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Nero Pulls His Devil Trigger!: A Smash Ultimate Design Concept

With the addition of Pyra and Mythra I thought it’d be fun to make another Smash Fan Moveset. If you dont remember me I made a Dante one a little while back and decided to do one for Nero, so consider this a Part 2. Why Nero? Well Nero is kinda of the second protagonist of the series and with how its structured he’s Dante’s successor in a way. While I’d imagine Capcom and Nintendo would rather Dante himself Nero still has a chance to overtake him. Nero is also one of my favorite characters so I felt like why not.

Now Nero has less weapons than Dante so that makes things easier right? Well with how many months I was working on Dante (and had this one in the pipeline too) should show that isnt the case. Nero has a lot of moves that kind of overlap in terms of Smash functionality. Where Dante’s weapons are a lot more specific in functionality, Nero’s is a jack of all trades type weapon. That doesnt mean Nero doesnt have anything unique, in fact Nero has more unique things that could work in Smash than Dante does which is why it made it really hard to figure out what should stay and go but Ill talk more about that later.

My goal is to make a moveset that is simple and works in Smash but still has the core of the character. If I wanted to play DMC I’ll go play DMC. I’m not as confident in this moveset as I am with Dante’s but I think this is as close as I will get. I’m mainly focused on his Sword Red Queen, Gun Blue Rose, and Ill list the Devil Breaker (robot arms) he uses.

For starters cosmetics.

Visually this is based off of DMC 5 Nero. Its more visually distinct from Dante so I thought it’d be the best. Nero normally wears a dark blue coat over a red shirt. Color 2 is based on Dante, Being Red coat and black outfit. Color 3 is based on Vergil being a light blue outside with gold and dark blue as a secondary color (this is also based off his EX color in 4). Color 4 is Purple which is based off of Sparda. Color 5 is White which is based off his EX Color in 5 which is based off of Credo. Color 6 is yellow with blue based off of Nico, Nero’s mechanic. Color 7 is Black which is based off of V from 5. And Color 8 Green based off of Gilver or if you wanted to make it an alt designed off of his DMC4 design.

Taunts: Similarly to Dante I considered Taunts based on how well you’re doing but that would take too long

Up taunt: Nero gestures to the opponent and says “Come On”

Side Taunt: Nero bows to the opponent and says “Shall We Dance”

Down Taunt: Nero goes on one Knee and sweeping his arms going “Shhhhh”

Dash Taunt: Inputting a taunt while Dashing will have Nero do Rainbow which is a drop kick. Based on how you actually do the taunt in the games.

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Air Taunt: This one is a maybe but I thought it could be fun to give Nero's Air Taunt which does work with his gimmick listed below.

Intro : Nero sticks his sword into the ground and Revs it ready for battle

Outro: Music wise its his Bloody Palace clear theme. Visually one would be his Bloody Palace clear of him putting the hood up “I’m the one with POWER”. Nero almost gets ran over by the Van and yelling at Nico “Are you trying to kill me?”. Lastly Nero stands there reving his sword “Who Brought the Marshmallows cause I’m bringin the Fire”

Onto the Moveset:

Firstly his gimmick. You may have noticed something I said about Nero visually: He revs his sword. Nero basically has a motorcycle rev built into his sword which powers up his sword. By pressing down special Nero will rev his sword, he can store up to 3 charges.This is called Exceed. When charged Nero will use 1 or all charge (depending on the move) which amps up damage, knockback, and will give the move more hits occasionally. Now Charging takes time but instead of doing that Nero has the Ex-Act system where when swinging his sword you can press the special button and if timed correctly you will gain 1 charge back, if timed perfectly the MAX-Act system takes place and you get all 3 charges. This basically allows Nero to chain his strongest attacks. Ill note which moves use all the charges as I go on, if not stated the move uses 1 charge per sword swing. An Exceeded attack with have a fire trail.

Secondly: Grabs.

Nero’s Grab is based on his Buster which means the move is a bit disjointed from Nero himself. Nero doesnt have a traditional pummle but since holding will be based on the hold mechanic I’d imagine the arm squeezes the opponent.

D Throw: Nero Slams the opponent down onto the ground.

F Throw: Nero Swings the opponent around before throwing the opponent.

B Throw: Nero suplexes his opponent.

U Throw: Nero Uppercuts the opponent with Buster Arm.

Zair: Air Grab. Yeah the grab functions in the air though you cant pummle. The grab will immediately do a down throw which has a minor spike on it. This wouldnt kill until super high % or if your below the ledge enough.


Jab: Red Queen Combo A. Standard 4 hit combo with the sword that ends with slamming the sword down on the opponent.

Ftilt: Shuffle/EX Shuffle. In the game its a dash back before a launcher hit in front of Nero that covers above him but the dash back is removed. When exceeded the move has a swipe infront of Nero that goes into the launcher, this will use all the charges.

Utilt: High Roller/ EX High Roller. Similar to Dante’s High Time where he launches the opponent in front of him, if held Nero will follow the opponent into the air. Exceeded it has the same property of the held but Exceeded on the without holding Nero will swing equal to the number of charges he has, Exceeded and held Nero launched the opponent up and spins the sword equal to the number of charges launching the opponent up with him.

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Dtilt: Slide. Nero slides along the ground similar to Megaman. This is because Nero can get a Mega buster and his dodges turn into Megaman’s slides.

Dash Attack: Streak/EX Streak. Similar to Stinger Nero launches to the opponent swinging the sword. Once Exceeded Nero will spin equal to the number of charges making the move reach more of the stage.

Up Smash: Booster Knuckle. Nero’s Devil Breaker Punchline launches and uppercuts the opponent. This is similar to Dante’s Real Impact.

FSmash: Battery/Exploder. Nero’s Devil Breaker Overture (the default one he is seen with) does an electric palm strike similar to Wolf’s Fsmash (but bigger and electric). If fully charged Nero will plant the arm onto the opponent on hit which then Nero will kick off and Shoot, exploding the arm launching the opponent away.

DSmash: Rendezvous. Nero powers his Sword up with Tomboy and swings the sword wildy below him similar to Shulk (this is one of the few moves I made up). This is the only Sword move Nero cannot Ex-Act or Max-Act with but at the same time using this move will not drain any Exceed charge.

Nair: Aerial Combo. Nero Swings his sword in front of him 3 times

Uair: Roulette Spin. Nero Swings his sword twice above him. Normally this is done after doing the first two parts of Aerial combo but just cutting that part out.

Fair: Calibur/EX Calibur. Basically Aerial Streak. Nero Launches forward a bit and swings in front of him. Exceeded the move is visually the same but with a fire trail and will reach a bit more with the fire effects.

Bair: Jockey. Nero uses his Breaker Gerbera to launch himself away. The move can either hit the opponent away or drag the opponent forward with Nero depending on where its hit.

Dair: Split/Double Down. Similar to Dante’s Helm Breaker (or similarly Bayo’s Dair or the ending part of Aether/Soaring Slash) Nero slams his sword down. Exceeded this move becomes Double Down, using all the charge Nero slams his sword straight down similar to Sephiroth’s own Dair.


Neutral Special: Blue Rose. Nero shoots his gun. The gun has charges built into it. First Charge is Color Up which loads the gun with special rounds, the next three shots made are High Shot which are just stronger and stuns the opponent. After charging Color Up the next 3 charges are Charge shot. Charge Shot 1 and 2 just amp up the damage of the next shot taken (obviously getting stronger). Charge Shot 3 amps up the next shot taken but also plants a delayed explosion on hit. You store 3 High Shots with Color Up but Charge Shot (no matter the level) is the next shot taken after charging. No matter what level and you need to have full High Shots to go into Charge Shot but you can Color up and restock to full no matter the level you already have (but the time is the same at 0 High Shots and at 2).

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Side Special: Snatch. Nero throws out a tether and grabs onto the opponent bringing them to him. This is not a traditional grab it will not go through shield (similar to other grab type moves like Isabelle’s fishing pole or Terry’s Buster Wolf) though Nero will pull himself to a shielding opponent. After Snatch Nero can still grab the opponent whether he’s brought them to him or him to them. Nero can also use this as a recovery tool tethering him to ledge.

Up Special: Flap Top. Nero unfurls spectral wings. Nero spins first before letting them out giving him forward momentum and then the wings flap once. Nero can hold the special button to glide a bit and slow his descent or let go to fall.

Down Special: Revving, explained earlier in the gimmick.

Final Smash: Nero pops his Devil Trigger (transforming himself into a demonic form) and has two based on distance similar to Ryu and Ken. If close Nero will perform Showdown (the DT pop will stun the opponent for this) and will follow a flurry of sword swings Nero does with Red Queen and a spectral blade. If far away Nero will perform Maximum Bet where Nero launches two crossing blade beams in front of him.

So this is what I ended up on. I do wanna point out that this was something I debated on like Up Special alone I wasnt sure if I should do High Roller, Snatch, etc. since those things can work and then I have to replace another move all together and you can see how it took me forever. The breaker system alone is interesting and would have been cool to implement but I didnt want to keep stacking other unique things. One thing I thought about adding was Table Hopper but people dont seem too happy about Mythra’s foresight and giving someone a better dodge even if done perfectly doesnt seem like something people would enjoy.

Anyway feedback is always appreciated.


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