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Next Step for Smash bros..

So with the recent announcement of the final DLC character for smash it's got me thinking about what's next. Not because I'm greedy and am never satisfied (well that's not entirely untrue but nonetheless), but because honestly, how DO you follow up something like this?

I know there's probably hundreds of posts now about this same thing but I kind of had a theory that really makes the most sense…IN MY opinion that is.

So let's the get the obvious out of the way. Sequel. Personally, I don't think it can happen. Unless you can port over every. Single. Character. And everything with it. Which isn't entirely out of the realm of possibilities but then again, I'm not the one making the biggest crossover game in history. I have no idea of the legalities of stuff like this. It's like, you COULD do that but youve kind of already made the perfect game why would you start from scratch. I could see a remaster port for a new Nintendo console however long down the road but not a whole new game.

Which brings me to my main idea..

A whole new subspace-type adventure mode

Slap that bitch with a $30 dlc price tag (knowing Nintendo I could see them doing 60) and we're set

Regardless of how you felt about subspace emissary, no one can deny,

It was pretty fucking cool.

It's one thing to have different characters from different franchises fighting each other in game, but it's a whole other spectacle to see them actually INTERACT with each other in a fleshed out story mode. the combinations I was seeing was making me so happy. You got Diddy Kong and Fox meeting up because his shipped crashed and next thing you know they're getting attacked by a Pokemon. King Deedeedee and wario messing with each other while trying to capture everyone. That scene of all the villains on top of the ship gave me goosebumps. It was like some crazy fanfic that if someone read it to you before that came out, you would've never believed it would actually become a reality.

And the reason they couldn't put that out at release of Ultimate, is because of the dlc characters. When Brawl came out, everyone knew every character that was in the game. So they were able to include every character in the story and have a place for them. And in a way, it was kind of exciting. You were waiting in anticipation of when your favorite character was going to pop into this insane story that was being told. One of my biggest gripes was them waiting until the last goddamn second to get Sonic in there, but hey, he saved the day so I'm not complaining.

If they made a subspace type adventure before all the characters were out you would feel robbed in a way. You'd be like "man, they really missed out on an opportunity to have Sora and link team up" and so on and so on.

Now, everyone's here.

Smash graphics are already beautiful. The mechanics are spot on. And was subspace perfect? No. There were some genuine flaws (personally I don't know what they are because I had a blast), but obviously things can be improved. Especially when it comes to a studio that very clearly listens to their fanbase. And with that being said, they HAVE to know that the fanbase has been wanting something better than WoL.

I think it's the next logical step. It's almost like a whole new game at that point with the amount of story they would have to tell with all of those characters. It would allow them to extend the life of that game for years to come. Whether they would wait until a new council comes out, that's something that's up for debate, but regardless it really is the only thing that makes sense.

And for those of you that would argue that he has stated he doesn't want to do another subspace type thing, remember, he's stepping away from smash all together after this. So it may not be up to him. But who knows time will tell.

I would love to hear some thoughts or alternate opinions. 😬 Sorry that's the end of my rant. I don't have too many people to talk to about this stuff in my life and am kind of new to the whole reddit life.


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