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Random Fighter Concepts #3: Heavy brings out the big guns!

Content of the article: "Random Fighter Concepts #3: Heavy brings out the big guns!"

Welcome back to Random Fighter Concepts, where I essentially take moveset concepts I made in my mind and write them down to see what people think about them. There's no real schedule I'm adhering to for these, I'll just upload them when I feel like it.

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Valve has quite the resume, huh? Between the highly-praised Portal and the revolutionary Half-Life, there's no shortage of legendary games Valve has under their belt. But none of their catalogue has had a bigger impact on the internet as a whole like Team Fortress 2. You'd be extremely hard-pressed to have not heard about it before. It'd be quite fitting to have a TF2 rep in Smash. Of course, that rep couldn't not be the Heavy. But how could he play? And how could the teamwork aspect of TF2 be implemented into one moveset? Well, I've got answers for both (and a fairly unique answer fot the latter). Now, let's see it.


Jab: Heavy punches forward with his bare fists. First two hits are straight punches, while the third is an uppercut.

Forward Tilt: Heavy shoots forward with the standard Shotgun. It's got good range for a tilt.

Up Tilt: Wave a Frying Pan above your head. Above-average damage.

Down Tilt: Heavy slams the Bat Outta Hell on the ground. The skull pops off when he does this, giving the move a bit of extra range.

Dash Attack: A shoulder bash. More powerful at the start of the move.

Forward Smash: Heavy swings the head of his Minigun forward.

Up Smash: A powerful uppercut with the Killing Gloves of Boxing.

Down Smash: Heavy slams the Huo-Long Heater on the ground, creating a circle of flames that move outward from him.

Neutral Air: Heavy spins around with the Killing Gloves of Boxing. You could say it's a RED Cyclone (or BLU Cyclone, I guess).

Forward Air: A downwards punch with the Apoco-Fists. It's essentially Ganondorf/Dr. Mario's fairs, meaning it's very strong.

Back Air: An attack with the Family Business. Compared to the Shotgun from his f-tilt, it's faster but weaker.

Up Air: Similar to Mii Gunner, Heavy shoots the Tomislav straight upwards for a multi-hit attack.

Down Air: Heavy crashes downward with his elbow outstretched like a wrestler. The start of the move can spike.

Neutral Special (Minigun): Heavy pulls out the standard Minigun and begins revving it up. After a few seconds, it fires a rapid barrage of shots. These shots don't deal a lot of knockback, but they can accumulate tons of damage. You can slowly move back and forth as well as jump while firing, and it can be aimed up and down. After shooting for a while, it runs out of ammo, meaning it must recharge for a while. This is indicated by a number that appears above Heavy when using this move, starting at 300 and decreasing by one for each shot. When recharging, the number gradually climbs back to 300. Luckily, this move can be shield-canceled at any time, letting you quickly see how much ammo you have without firing (especially since the move has lots of start-up).

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Side Special (Gloves of Running Urgently): Heavy dashes forward while punching with the Gloves of Running Urgently. Pressing the button a second time during the dash let's you do an uppercut that rises you up a little bit, and is good for KOing.

Up Special (Grappling Hook): Heavy fires a Grappling Hook in whatever direction you hold (or at the ledge if you're near one). Hitting an opponent with the hook lets you zoom to them. You can keep holding the button to deal continuous damage to the opponent while staying a certain distance away from them. They are then weakly launched away when you let go of the button.

Down Special (Hire-a-Merc): This move is where the other mercs come into play. Heavy places down a Teleporter on the ground (or drops it down if in the air). Then (whether you're next to the Teleporter ot not), you can choose one of the eight mercs to emerge from the Teleporter and help you out for a bit. In simple terms, Heavy has an assortment of Assist Trophies he can summon at any time! Before getting to what each of them do, it's important to note that they can all be KO'd after taking their health to zero (shown above their head). When they're KO'd, Heavy cannot place down another Teleporter for a while (shown as a meter above his percent). He also must wait to use it if an opponent destroys the Teleporter. Also, each Heavy can only have one merc summoned at a time, and there can be up to four on-screen at once when more Heavies are involved.

• Scout: Runs around the screen, chasing opponents with his bat and shotgun. He'll often try to spike off-stage opponents with his bat.

• Pyro: Unleashes his flamethrower on opponents, hitting them multiple times. When projectiles come his way, he will reflect them with an air blast.

• Soldier: Fires explosive rockets at opponents. He may do a Rocket Jump to charge towards opponents and get a good shot at them, though he damages himself in the process.

• Sniper: Positions himself far away from opponents to shoot them with his sniper rifle. His shots are more powerful the farther away opponents are from them. He sometimes throws Jarate at opponents, causing them to take more damage for a time.

• Demoman: Shoots sticky grenades on opponents and the stage, which explode after some time or when someone gets near them. Occasionally, he'll dash forwards as Demoknight, ramming the opponents who cross him.

• Medic: Actively follows Heavy, constantly healing him with the Medigun (after some start-up, which he has to do again if he's damaged). He keeps closeby opponents away with a saw.

• Engineer: Stays back and builds a Sentry that fires at opponents when they're in range. As he keeps building the Sentry, it gets upgraded further and further. Of course, opponents can destroy the Sentry.

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• Spy: Slashes at nearby opponents with his Knife. He occasionally cloaks himself so he can unexpectedly grab opponents and hit them with a powerful Backstab.

Grab/Pummel: Heavy grabs forward with one hand and holds the opponent by their head. His pummel has him cracking their skull.

Forward Throw: Heavy shoves the head of his Minigun into the opponent.

Back Throw: Heavy spins around with the opponent in his hand and throws them backwards.

Up Throw: Heavy delivers a brutel uppercut to his opponent. This is his kill throw.

Down Throw: Heavy buries the opponent into the ground with both hands. Works just like other bury throws.

Final Smash (Übercharge Barrage): The Medic appears behind Heavy and Übercharges him. Heavy then shoots a massive stream of bullets in front of him, greatly damaging anyone who crosses the stream. Opponents are launched away right when it ends. It can be aimed up and down.


Entrance: Heavy walks from a Teleporter, Minigun in hands.

Idle: Depending on what weapon Heavy used previously (bare-handed/gloves, minigun, or shotgun), his idle (plus running, walking, jumping, etc.) will change to their equivalent from TF2. Idle animations change too, and they include:


• Heavy does four poses in (somewhat) quick succession, being a Front Single Bicep Arm Extended, Side Chest, Twisting Back Double Biceps, and finally Most Muscular. This is his Proletariat Posedown taunt.

• Heavy cracks his knuckles menacingly.


• Heavy lays the gun down and examines it for a bit (including by spinning the barrel). It's done in a similar fashion to the Meet the Heavy video.

• Heavy lifts the gun straight up for a second.


• Heavy spins the gun in his hand for a bit.

• Heavy caresses the gun for a bit.


• Up Taunt: This taunt changes depending on his idle. When bare-handed/wearing gloves, he faces the screen and punches the air twice. With a Minigun, he will caress it dearly. With a Shotgun, he spins it around with his hand then does a cutthroat getsure with his other hand.

• Side Taunt: Heavy's Showdown taunt, where he mimics a quick-draw match with his fingers. Like TF2, opponents can be damaged by this taunt, though it's not instant death.

• Down Taunt: Heavy eats a Sandvich. And no, it does not heal.

Alts: Uniquely, Heavy has a BLU version of each of his alts, togglable via an icon on the CSS.

  1. Default.

  2. Heavy's Grand Duchess outfit set.

  3. Heavy's Monster Mash-Up Pack outfit set.

  4. Voodoo-Cursed Heavy Soul.

  5. Heavy wearing Gift Bringer and Old Man Frost.

  6. Heavy wearing the Jojo Reference™ set Starboard Crusader and Tsar Platinum.

  7. Chicken Kiev Heavy. This bird Heavy has a Red Army Robin that stands on his shoulder.

  8. Robot Heavy. Heavy's voice clips in this costume are robotic.

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Victory Theme: A rendition of the end of TF2's main theme, in the style of the end of the Meet the Team videos.

Victory Animations:

• Heavy laughs profusely. This is his version of the Schadenfreude taunt.

• Heavy stays in a pose along with the other mercs like the end of the Meet the Team videos.

• Heavy does the Kazotsky Kick. The victory theme for this animation is the original Kazotsky Kick theme.

And that's it for Heavy! This one took quite a while. I'll admit I've never played TF2, so I researched all the weapons Heavy can wield in the game to find a perfect fit for each of his moves. I hope it was worth it. I'm also pretty confident no one's ever had the same idea as me for implementing the other mercs, so I'm quite proud of how it came together. Hope you enjoyed it!


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