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Out of curiosity, why do you use your online messages (Pre and Post Match)?

Content of the article: "Out of curiosity, why do you use your online messages (Pre and Post Match)?"

A lot of them are pretty straight-forward and easy to understand. "Good Luck! Have Fun!" Gee, I wonder what that could ever mean /s. "Lucky!" is for when you're so salty it hurts. Like I said, pretty standard.

But there are some messages that, when they're used, just outright baffle me to the point where I'd assume they were accidental if they weren't so common. Like, when I'm in an 1-on-1 Online Tourney and I get "I can keep going!" and I think "…Cool…? There's literally no way to rematch in this mode, so what are you trying to say?"

"Close range only!" seems to be the message of choice for Megaman, Ness and Robin mains who naturally open with a barrage of projectiles. I can only assume that's to be funny, or at least hope. "Go easy on me!" seems to be used exclusively by Top Level players who open the match by zero-to-deathing you three times when you're off guard and t-bag you until your eyes roll back into your skull. I get "You almost had me!" Quite a few times after I win, and I'm like "yeah…I did." Same with "Mission Complete!"

Anyway, to help me make sense of it all, let me know how and why you use messages online.

For me, I usually open with "Good Luck! have Fun!" or "Here's to a good fight!" because I a lot of times miss-input those two taunt buttons so I wanted them to be similar. "Now I'm Mad!" is for those rare moments when I am, indeed, mad, usually at a t-bagger. I guess if you're going to do something exclusively for the sole purposes of making somebody angry, I figured you'd appreciate knowing how it made me feel. "I'm looking for a challenge" is honestly the least used of the bunch, usually reserved for rematching a T-bagger I won against to let them know they weren't really a challenge.

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For ending messages: "Well played" I respect your playstyle, it was fun. "You're amazing!" I really respect your playstyle, kudos (again, I often misinput these two, so I wanted to make them similar). "Lucky!" For when I'm exceptionally salty, honestly usually at a T-bagger. "Dunktastic!" For win I win against a T-bagger to try to give them a taste of their own medicine hopefully. I'm realizing writing these out there's a recurring theme and I might have a problem.


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