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Projectiles are a problem in Ultimate Online for all skill levels

Content of the article: "Projectiles are a problem in Ultimate Online for all skill levels"

Big D, who was previously ranked 49th on the 2019 PGR, recently posted on Twitter "Sometimes I'll see a tweet clowning a zoner player by showing a clip of them waiting out every projectile. Then I'll see a tweet clowning that guy for not actually knowing how to deal with the projectiles. I'm just wondering, how do you deal with them? Y'all make it sound so easy". Whenever a comment or a post discusses how difficult it is to handle projectiles in Ultimate online, someone on this subreddit mentions how it is only an issue at low or mid level play. I think that it's not only a misconception to believe so, but can discourage players who are trying to learn how to counter it.

If we take a look at KingKirb64's chart that analyzes over 625,000 online matches since quarantine, not a single zoning character has a low win rate and the highest win rates are among zoning characters such as ROB, Robin, Richter, Samus, Olimar, Snake, and Mega Man. Here is the chart I'm referencing:

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If you're struggling against projectile camping online, it's okay, don't get discouraged! Players of all skill levels struggle against it. The online input delay, the decrease in frame startup for many projectiles, changes to perfect shielding, and Ultimate's 6 frame buffer, make it harder to fight against than other Smash iterations. There is counter play to it, but it is character and matchup specific. 1/3 of the roster has at least two projectiles and over 1/4 are projectile zoning characters. You will be playing against zoning characters frequently in Ultimate and it is important to practice how your character best handles it if you're interested in competitive play, whether it's online or offline.


I want to include this in the original post to make it easier to understand what I'm trying to explain here:

0 Projectile: 11% have an above average rate

1 Projectile: 25% have an above average win rate

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2+ Projectiles: 80% have an above average win rate

Piranha Plant, Hero, Toon Link, and Link are the only zoning characters with lower than average win rate.


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