponent creates it right on top of them. After a short delay, it will arm and linger for a few seconds, dealing DoT to enemies that enter and detonating for a chunk of damage briefly after they do so.

Down Special: Phantom Shift: Teleport a short distance, leaving an immobile clone of you in your place, reactivate immediately after using to swap with your clone, leaving you at your original position and the clone at where you teleported. If the opponent attacks the clone, they are briefly stunned and you teleport to them. Teleports you straight down if in the air or on a platform, but in the direction, you're facing if on the ground.

Neutral Special: Hull Breach: Throw a grenade into the background, exploding the local hull and revealing that the stage is in an LG screen room on Talos 1 as the purple energy hull sealant covers up the edges of the breach. This creates a large circle with microgravity in which you can use your propulsion system to expertly maneuver while your opponents maintain any velocity that they enter with, giving them little control over movement outside of abilities. This ability has a limited duration as the station seals itself and comes with a substantial cooldown.

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Up Special: Artax Propulsion System: Propulse yourself upwards with low initial velocity but rapid acceleration as long as you hold it down, this ability can be angled to further control flight in normal gravity or rotate a full 360 degrees in microgravity, allowing aerials to potentially go in any direction and further control over acceleration. Has limited fuel normally, but unlimited fuel while in microgravity.

So that's that, what do you think?


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