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Seibugeki 8 Upset Thread

Tournament Info

Seeding is wack so I won't include it, I'll just post any sets I think are upsets regardless of seed.



murasat Kazuya 2-1 shky Zero Suit Samus

Futari no Kiwami Ah~! Ice Climbers 2-1 Paseriman Fox

Mikitsu ROB 2-0 8LX | HIKARU Roy

Ryoga WolfPalutena 2-1 VOX | Jagaimo Palutena

Ryoga WolfPalutena 2-0 Rdg | Gomamochi Olimar

Kyou Snake 2-1 Lickey Meta Knight

Kyou Snake 2-0 Matomo Enderman

MASA Falco 2-1 Ly Corrin

FILIP Falco 2-0 Nanchan Zero Suit Samus

Umeki Daisy 2-0 YOC Cloud

Akasa Cloud 2-1 Chicken Diddy Kong

Brood Piranha Plant 2-1 Ryuoh Diddy Kong

Fsann Ness 2-0 Kijima Sephiroth

Fuwa Ice Climbers 2-1 HN | Natsu Pokemon Trainer

SHIG | Aiba Yoshi 2-0 Hinakasu Pikachu

Hideyoshi Luigi 2-0 Tet Pit

Oomori Snake 2-1 Renya Pikachu

CJE | LightningIgarashi Zero Suit Samus 2-0 Renami Donkey Kong

Oreshi Zombie 2-1 Shinmai Robin

Kashita Ness 2-1 WPRZT | Suinoko Young Link

yuiton Wii Fit 2-0 Rokkon Pythra

Kintero Donkey Kong 2-0 Theona Shulk


Hitachihazuki ROB 2-0 8LX | HIKARU Roy Bracket error

zuya Lucina 2-0 Chicken Diddy Kong (65th)

Nininga Wolf 2-0 Fsann Ness (65th)

CJE | LightningIgarashi Zero Suit Samus 2-0 Shinmai Robin (65th)

Aiyu Dr Mario 2-0 Higusaki Wolf (65th)

Ark Wolf 2-0 Rdg | Tsubotsubo Olimar (65th)

Ike Snake 2-0 HN | Natsu Pokemon Trainer (65th)

OKD Incineroar 2-0 Fuwa Ice Climbers (65th)

Aiyu Dr Mario 2-1 WPRZT | Suinoko Diddy Kong (97th)

Acacia Sephiroth 2-0 Renami Donkey Kong (97th)

Nuka Zero Suit Samus 2-1 Rokkon Pythra (97th)

Nininga Wolf 2-1 Matomo Enderman (129th)

Tyakku Snake 2-1 Hinakasu Pikachu (129th)

Top 64


R2G | Manzoku Toon Link 2-1 Shuton PythraOlimar

R2G | Manzoku Toon Link 2-1 Jogibu Captain Falcon

R2G | Manzoku Toon Link 2-1 R2G | Etsuji Diddy Kong

Eim Sheik 2-1 Huto Diddy Kong

Kintero Donkey Kong 2-1 Taikei Sonic

Akasa Cloud 2-1 Brood Piranha Plant

Oreshi Zombie 2-1 Noi Olimar


MASA Falco 2-0 Mao MinMin (9th)

MASA Falco 2-1 KEN Sonic (13th)

Akasa Cloud 2-1 Umeki Daisy (13th)

Jogibu Captain Falcon 2-0 Raito Banjo (13th)

Umeki Daisy 2-0 kept Villager (17th)

MASA Falco 2-1 Kameme Sheik (25th)

Taikei Sonic 2-1 Repo Megaman (25th)

TKM Peach 2-1 Yamanaction Luigi (25th)

Futari no Kiwami Ah~! Ice Climbers 2-1 murasat Kazuya (25th)

R2G | Etsuji Diddy Kong 2-0 VOX | Jagaimo Palutena (33rd)

Ike Snake 2-1 Brood Piranha Plant (33rd)

yuiton Wii Fit 2-1 Kirihara Sheik (33rd)

murasat Kazuya 2-1 Yoshimoto | RAIN Joker (33rd)

Futari no Kiwami Ah~! Ice Climbers 2-1 Ryuoh Diddy Kong (33rd)

TKM Peach 2-0 Noi Olimar (33rd)

MASA Falco 2-0 8LX | HIKARU Roy (33rd)

Kyou Snake 2-0 Rattsu Greninja (33rd)

OKD Incineroar 2-0 shky Zero Suit Samus (49th)

Yoshimoto | RAIN Joker 2-1 YOC Cloud (49th)

Rattsu Greninja 2-0 Ly Corrin (49th)

Nininga Wolf 2-0 SaSamisu Palutena (49th)

Hikari Sheik 2-0 taranito Ness (49th)

yuiton Wii Fit 2-0 Nanchan Zero Suit Samus (49th)

Ike Snake 2-0 Paseriman Fox (49th)

TKM Peach 2-1 Tet Pit (49th)






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