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Noel Smash Moveset

The Calamity Trigger and Successor of the Azure, Noel Vermillion!

This young girl was found amidst the burning fields of Ikaruga where she was rescued, and then adopted by the family of Vermillion. Thanks to her impressive skill in combat, she became a high-ranking member of the NOL using her main weapon Demon Guns: Bolverk. She was made Jin Kisaragi's subordinate by the NOL, although Jin treated her poorly due to her sharing the face of his young sister, Saya. When Jin rushed off to hunt down Ragna without permission from the NOL, Noel was assigned to stop him and bring him back to his post at the Library. In truth, Noel suffers from amnesia. She is actually u-12, the predecessor of ν-13. Both are replicas of Saya, sharing her face, voice, and memories, though no answer is ever given to how they came to this end. She has been through quite a lot (in fact, probably a little too much for someone that’s 5 years old (Don’t question it, roll with it)) but regardless, she now has been assigned to a new task, to fight in the ever-lasting war of Smash, so getting right into things, Noel is a lightweight fighter (Around the weight value of Little Mac) while have some rather nifty mobility, she has 2 jumps and is able to wall jump. And for kicks, whenever she shields, she uses the barrier from Blazblue.

Basic Attacks

Much like in the same vein with Ryu, Ken and Terry, Noel will always face her opponent during a one-on-one match and has enhanced versions of special attacks when performing the original game inputs. But much like with Terry though, she does not have light and heavy inputs.

So starting off with her jab, she has a one-hit spammable jab that has her do a quick gun jab, this attack can be capable of trapping foes much like with Pikachu’s jab. Her dash attack has her use the Type 5: Assault Through, with Noel doing a shoulder tackle, this attack is rather weak in damage output but rather deceptive in knockback. Her side tilt has her do a backhanded strike with her gun, this has the most average range and speed out of all of her attacks; her up tilt has her do a crescent kick, this attack is rather useful as an anti-air move and her down tilt has her do a low-to-the-ground kick, this is a move that is really only good for hitting on the ground but can very much rack up huge damage.

For her side smash, she fires a point-blank shot with Bolverk. This has some rather wide disjointed range but it has a handful of end lag; her up smash has her twirl her gun, then fire a large angled shot in the air, this attack has some start lag with the wind-up and the angle that it fires is more so used as another anti-air but it's among her most powerful smash attacks and actually has some of the least end lag and her down smash has her do a low-to-the-ground gunshot, this attack can actually propel Noel a fair distance forwards, allowing this smash attack to be used as an approach tool for ducking higher attacks, but this is the weakest of her smash attacks.

For her N-air, she does a 360° spin shot with Bolverk, this attack is not the greatest when hitting from above or below Noel; her F-air has her do an aerial jab, definitely one of the more weaker F-air among the roster but it's nifty for popping of foes despite the rather small range; her B-air has her turnaround then swing her gun in a slight arc, the hitbox in this move is rather awkward but has some good reach; her U-air is an innovative attack that has her flip upside down then fire above herself, this attack has a bit of wind-up, but is very strong, on top of allow her to propel downwards and her D-air has her fire two shots from below, this move has some great disjoint but the move can only really hit from the front, fortunately, it does have the capability of spiking foes if it sweetspots.


Noel grabs with one arm and pummels by bonking the foe on the head with Bolverk. Her forward throw has her kick them in the leg, before kicking their face and knocking them away; her back throw has her climb and jump over her opponent and hitting them in the head with both heels, knocking them back; her up throw has toss the foe upwards then fire a powerful shot at the foe to rack up damage and her down throw has her sweep kick the foe then fire a shot at the foe while they’re grounded, this makes reference to the Flash Suppressor, this throw doesn’t send foes flying.

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Special Attacks

For Noel’s neutral special, buckle up, this one’s a doozy, she makes use of her drive, Chain Revolver! Noel slides forward and fires her gun directly in front of her, this puts her into a state where her attacks can lead into a wide variety of different combos. During this, simply tapping the attack button while tilting forward has Noel fire a shot from both sides, this is the only combo attack to also hit from behind Noel, holding the attack while tilting forward has her fire her guns in forward direction, this trades her ability to attack both sides to now have a wider horizontal reach with her shots; if you tap the attack button while tilting down during the state, Noel fires a shot forward while bracing Bolverk on her foot, this attack is more powerful in knockback but has more end lag when using it, holding the attack and tilting down has her an overhead axe kick, this has less reach and power but is now capable of hitting foes above her, tapping the attack button while tilting backwards has her advance while shooting her gun forward, this is an attack that slightly propels Noel forwards, holding the attack while tilting backwards has her throw her gun like a boomerang than catch it, this deals a lot of multiple hits of damage but leaves her open for punishment if shielded; now that’s every you can do with the attack button, but I’m not finished yet, tapping the special button while in the state has her slide forward and fire her gun directly in front of her, this can allow for some extra horizontal reach if you think you can’t make it, tapping the special button while tilting has her do an overhead flip while firing her guns, this move can allow for a bit of vertical recovery, tapping the special button while tilting back has her twirl back and shoot the ground, this move can allow for Noel to move away from the foe, giving her some breathing room, and finally, tapping the special button while tilting forward has her slide forward then do a sweep kick, this can only hit from ground-level but it’s another nifty tool for approaching foes while dodging higher attacks. Now all the moves in general deal rather small damage, but they can very easily rack up damage if used in a combo, now it might be a little more than scary learning all of these moves within a single special attack, but as far as Blazblue goes, this is rather simple stuff and allows for beginner players to get a grasp on the vast potential combos that Noel can very bring to the table. And one more thing, if you use it in the air, she actually falls and fires both guns straight downwards, and this move can halt her fall for a second and is also capable of spiking foes if it sweetspots.

Her side special has her use Type 11: Optic Barrel! Noel shoots a projectile at a fixed area, this projectile floats there and only explodes if a foe or other object touches it. This projectile can act as a rather nasty method for some stage control, although the explosion itself is rather weak in damage output.

Next for Noel’s up special, this is one that actually has two different specials, depending on if you’re in the ground or the air. When you’re in the ground, she uses the brand new special move she gets in Blazblue: Chronophantasma, Type 17: Chamber Shot! Noel combines Bolverk into a shotgun and fires straight forwards, the range is small but IT HURTS. And when Noel uses the up special in the air, she uses Type 13: Revolver Blast! Noel hops into the air and fires four shots while twirling in the air. The twirl itself deals no damage at all, it’s the shots that rack up the pain. If you input the command, quarter-circle forward and special, regardless if you’re in the ground or the air, the move is not only stronger, but the revolver blast can then be followed up with her D-air.

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And finally for her down special, this is gonna be an interesting move involving the use of her sub fighter ability, the Burst gauge. This move will depend on whether Noel is stationary or when Noel is being dealt with damage and knockback. When stationary, she activates Overdrive, Chain Crossain- I mean Quasar, this allows for Noel a slight buff in her attacks and her specials attacks have much less frame data, and she has access to a new super special move in Blazblue: Central Fiction, her Exceed Accel, Zero-Gun: Sleipnir, Noel hits the opponent with the first blow of Bloom Trigger; upon connecting, she fires the missile from her Zero Gun: Thor which carries them off horizontally forward upon connecting. She then finishes them off with a powerful electric spear-head blast from Bolverk (formed into a giant railgun) which upon hitting the missile carrying the opponent, shoots through both the missile and the opponent. This move is powerful but it will only work if the attack connects, so missing the move will just waste her overdrive. The other down special that she can use while she’s dealt damage is Burst, Bursts are often used as a defensive tool to interrupt the opponent's combo or offensive momentum, during the burst, Noel is given brief invincibility to all attacks, this however also empties the burst gauge.

Now before I get into the final smash, there are still a few other things I should mention with her, as they’re integral to really turning up the heat.

Fighter Ability: Heat

Noel has another gauge in the form of her Heat gauge. In Blazblue, Heat is used to perform Rapid Cancels, Distortions Drives, Counter Assaults and Crush Triggers, and it will do the same thing for smash.

If your heat gauge has at least 25%, Noel can use the Crush Trigger, an attack that while weak can instantly break shields and when the heat gauge reaches 50%, she has access to the Counter Assault by inputting attack and special while defending yourself from attacks, Noel does an attack that blows foes, it does no damage and never KOs foes, it’s just nifty as a get-off-me tool and she also has access to 2 super special moves, her Distortion Drives.

Her first Distortion Drive is Zero Gun: Fenrir! By inputting half-circle back then forward and pressing the special button, Noel rams the barrel of the gun forward and, sprays them with machine gun fire, if the foe gets hit in the ram, then Noel performs a finisher attack in the form of the Nemesis Stabilizer, with a powerful charged shot from the foe. This can deal some nasty damage and can be used as extremely fast projectiles for coverage if the ram misses. And the second Distortion Drive is Bullet Rain! By inputting quarter circle forward twice and pressing the special button while ONLY IN THE AIR, Noel fires a volley of bullets, and if a foe gets caught in the barrage, she performs a finisher attack in the form of Zero Gun: Thor, firing a missile. This is powerful and can very much be used to gain some air time.

The Heat Gauge resets to empty every time you lose a stock, so it's best to use all your Heat before your time is over if you can. But overall, Noel can very easily turn the wheel of fate into her favor, and you should not mess with her when she turns up the heat.

Final Smash: Valkyrie Veil

For Noel’s final smash, she uses her Astral Heat, Valkyrie Veil! Noel fires a single shot forwards, and any foe caught in the shot will be pulled in, it shows a cinematic of an anime sequence of Noel firing a barrage of shots at the opponent. Energy then grows in the background, and then soon explodes. This deals massive damage and if the foe reaches 100%, then it's an Astral Finish.

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For colors, since Noel has a plethora of alternate palettes and a new costume in Blazblue Chronophantasma, it’s no problem thinking of a few, especially since that some alts even have references to others. Her default has her in her appearance in Blazblue: Chronophantasma and Blazblue: Central Fiction; her first alt is an alternate costume, her appearance in Blazblue: Calamity Trigger and Blazblue: Continuum Shift; her second alt is her recent attire in a white and pale blue color scheme, in reference to ν-13, this can also make reference to Blazblue Alter Memory Limited Edition color palette from Blazblue Cross Tag Battle; her third alt has her in her classic attire with a purple and red color scheme, in reference to the Imperator Librarius and manifestation of Noel’s drive, Hades: Izanami; her fourth alt has her in her recent attire with a red and black color scheme, in reference to I-No from Guilty Gear; her fifth alt has her in her classic attire in a mostly white color scheme, in reference to Elphelt Valentine from Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-; her sixth alt has her in her recent attire with a green and yellow color scheme, in reference to Hinata Himezuru, a major character in Blazblue’s spinoff series, XBlaze and the final alt is her classic attire with a light green and tan color scheme, referencing Nanase from Under Night In-Birth.

For her stage intro, it shows her already on the stage with her back against the screen. She then turns around, crouching a bit, while taking Bolverk out, pointing them both at whoever she's facing in a threatening way. Her actual stage intro in the Blazblue games, during this she says “I must proceed, so please stand aside.” For taunts, her first has Noel twirl one of Bolverk around by the trigger on her finger, and she actually says 2 different quotes depending on which costume Noel wears, if she’s wearing her classic attire she says “I'm placing you under arrest!” and if she’s wearing her recent attire she says "I'm placing you under arrest! …If I was still a soldier." (Aww…); her second has her simply tap the handles of Bolverk together and her final has her do 2 different animations depending on the costume she wears, with the classic attire adjusting her hat while saying “Ahh, I can't see!” and the recent attire smoothing her hair while saying “I'm technically a military veteran.”

And finally for victory animations, her first has her put her guns away, and turns her back to the camera as she stretches her arms out as she enjoys the breeze, one of the few victory animations from Blazblue Chronophantasma, during this she says “If you cannot provide an attorney, one will be provided for you.” (Huh. How thoughtful.); her second has her collapses on her knees and simply breathes from the battle she fought, another victory animation from the Blazblue games, during this she says “Th-That was close!” and her final has her swing her arms around in a circle motion, before putting Bolverk in front of her, with one pointing up and the other pointing down then strikes a pose where she kneels down, with one bent knee and one leg fully extended in front of her, another victory animation in Blazblue, during this she says “I suggest you don't get up!”

And that does it for Noel Vermillion in Smash! Now I know that Ragna the Bloodedge was rumored to have been in Smash Ultimate, but let's be real, I think Sol Badguy is more than enough for the people, and I just wanted to make on the other possible Blazblue reps instead. If you have any questions on this moveset, leave them down below, hope you like the moveset and I'll see you next time.


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