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Ranting about every single SSBU character – Day 39 : Lucario

Content of the article: "Ranting about every single SSBU character – Day 39 : Lucario"

SSBU is agreed to be the most balanced of all the smash games, so naturally all the characters are broken beyond comprehension and I hate them all.

Keep in mind that this is not a serious post, I am not directing this at anybody, this is just for fun and to relieve the immense amount of salt I've accumulated

Day 39 : Lucario

Lucario is a character from a severely underrepresented franchise, I think it was Digimon, that is the most gimmick character in the game.

Yes. Including DLC.

Comeback mechanics are stupid, and I think everyone can agree on this. No one should have to be rewarded for losing. You can't go around taking knocks on the chin to build up your win button.

The worst offenders are KO Punch, Limit Break, Super Specials and Anarchy Meter (idk I never played Persona). But at least they aren't omnipresent when you play them like with Lucario.

Lucario gets rewarded for getting hit, which is definitely not how I remember my school fights going down. As his percentage builds, so does his damage and range.

To "balance" this, he doesn't have a great combo game, and has awful survivability.

"But that's fair" says you, a lowly peasant

To the trained eye such as mine, however, this presents a whole bunch of issues.

Because Lucario doesn't gain anything from early game mud wrestling, thanks to his awkward hitboxes, Lucario players figure they'll just not engage with you. They'll take glancing hits, the occasional stray projectile, all while playing this wearisome 2-3 hit combos before running away again, like a rodent. Which….I guess he is??

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Then comes the other extreme, late game. Now that Lucario has reached 100ish percentages, it's time for him to, according to the game, be powered up for getting fucking hit. So what does this mean?

Aura Balls that are now as huge and rotund as a Lucario main's mom, and gets a hitbox while charging to match

Smashes that fire off energy blasts that cover a whole platform and then some

An even longer side B energy blast which is also a command grab for some reason, so that every Lucario will run around with a combo of gigaballs and running up to you to get this so they can tell their other 6 year old friends.

Stupid fucking bair that kills at 50 and they won't stop using it like fucking hell stop STOP

A counter that couldn't kill if it countered a nuclear warhead, that gets buffed to commit homicide if so much as an eyelash brushes it.

You see the issue? Lucario mains rely entirely on Aura. They're not going to play the game while steadily getting buffed by Aura, because their moves are so unwieldy it's better to rely on big kill moves than play the game normally. But because of his shit weight, bad escape options, and how easy it is to goof up his recovery, Lucario normally doesn't live long enough to actually do anything with his godkilling powers.

You see it yet? Lucario lives a life as a Sheik trying to become a short-lived Ganondorf, except it got the worst of every world. No one plays Lucario because other characters do much more than him without constantly being hobbled by lack of Aura, and now that Rage is a thing, Aura simply isn't special or unique enough to matter. Those who do play Lucario undertake the tedious toil of rushing to get to max Aura as fast as possible and then trying to stay in it as long as they can. It's not fun for you to keep eating hits so you can try to turn things around near the end, and it's not fun for the opponent to keep thrashing you knowing that the more he does it, the bigger Lucario's balls become. Aura balls. Who's having fun here?

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Lucario has exactly one gimmick that he completely relies on that's rapidly become obsolete.

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