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Should assist trophies be banned in casual?

Content of the article: "Should assist trophies be banned in casual?"

I’ve run 3-stock, 4-player FFA, hazards off, items low, FS meter on arenas quite often since the game’s release. Most people I get are super skilled and we have hype items plays, but I do get players of all skill levels and often have to settle for 1-on-1s while waiting for a full room.

I’m considering banning assist trophies, for mostly the same reasons as I banned gust bellows and ramblin shroom (surprisingly potent edgeguarding tool). They can be very powerful and require no skill, and it just seems kind of unfair to those they’re used against. I believe the word might be ‘cheese’? They’re especially potent during 1-on-1s when one player is offstage. If you have stage control it’s easy to run and grab it if it spawns.

Additionally, they often spawn in pairs, or within a short time of eachother (to show off the ‘assists attack eachother now’ thing they pushed at launch; even if two different players grab them you often don’t get to see this anyway because various reasons!) meaning it’s easy for the player who just spawned one to spawn another while the opponent is dealing with the first. This makes for a very 1-sided game, especially if the summoner was able to grab them because they were in advantage anyway.

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They can be basically like stage hazards or bosses that don’t affect one lucky chosen player. I kept hazards and bosses off because I wanted to appeal to those who wanted more fun than competitive, but not the chaos that this game tends to be able to bring. Because that’s what I want too. But I’m personally starting to feel like assists are more on the chaotic side now. I end up just thinking ‘that looked really unfair’ or ‘he might as well have just put the controller down’ instead of ‘woa that was a hype play!’.

Imagine you’ve been playing really well the whole game and then get cheesed by a Zero, Ghirahim and Ness team. Also even if you’re summoning I think it just doesn’t feel great calling Rathalos and Dr. Wily to triple on a kid that’s already 2 stocks down.

But at the same time, not all of them are OP, and it seems such an iconic item that it would just be weird to cut it. Maybe you could argue it’s a reward for playing well if you’re in advantage, and a comeback tool if you’re not.

So what do you think? Do you prefer to have assists on, or do you think they’re too chaotic for casual?

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(Also since I’m expecting someone to say; the smash ball and the FS meter are scaled pretty well (if you have a lead it will take longer to break/charge; if you’re behind it will be faster) and the the master ball is exceptionally rare; pokeball assists don’t have such a dramatic effect on the battle and legendaries/mythicals from these are also rare, and fun when it does happen because you’re not expecting it.)

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