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My Moveset For Dr.Fetus from Super Meat Boy

Content of the article: "My Moveset For Dr.Fetus from Super Meat Boy"

Enjoy my moveset I made for Dr.Fetus from Super Meat Boy!

Neutral(Jab): Punch.

Side tilt: Show his signature middle finger and use it to slam the opponent forwards.

Down tilt: Drop a buzzsaw that move left and right and switch direction when touching wall. Disappear after some time.

Up tilt: Fly upwards.

Dash attack: using his middle finger to poke the opponent.

Side/Up/Down Smash: Throw a flying buzzsaw at the angle you tapped with the joystick. It will bounce 2 times before disappearing.

Neutral Aerial/Neutral special: Jerk Army: Create a CPU-Controlled clone that lock on the nearest player and attack them. once the target got far it will lock on a new target. The clone will constantly run and attack without stop. They are weak and can be killed in one hit. you can spam this to create a clone army, but they are still easy to beat.

Up/Down/left/Right Aerial: Fire a homing Bazooka missile that explodes on impact with stage or object. the angle is depending on the angle you tilted with the joystick.

Side special: Dark Orb: Shoot a dark energy orb forwards That go through walls. Dissapear after 2 seconds. Stun the character hit by it.

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Down special: Teleport: Teleport to a random standable location withing a 10-meter radius. Has a 2-second cooldown.

Up special: Dirty Trick: Press a button on a remote controller and spawn an item above Dr. Fetus. Has 1 in 3 chance of dropping a harmful rock.

Final Smash: Omega Alpha: Press a button that breaks time and space, turning him into his Omega Alpha form from Super meat boy Forever, then uses his hands to repeatedly slam and punch all players on the stage. It is possible to dodge, but very, very hard. Once hit the player will be caught by the attack and be hit repeatedly. afterwards he returns to his normal form.

Thanks! Leave what you think about this moveset in the comment below! have a nice day!


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