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Neat details and easter eggs about the new character

Content of the article: "Neat details and easter eggs about the new character"

Rewatching the video on the newcomer, there's some pretty neat easter eggs you may or may not have noticed:

  • When Mario is in the cave, you can hear many hostile mobs, and a Bat. Listening closely, you can hear the faint sound of a Chicken, possibly in reference to a Chicken Jockey.
  • The stage shown off, featuring a village, uses the newer Jappa textures, created in 2019
  • Steve? is shown using a FSmash (Or what seems to be) on Toon Link, a possible nod to how Minecraft's slashing attack was derived from the Zelda series's spin attack
  • Steve? can be seen pillaring up to get away from Lucas, a technique many Minecraft players use to avoid hostile mobs if unarmed
  • Steve? seems to have a stall then fall aerial with the anvil, which, true to Minecraft, actually floats in place for a split second before falling
  • When Alex uses the TNT + Redstone on Banjo, a similar effect to landing a Falcon Punch or Critical Hit can be seen, possibly a nod to the power of TNT in a short distance is enough to kill even an armoured player
  • Alex uses the rocket elytra trick for a recovery, this being one of the only ways of aerial movement in Survival Mode, along with being the preferred method of fast travel for many Minecraft players. The move also seems to be in two halves, the elytra opening, then the rocket being used, much like how it is in Minecraft
  • The stage features several biomes, including Plains, Taiga, Birch Forest, Savannah, Tundra and Extreme Hills
  • The smaller Zombie in the Zombie showcase is a nod to the Baby Zombie, a far faster and harder to hit variation
  • The Enderman approaches Snake and looks through into his box, this could be a reference to either Endermen becoming aggro when making eye contact, or the Pumpkin helmet trick, which prevents this
  • Wolf KO'ing a Zombie and it dropping meat is a reference to both Zombies dropping Rotten Flesh, a low quality but very abundant food source, when killed, or Wolves in Minecraft not taking any ill effect from eating said Rotten Flesh
  • The Enderman hiding under a leaf in the Pikmin stage is a nod to the Endermen's inability to come into contact with water without taking damage
  • While seemingly unusual, the Final Smash may be a reference to several things. Creating a 'dark room' or 'mob spawner' is often a technique used by players to spawn hostile mobs like Zombies, Skeletons and Creepers without needing to wait for night, and the room being filled with TNT is a possible reference to the action of griefing, a common issue in the Minecraft community where players will just destroy others creations, with TNT being the most common tactic for griefing.
  • The house Steve? builds in the victory screen is identical to the ones found in villages, specifically the Plains ones
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