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Official smashbros Smash Ultimate Tier List: January-February 2021

EDIT: Due to the release of Pyra and Mythra, Voting will end as soon as the new patch is released to avoid any confusion/balance change mix ups. If you would still like to submit post-patch, please privately contact me for more information. Thanks for understanding.

after quite a chaotic year, we're going to return to doing tier lists!!! For 2021, they're going to occur for every other month(six total). We'll see where 2022 takes us.

This is a regular tier list, based off your opinion on a characters potential and relevance in the metagame. Please refrain from using wifi from your opinions and results.

How to Vote

There are 5 general tiers; top tier, high tier, mid tier, low tier, and bottom tier. Users can vote characters into top tier, bottom tier, or +/- divisions of high, mid, and low tier. Based on the description of each tier in the poll, place each character where you think they belong, with top tiers being the strongest characters and bottom tiers being the worst characters.

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Using everybody's votes, the stats will be run and a beautiful tier list will be made!

While you are filling out the poll, it is highly recommended that you use a tier list maker to better visualize your tier list (especially if you are ordering each character). CLICK HERE TO USE SMASHTIERLIST.COM


In the comments below, you can find comments containing the names of each character.


These act as discussion prompts, allowing people to talk about said characters. They can be used to talk about how good characters are in the meta, how these characters are played, how to play against these characters, and really anything else, as long as it's about the character listed and how they play in Ultimate. Try to keep conversation constructive! No opinions are wrong!

There will also be a section to post your personal tier list, if you'd like to share your own views on the meta!

Last.. Years Tier List

Last Years Voting

Voting ends Sunday, March 6th. Results should be revealed March 8th.


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