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Ranking Which Letter Would Make The Best Melee Crew

What would happen if the best active players starting with the letters A-Z (plus #) were put into a 4-man crew together? Who would win? Let's find out. An active player for the purpose of this list is defined as having competed in any tournament in the last year.

If you don’t want to read through everything, here is the spreadsheet I used to organize all of this.


Now let’s begin…

27th – X

Xardov (Fox) | Xin (Pikachu) | Xela (Peach) | Xad (Falco)

Sorry to all the X tags, but yall kinda suck! I had to do some heavy sifting through Liquipedia/ to find these ones. At least the Xs are quite diverse with Xardov from Spain, Xin from the Netherlands and Xela from Socal.

26th – O

OkayP (Pikachu) | Okameed (Pikachu) | Oreo (Falco) | Odin (Marth)

Die hard fans of melee may know some of these players. OkayP and Okameed are two of the best Pikachu players in the world behind Axe. Oreo is a power ranked falco main from the PNW.

25th – Y

ycz6 (Samus) | Yingling (Falco) | Yamasaki (Marth) | Yayi (Peach)

A very technical Samus, ycz6 is a Norcal mainstay that has bested multiple top 100 players including Azel and Rocky. Yingling is a Falco main and TO from Arizona.

24th – U

Umarth (Marth) | UUAA (Fox) | Unsure (Fox) | Umbra (Falco)

In 24th place we get our first letter with a top 100 representative. At 87th on the 2019 MPGR, Norcal Marth Umarth has wins over players such as Rishi, Bladewise, Ka-Master, Squid and Rocky. Florida players may know UUAA, a top 10 fox player, and Unsure, a fox main from Chicago managed to upset BBB at Galint Melee Open. Uncle Mojo would have been a good addition to this list if they were active in the last year.

23rd – Q

Qerb (Game and Watch) | Quaff (Marth) | Question (Marth/Fox) | Quiggles (Fox)

Qerb is known for being the sole Game and Watch representative at the top level of melee, and arguably a top 100 player. Quaff is another pseudo-top 100 competitor and the best player in Alberta.

22nd – V

Vish (Captain Falcon) | Vincessant (Peach) | Vortex (Marth) | Velani (Jigglypuff)

PNW brethren Vish and Vincessant carry the V crew here, along with Vortex, a Marth from New York who was ranked 96th on the MPGR in 2018.

21st – E

Eddy Mexico (Luigi) | Egg$ (Yoshi) | Elliot (Falco) | Electroman (Fox)

This strange crew consists of arguably the best Luigi player and a top 3 Yoshi. I could see this crew pulling off an upset or two based on matchup inexperience alone.

20th – D

Drephen (Shiek) | Dawson (Jigglypuff) | Daz (Falco) | DarkGenex (Fox)

Longtime Shiek main Drephen marks the first top 50 ranked player in a crew that he carries quite hard. Some may know Dawson, a Jigglypuff power ranked #5 in Philly. Also here is Hax’s Nightclub TO DarkGenex. Honorable mention: Duck (inactive).

19th – #

2Saint (Jigglypuff) | 2Framez (Pikachu) | 404Cray (Falco) | 4tilt (Falco)

Not many players have tags that start with numbers, but top 50 Jigglypuff main 2Saint does! Pikachu representative 2Framez also appears. I wonder why there are so many Pikachu mains with weird tags… Honorable mention to 42nd (inactive)

18th – J

Jakenshaken (Marth) | Jmook (Shiek) | Jflex (Shiek) | Javi (Fox/Falco)

The J crew is full of up and comers, with Jflex, Jakenshaken, and especially Jmook flourishing in the online era. Javi, while he does not play as much as when he climbed as high as 34 in the world, is still a force to be reckoned with and one of Mexico’s best. Honorable mentions: Jah Ridin, Jeapie, Jerry (inactive)

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17th – K

Kalamahzu (Peach) | Kodorin (Marth) | Kalvar (Marth) | Kurv (Fox/Luigi)

K crew boasts a plethora of mid-tier talent. Seriously, why are there so many players in the 30-70 range that start with K? This is where the crews start getting scary with multiple top 50 players. Honorable mentions include KoopaTroopa895, Kins0, King Momo, and KJH (inactive).

16th – W

Wizzrobe (Captain Falcon) | Westballz (Falco) | Whiskers (Yoshi) | Webwipe (Jigglypuff)

W marks the start of the crews with 2 very strong and 2 lesser-known players. While Westballz is not in top form at the moment, his presence helps lift this crew over the K crew. Whiskers, an up-and-coming Yoshi main from NYC has taken sets from virtually every top New York player. Webwipe is a power ranked Jigglypuff from British Columbia.

15th – G

Ginger (Falco) | Ghatzu (Falcon) | Golden (Jigglypuff) | Galen the Wise (Fox)

Ginger and Ghatzu have had great success in the online era of melee, with Ghatzu especially coming alive with multiple top 5 finishes at online majors like Galint Melee Open, Frame Perfect Series 4, and Rollback Rumble East. Golden is a power ranked New England puff.

14th – I

iBDW (Fox) | Ice (Fox) | Iceman (Marth) | I'm Michael BTW (Falco)

Despite I being an uncommon letter to start a name, the players in this crew are surprisingly stacked. We have top 10 fox main iBDW, Top 50 fox main Ice from Germany, top 100 Marth main Iceman from the PNW, and Ottawa power ranked falco main I’m Michael BTW. iBDW’s rise as one of the best online players helps elevate this crew over its similarly stacked competitors. Honorable mention to socal Luigi main ilovebagelz (inactive).

13th – Z

Zain (Marth) | Zamu (Fox) | Zuppy (Fox) | Zeeker (Marth)

Zain being the current best player in the world means that despite the relative obscureness of his Z-eammates, this crew is near the middle. Zamu having a good year in the online era also helps bring them up a few spots. Zain being the best player in the world can only get your crew so far though… One wonders if Zain could lead this ragtag bunch of power ranked Foxes and Marths to greater heights?

12th – C

Captain Faceroll (Shiek) | Colbol (Fox/Marth) | CDK (Shiek/Fox) | Chango (Jigglypuff)

This crew is going to be a tough nut to crack with its mix of optimal-style players. Faceroll and CDK are two solid fundamental Shieks, Colbol has been playing at the top level for a long time, and Chango is a hidden boss in the PNW. Multiple people here having strong secondaries means that this crew is quite versatile when it comes to matchups. Honorable mention: Chu Dat (inactive)

11th – B

BobbyBigBallz (Falco) | Ben (Shiek) | Bones (Falco) | Blues Clues (Peach)

The B crew also known as the “Zoomer crew” is filled with players that have been very active in the online era. BBB, has cemented himself as a top 3 Falco in the game right now, with Bones not far behind him. Ben, the Minnesotan Sheik has climbed to a top 5 Shiek in the game over the last few years with wins over all top 3 Falcons and Falcos. Blues Clues, the Houston Peach, rounds out the list. Honorable mention: Bladewise (inacitve).

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10th – T

Trif (Peach) | Tai (Marth) | TheSWOOPER (Samus) | TheRealThing (Falco)

Perhaps the most floaty team on this list, the T squad has some interesting talent. Trif, the best European player behind Leffen, leads his team consisting of multiple top 50 threats inclusding the shitposting Samus TheSWOOPER, and the stylish AZ Marth Tai. TheRealThing, while not as active as many others during the online era, still boasted a solid 17th at GOML 2020. Honorable mention to Toph.

9th – N

n0ne (Falcon) | NMW (Falcon) | Nicki (Fox) | n3zModGod (Yoshi)

Out of all the crews on this list, this one might be the one I want to see actually exist. N0ne, Nicki, and n3z are all known to be very flashy players, with NMW reigning them in. These players all come from different regions and are well equipped to take out big names. The only problem I see with this crew is the lack of diversity in characters, the majority of them being fast-fallers. Honorable mentions: Nintendude, Nogh, Nut (inactive)

8th – R

Rishi (Marth) | Ryan Ford (Fox) | Rocky (Falco) | Ryobeat (Peach)

It’s a good thing Rishi changed his tag a few years ago, otherwise R crew might be a few spots lower on this list. All of these players are very close in rank, with arguably only ~20 spots separating them in the 40-60 range. This crew has no huge weakness in either player skill or matchups, and I could see them taking down some crews ahead of them in this list. Honorable mention to Reeve.

7th – F

Fiction (Fox) | Fat Goku (Fox) | Forrest (Marth) | Free Palestine (Shiek)

The mix of old and new talent in Fiction and Forrest along with #1 Oregon player Fat Goku could give some teams a run for their money. Forrest especially has had amazing improvement as of late, and eats top 50 spacies for breakfast. Free Palestine ain't no slouch either, having achieved 72nd on the 2019 MPGR. Honorable mentions to Frenzy and Franz (inactive).

6th – H Hungrybox (Jigglypuff) | Hax$ (Fox) | HTwa (Fox) | Hugs (Samus)

The combo of Hungrybox and Hax$ being two top 20 players who cover each other’s weaknesses is the main reason why H makes it to #6. HTwa, the Georgia fox who just barely slipped into the top 100 in 2019 has outdone their rank in 2020, and Hugs while not very active has taken sets from multiple top 100 players. Honorable mentions: Humpe, Hugs.

5th – P

Plup (Shiek/Fox) | PewPewU (Marth) | Professor Pro (Fox) | Polish (Peach)

This is one of the few crews in the entire list comprised fully of people in the top 40. Professor Pro gets bonus points for his name starting with two Ps. If Plup was in less of a slump I think it might move them up a spot or two. Regardless, this crew has great consistency, with a perfect mix of floaties and fast-fallers for counterpicking. Polish has been on the come up in the online era, winning Rollback Rumble East over the likes of Ginger, BBB, and Ben. Honorable mentions: Panda, Prince Abu (inactive), Pricent (inactive).

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4th – S

S2J (Captain Falcon) | SFAT (Fox) | Spark (Shiek) | Shroomed (Shiek)

A fully Californian crew, S brings together a ton of top melee talent. There’s the best Captain Falcon player, 2 of the top 4 Shieks, and SFAT! A huge list of other players comes in behind Shroomed as S is one of if not the most common starting letters for melee tags. Honorable mentions to: Soonsay, Swedish Delight and Squid, all who could theoretically replace people on this roster.

3rd – L

Leffen (Fox) | Lucky (Fox) | lloD (Peach) | LSD (Marth)

4th and 3rd spots were quite hard to separate, but the better floaty-fastfaller spread with the L crew nudges them ahead of S. The first 3 players are all competitive mainstays in the top 30, while LSD has had a great past year with wins over Albert, Bones, and Aura. Surprsingly, outside of these great players there are not a lot of other notable people starting with L. This makes the L crew the most likely crew to drop in rank if they have to substitute someone.

2nd – M

Mango (Falco) | moky (Fox) | Magi (Falco) | MoG (Peach)

With Mango, moky, and Magi all being arguably top 20 players, M crew has by far the strongest 3 members overall. MoG, the MDVA peach, does stick out quite a bit though, as well as the fact that three of the members are fast fallers. Based on pure talent alone however, this might be the best crew. Honorable mentions to Matteo, Mew2King (inactive), Michael (inactive) and Morsecode762 (inactive).

1st – A

Axe (Pikachu) | Amsa (Yoshi) | Albert (Falco) | Aklo (Fox)

The only crew with 2 players inside of the top 10, “A” crew is at the top of both the alphabet, and the melee scene. While Axe and Amsa have both had a troubles in the online era, I have little doubt that they would carry this crew to a top finish. And the other two members are no slouch, with Aklo and Albert both posting huge gains in the online era, making them both top 30 players. Even outside of the 4 man roster, there are a number of talented honorable mentions like Aura, Army and Android 0. Don’t even get me started on how good this crew would be if Armada or Absentpage were still around…

Thanks for reading, let me know what I got wrong and who I forgot about!


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