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Project AT Fighter 007: Samurai Goroh

The pilot of the Fire Stingray, Samurai Goroh!

Samurai Goroh is a space bandit of uncertain origin (though he is rumored to be of Japanese-American descent) who leads a notorious gang of thieves. This gang calls Red Canyon their home, and it's their presence in part that makes the venue so treacherous and infamous. Much of his life, including his true name, is shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless, he is known as an infamous bounty hunter, and further recognized for the intense rivalry he harbors with another fellow bounty hunter, Captain Falcon. Though a notorious scoundrel of a man, Samurai Goroh is hearty and larger-than-life, taking immense pride in himself and his status both as a bounty hunter and F-Zero pilot, always referring to himself in third-person. And now, he gets to take the pride as the next fighter in Project AT. So to get things into gear, Samurai Goroh is a cruiserweight fighter (Around the weight value of Terry), he has 2 jumps and has no additional movement options.

Basic Attacks

Now making a moveset for someone like Samurai Goroh was rather interesting as there isn’t a lot to pull from his series since it's mainly a racing game. So I thought, maybe Captain Falcon could give me some leads but apparently, it’s mostly original, although it seems to be inspired from the Kamen Rider series. So for Samurai Goroh, I decided on a nifty little theme for his attacks, being attacks that are more so based on another Tokusatsu, specifically Metal Heroes.

So starting off with his jab, it’s a 3-hit jab that has him do an outward slash, followed by a low kick then ending it with a slash from high to low. His dash attack has him recklessly charging forwards, swinging his katana like a madman, making reference to his attack in the Smash games as an Assist Trophy, this lasts for quite a while and deals some big damage at the exchange of knockback but it also has some end lag. His side tilt has him do an elbow jab straight forwards, while not having a lot of reach, it makes up for coming out extremely quickly, making this a step-off move; his up tilt has him do an upwards slash, similar to Pyra’s up tilt, the hitbox is rather awkward but does deal a bit of damage; and his down tilt has him a sweep kick, an attack that can pop foes into the air as a combo starter.

For his side smash, he sheathes his sword and performs a quick and powerful slash, while quick, this move is rather unforgiving in the hitbox duration, making this very precise to land and missing could be detrimental. His up smash has him do an uppercut then to an upwards overhead slash, this two-hit smash attack allowing for some extra reach in case the first hit misses and propels Samurai Goroh slightly forwards. And his down smash has him slash the ground around himself, only hitting at ground level but launching foes sideways.

For his N-air, he does a sex kick, it’s a lingering move that hits hard at the start of the move but gets weaker during the duration of the hitbox; his F-air has use the Knee, acting just like Captain Falcon’s F-air, not a lot of range but if you can land the sweetspot, it hurts; his B-air has him do an overhead elbow check behind himself, this attack being able to spike foes if it sweetspots; his U-air has him do a backflip kicking above him, this is one of his weaker aerials and not very quick but it has some amazing scoop and his D-air has him do a single kick downwards, it has small range but it’s capable of spiking foes if it sweetspots.


Samurai Goroh grabs with one arm and pummels by headbutting his foe. His forward throw has him pick the foe with one hand and slam them onto the ground, bouncing the foe forwards; his back throw has spin then toss his foe backwards; his up throw has him lift the foe overhead and make a small hop in place, breaking the foe over his shoulders, then throwing the foe upwards and the down throw has him slam the foe onto the ground, then elbow check them, bouncing the foe away.

Special Attacks

Getting into the special attacks, this is where the inspirations to Metal Heroes truly start to shine.

For Samurai Goroh’s neutral special, this is an attack that I’m gonna call, Stingray Crash! It has Samurai Goroh imbue his katana with the power of the stingray, gleaming with energy and then slashes the ground so hard that a Stingray emerges out of the surface and then comes crashing down in an arc, causing an eruption as soon as it lands on the ground. The damaging part is from the stingray, with the stingray itself being deceptively big, comparable to the size of Sm4sh Captain Falcon’s Mighty Falcon Punch, being very strong and dealing large knockback, but the startup is extremely long and there’s a handful of end lag. And much like with Captain Falcon’s Falcon Punch, he can turn around while performing it but it has even more start lag, making him more vulnerable when performing the Stingray Crash. This attack is inspired by the Gavan Dynamic.

His side special has him do a move that I’m gonna call Manta Raygun! Samurai Goroh performs a finger gun hand pose and can aim his shot at any precise angle in front of himself. Then once you press the button, Samurai Goroh finger bangs and creates a medium-ranged explosion that deals multiple hits of damage before launching foes with the final hit. This can allow for precisely getting your foes offguard and it's small knockback can allow for a nifty combo starter. But however, this move should not be used within quick succession due to its handful of end lag. To get a visual comparison, this acts like Sm4sh Falco’s Explosive Blaster and the inspiration comes from the Laser Sniper.

Next, for Samurai Goroh’s up special, this is a move that I call Velocity Eagle (Like the Eagle rays)! After a bit of start lag, Samurai Goroh charges up so much heat that he becomes an orb in the shape of an Eagleray, made of fire and flame, charging in the direction of controller input. Then at the apex of the dash, if you press the special button again, he does a downward falling slash followed by an upwards slash, almost resembling a V. The downward slash has a permanent sweetspot but it cannot be cancelled so be careful when using it with no ground beneath as he’ll fall straight down into his doom. This attack is inspired by the Cosmic Velocity Slash and the Cosmic Harley.

And finally, for Samurai Goroh’s down special, this is a move that I’m gonna call Sting Flash! Samurai Goroh encases himself in a red flash of discharged solar energy, giving him brief super armor during the duration of the attack. This has very little starting lag and ending lag, dealing no damage but some mild knockback, making this very useful as a step-off tool. This flash is also capable of neutralizing any projectiles if timed properly. This attack is inspired by the Gavan Barrier and the Blue Spark Flash.

Overall, Samurai Goroh’s fighting style is meant to reflect that of an actual fighting style of a stingray, knowing how to use the battlefield to his advantage for fighting multiple opponents in any situation.

Echo Fighter: Daigoroh

Samurai Goroh’s son, Daigoroh!

The only son of Samurai Goroh, Daigoroh takes after his father very much. He first entered the F-Zero Grand Prix at the age of 10 and proved himself to be an able pilot. He's an excellent swordsman and often excels beyond his father in overall skill. And that should very much be rewarded as he slices his way as Samurai Goroh’s Echo Fighter! In terms of mechanical differences, the main difference is that he’s small, lighter (Being around the weight value of Young Link), deals less damage and much faster, so he’s essentially the equivalent of Pichu. But we are not done yet, for I will introduce a brand new type of fighter that I was hinting at in the announcement, the Proto Fighters! And our first ever Proto Fighter is…

Proto Fighter: Jody Summer

Miss Galactic Space Federation, Jody!

The daughter of Mason Summer, the inventor of the G-Diffuser anti-gravity system, Jody Summer was always an active girl. When she was only 14, she competed against men and women twice her age and took 4th place in the dodecathlon of the Galactic Games; when she was sixteen, she was the third person to ski across the Delaney Ice Plateau on Europe Prime; and to top it off, when she was 18, she became the second person to climb the Olympus Mons on Mars, the highest mountain in the solar system. She had started to train for the F-Zero Grand Prix when she received word that her father had died when his ship crashed during a flight to the Leonid System. She resolved to race in her father's honour. Her ability is highly regarded, and she is recognized as a hero by both her peers and superiors. For these reasons she was chosen as the spokesperson for the Federation. And now, she’s chosen as the Proto fighter for Samurai Goroh.


  • In terms of mechanical differences, Jody is significantly lighter than Samurai Goroh (around the weight value of Wii Fit Trainer) with one of the best traction in the whole game, and being able to wall jump.
  • Starting off with her jab, it’s a 2-hit jab that has her do a right slap followed by a left slap. Her dash attack is the first of many attacks that has her use a ribbon whip, the same whip used in her Cosmic Dance in F-Zero GX. This has her do a ballon step as she twirls her whip, this move can hit foes multiple times before launching with the final hit. Her side tilt has her do a Figure 8 Front, twirling her ribbon in the shape of an 8, this is an attack that hits twice and is active for quite a while; her up tilt has her do a Figure 8 High, twirling her ribbons above her, it can only hit right above Jody but deals moderate knockback and her down tilt has her do a Figure 8 Low, twirling her ribbons low-to-the-ground, this attack only launches foes on contact.
  • For her side smash, she delivers a Twister Front, twirling her ribbon in place for rapid damage, while it has great damage, it has rather poor knockback growth, so don’t expect this move to KO until at very high percents; her up smash has her do a Full Fan Kick, winding her ribbon in a wide upward arc while also kicking, it covers fantastic range but there’s noticeable amount of end lag and her down smash has her do a Knee Spin, twirling her ribbon low-to-the-ground around her knees, while weak it has a long hitbox duration, making this move excellent for tech chasing.
  • For her N-air, she does a Passe Jump, spinning her ribbon vertically in a full circle motion, it has a bit of start-up but hits hard as it launches foes on contact; and her D-air has her keep things simple and do a kick from back to front, this attack is capable of spiking foes if it sweetspots.
  • Jody grabs using her whip, acting as a long-range disjointed grab that also acts as a tether recovery and pummels by slapping the foes’ face. Her up throw has her throw the foe upwards and her down throw has her trip the foe onto the ground then kick them away.
  • For Jody’s neutral special, I’m gonna call this move, Catarang! This is a move that has Jody charge up energy and then fire a crescent shaped projectile that deals moderate damage and knockback. And when this projectile quickly flies back to Jody as soon as it reaches its distance. However, when the projectile returns, it becomes a spiralling cyclone and should the foe get caught in its return, they’ll be pulled towards Jody. However, when the boomerang is returning, it does no damage at all. The move itself functions much like Brawl & Sm4sh Link’s Gale Boomerang, while the inspiration for this move stems from Bio-Green’s Green Boomerang.
  • Her side special is a move that I’m gonna call Purr Palm! This has Jody do a straight palm thrust that causes a wide-reaching burst of wind, dealing heavy damage to any foe at point-blank range. Much like with a shotgun, this covers a decent range, with the damage and knockback cutting down drastically the further away the foe is. This move takes a bit of inspiration from the MagiPunch from MagiRanger or the Mystic Force Fighters from Power Rangers Mystic Force.
  • Next, for Jody’s up special, I call this move Nekoport! This is another teleport move that has Jody do a backflip as her body flickers in pink wind. Then based on controller input, reappears in another location. That said, that’s not all there is to this up special, as stated prior, Jody does a backflip that causes her body to flicker in pink wind, and if she gets hit during the flickering, she’ll retaliate with a dive kick. So this special is not only a teleport, but it’s also a counter. This counter can attack from any distance, and can also counter any thrown items or projectiles. So when dealing with this, it’s best to attack Jody after she teleports. This doesn’t reference any attack but more so references the common move of villains teleporting and then striking the heroes as soon as they reappear.
  • And finally, for Jody’s down special, I call this move Kitten Around! This is another counter attack that’s built less on dealing huge damage and more so a means to get some breathing room. When the move starts, Jody will start to yawn, and should she be hit, she’ll dash and somersault over the foe, essentially swapping positions. The foe will be put into a bit of hitstun, giving Jody a chance to counteract with a combo starter, stock closer, or just to make your escape. It can be broken out quicker than normal should the foe be at lower percents, and Jody can dash through projectiles with very minimal end lag, although beam-based projectiles such as Robin’s Thoron will bypass this counter completely. This is actually the only move to not have any reference to a Super Sentai technique, and is fully original.

Final Smash: Fire Stingray/Silver Rat/White Cat

For Samurai Goroh’ and Daigoroh’s Final Smash, they calls upon their trusty vehicle, for Samurai Goroh, the Fire Stingray and for Daigoroh, the Silver Rat, and rams it to the opponent from the background and any foe hit by it will be pulled into a cinematic where Samurai Goroh/Daigoroh then rams the foe to send them flying then after they’re sent flying, Samurai Goroh/Daigoroh jumps out of the cockpit to deal the final blow, with Goroh slashing the foe so swift that everything freezes in place, until Samurai Goroh/Daigoroh sheaths their blade, causing a rainbow-colored explosion, sending the foe flying and ending the cinematic.

And for Jody Summer’s Final Smash, she calls upon her vehicle, the White Cat! The White Cat flies past Jody and any foe caught will be pulled in. The cinematic then shows the foe on the tracks, and the White Cat building up speed, then Jody ejects out of it to use the momentum and perform a flying kick, launching the foe skyward!


For Samurai Goroh’s colors, the first, second and third alts changes his vest into yellow, green and blue, making reference to his alternate colors in F-Zero GX; his fourth alt gives him a full on palette swap of his appearance in the Super Stingray from F-Zero X Expansion Kit; his fifth alt gives him an entirely blue color scheme with a red hat, in reference to Samurai Goroh’s rival, Captain Falcon; his sixth alt gives him a blue color scheme with camo green pants, referencing Samurai Goroh’s longtime friend, Antonio Guster and the final alt gives him a lighter brown vest and yellow pants, referencing his original appearance in the original F-Zero.

For Daigoroh’s colors, the first, second and third alt changes his vest to violet, green and blue respectively, referencing his alternate colors in F-Zero GX; his fourth alt gives him white and blue, referencing Terry “Digi-Boy” Getter; his fifth alt gives him cyan and red, referencing Lily Flyer; his sixth alt gives him white and purple, referencing Don Genie and the final alt gives him black and red, referencing Deathborn.

And for Jody’s colors, her default has her in the attire in F-Zero GX, her first, second and third alts give her the alternate colors in F-Zero GX, green, pink and yellow; her fourth alt gives her black, referencing her attire in the Super Cat in F-Zero X Expansion Kit; her fifth alt gives her blue, referencing another member of the Galactic Space Federation, John Tanaka though it could also reference her brother, Captain Falcon; her sixth alt gives her red, referencing her rival, Octoman and her final alt gives her orange, making a funny reference to another similar character to Jody, Samus Aran from Metroid.

For the stage intros, they all jump out of their respective vehicles after it flies into the stage. For taunts, Samurai Goroh’s first has him raise his katana in the air and give a loud “TERIYAH!!!”; his second has him do some mock slices and say “steal, but never kill”, his motto that he says in F-Zero GP Legend and his final has him hold his sword up to his shoulder and do a hardy laugh. Daigoroh’s first taunt has him swing his katana only for him to slightly lose his balance; his second has him giving raspberries to his foes and his final has him snickering to himself, almost like his father. And for Jody’s taunts, her first has her stretching her leg while on one foot; her second has her do a ballerina twirl while encompassed in white sparkles and her final has her do an obligatory super sentai pose.

And final for the victory animations, Samurai Goroh’s first has him do a backflip and points to the camera with his katana; his second has him do multiple slices and sheaths his katana, smirking for the camera and his final has him place his katana on the ground as he meditates, referencing a common trope of typical samurais. For Daigoroh’s victory animations, his first has him wildly swinging his katana until he reels back and trips onto his butt; his second has him do multiple slices and sheaths his sword as he then holds a paperman, referencing his pilot profile movie and his final has him simply laughing for a job well done. And for Jody’s victory animations, her first has her do a breakdance that ends in a pose that lays her legs to her side; her second has her somersault and cartwheel in a leg-up ballerina pose and the final has her twirl in place until her whip soon starts falling apart, one of the pieces then falling on her head, and she just shrugs, this references the ending to her Cosmic Dance.

And that is what Samurai Goroh is capable of in Project AT, with Daigoroh as an Echo Fighter and Jody Summer as a Proto Fighter. So, I hope you like these new Proto Fighter idea concept that I came up, I plan to do these sort of stuff for future fighters. If you have any questions on the moveset or the Proto Fighter concept, leave them down below, and if you want to see more, then follow on me Reddit and Deviantart. I'll see you next time for the next fighter.


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