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r/smashbros Ultimate Tier List Series: Day 10

Content of the article: "r/smashbros Ultimate Tier List Series: Day 10"

What's up, r/smashbros?

As mentioned yesterday, today will be the first day (of several to come) in which we focus completely on Mid Tier. We already have one mid tier character ranked on the final list; Piranha Plant (59.7%) beat Ridley (40.3%) by a solid margin in the last tiebreaker, making Ridley the best low tier and Plant the worst mid tier. The next mid tiers will be Bowser Jr. and Bayonetta, the two characters featured in today's tiebreaker vote.

Bayonetta and Bowser Jr. were both eliminated from yesterday's 5-character vote by an extremely narrow margin. For the first time so far, both eliminated characters received the same exact number of votes. Third place wasn't very far behind, either. Today's tiebreaker could have been drastically different if one person had changed their vote! The Ice Climbers and Villager have been added to the poll – will the 5-character vote be as close as it was yesterday?

What is the Ultimate Tier List Series?

The Ultimate Tier List Series is a series of daily threads that will run until the end of 2020. In those ~40 days, the r/smashbros community will create a fully ordered offline Smash Ultimate tier list from the bottom up through voting and discussion. Each thread will feature a vote between five characters; users will vote to eliminate the two worst characters out of the five, who will be replaced by two new characters the next day. The Day 0 ranking determines the order in which characters will appear. After Day 1, a tiebreaker vote between the two previously eliminated characters will be held simultaneously. For more information on the voting format, click here.

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Today's Votes

Out of these five characters, vote for the two worst:

Meta Knight



Ice Climbers


Between these two, vote for the better character:


Bowser Jr.

Vote here!

Be sure to check the comments for character resources (frame data, etc.) and discussion! Additionally, if you would like to talk about the list with others in real time, consider checking out the r/smashbros Tier List Discussion Discord.


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