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Smash Bros Fighter Concept: The FE7 Lord Trio

Content of the article: "Smash Bros Fighter Concept: The FE7 Lord Trio"

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade (also known as FE7 or simply Fire Emblem in the West) was the first Fire Emblem to be released internationally, almost exclusively because Roy's dad is in it.

Either way, the three of them easily have some really solid moveset potential, and given how close-knit of a group they are, here's how they should combine:

Special Mechanic: Lord Swap: Their down special lets the three swap between each other, much like Pokemon Trainer.

Universal Attributes: (Eliwood's/Lyn's/Hector's)
Weight: 95/85/110
Grounded Speeds: (Walk, Initial Dash, Run) 1.2, 2.1, 2/1.5, 2.5, 2.2/0.9, 1.4, 1.2
Traction: 0.11/0.09/0.13

Spot Dodge Intangibility Frames: 3-14 of 24/3-16 of 24/3-16 of 28
Roll Intangibility Frames: 4-12 of 26/4-14 of 26/4-14 of 28

Jump Count: 2 for all
Jump Heights: (Short Hop, Full Hop, Air Jump) 15, 31, 27/17, 35, 33/13, 28, 25

Air Speed: 1/1.2/0.8
Air Acceleration: (Base-Max) 0.01-0.07/0.03-0.1/0.01-0.05
Air Friction: 0.01/0.005/0.015

Neutral Air Dodge Intangibility Frames: 2-26 of 44/2-28 of 44/2-28 of 48
Sideways Air Dodge Intangibility Frames: 2-20 of 60/2-25 of 65/2-25 of 70
Upward Air Dodge Intangibility Frames: 2-20 of 65/2-25 of 70/2-25 of 75
Downward Air Dodge Intangibility Frames: 2-20 of 62/2-25 of 68/2-25 of 73

Fall Speeds: (Normal, Fast Fall) 1.5, 2.4/1.2, 1.92/1.7, 2.72
Gravity: (Normal, With Knockback) 0.1/0.085/0.12

Unique Mechanic: (Eliwood) Eliwood starts each stock with a rapier, which by its design deals more damage at the tip. (Damage numbers will be listed as non-tipper/tipper) He also uses lances and spears on promotion so that's incorporated too. (Spears also have the nice thing of having extra tip damage) Of course, he can also use more normal swords without any weird tipper shenanigans. However, the real signature of his moveset is, of course, Durandal, a 15 foot long behemoth of a sword that happens to be imbued with the power of fire because why not. When does he pull it out? Watch out for his specials is all I'm going to say.

Unique Mechanic: (Lyn) Instead of different hitboxes, Lyn deals extra damage whenever you time her attacks just right; basically there'll be a window usually no more than a couple frames wide where if it hits she does 50% more damage in reference to her high crit rate. (Damage will be listed as normal/crit)

Unique Mechanic: (Hector) Hector has two personal axes, the Wolf Beil and Armads. He will start off each stock with the Wolf Beil, but if he takes 100% (or is down to 1/3 health on a stamina stock) he whips out Armads, which gives him a couple different moves and powers up his axe moves by 20-25%, though as a consequence of Armads' associated curse he takes 25% more damage from all attacks. (Differing moves will be noted, and damage values will be listed as Wolf Beil/Armads)



Victory: (Eliwood) Eliwood rides in on his horse before reaching out a hand to the camera.
Victory: (Lyn) Lyn darts in and suddenly 5 afterimages of her flicker around before one massive strike, at which point she fully appears and sheathes her sword.
Victory: (Hector) A bolt of lightning strikes the ground before Hector himself drops in.

Grabs and Throws:
Grab: For all of them it's a standard one-handed grab.
Pummel: All of them beat the opponent with their weapon. (3%)
Upward Throw: Ninian casts Set's Litany and hurls the opponent skyward. (5%)
Forward Throw: Eliwood rushes in and jabs the opponent with a forward lunge. (7%)
Backward Throw: Lyn flashes in behind the opponent and slashes hurling them behind the grabber. (6%, though if Lyn herself is the grabber it deals 9%)
Downward Throw: Hector comes in and stomps the opponent into the ground. (9%, buries)

Boxing Ring Title: Pheraen Flame

Entrance: Eliwood walks in and points his sword to the sky.
Ledge Teeter: A small ring nearly falls out of Eliwood's pocket, but he catches it.
Up Taunt: Eliwood thrusts his sword lightly upward.
Side Taunt: Eliwood glances at a ring on his finger.
Down Taunt: Eliwood sheathes his sword.

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Grounded Normals:
Jab: Eliwood lightly thrusts his rapier forward (3%/5%)
Multi-Jab: Repeated thrusts of his rapier at varying angles (Same damage as Jab)
Dash Attack: Eliwood lunges forward with his rapier out (5%/7%)
Getup Attack: Eliwood thrusts his rapier far as he climbs up (4%/6%)
Ladder Attack: Eliwood swings a normal sword at a downward angle (5%)

Tilts and Smashes:
Up Tilt: Eliwood swings a normal sword above his head (8%)
Side Tilt: Eliwood takes out a spear and thrusts it forward. (7%/10%)
Down Tilt: Eliwood takes a somewhat large sword and swings it around himself (7%)
Up Smash: Eliwood thrusts his rapier up. (8%/11% uncharged -> 12%/15% charged; charge time of 1.2 seconds, move can be angled)
Side Smash: Eliwood thrusts his rapier forward. (9%/12% uncharged -> 14%/18% charged; charged time of 1.5 seconds, move can be angled)
Down Smash: Eliwood takes out a spear and spins it around. (3%/5% per hit uncharged -> 4%/6% per hit charged; 2 hits uncharged -> 3 hits charged; charge time of 1.2 seconds)

Neutral Aerial: Eliwood swings a sword around himself (4%)
Up Aerial: Eliwood thrusts his rapier up (4%/6%, move can be angled)
Forward Aerial: Eliwood thrusts his rapier forward twice, once angled up and a second time angled down (5%/7% per hit)
Backward Aerial: Eliwood pulls out a spear and jabs it behind him (5%/8%, second hit spikes if the tipper connects)
Downward Aerial: Eliwood takes out a spear and thrusts straight down (6%/9%, spikes if the head of the spear connects)

Neutral Special: Dragon's Dance: Eliwood's dragon wife Ninian shows up to dance for Eliwood, providing him with one of the following effects for 10 seconds: 50% damage resistance, (Ninis' Grace) 25% faster movement speed and 25% higher jumps, (Set's Litany) 25% more damage on all attacks, (Filla's Might) or full tipper hitboxes on all attacks. (Thor's Ire) (Move has an innate cooldown of 5 seconds after effect is up and the previously selected effect cannot be reselected) However, should Ninian be interrupted, Eliwood pulls out Durandal and swings, acting as a minimum 20% damage counter/reflect. If the move in question happened to deal at least 20%, it is instead reflected with a 20% damage increase. For the next 10 seconds, all of Eliwood's attacks use Durandal and deal triple tipper damage without needing to connect the tipper. Hitboxes are also extended to match Durandal's actual size (so basically any one of Eliwood's moves covers half the length of Battlefield) Durandal also leaves a burn effect on opponents, which deals 2% per second for 5 seconds.

Up Special: Rising Inferno: Eliwood utilizes Durandal's latent heat to launch himself skyward. The area around which Eliwood used the move becomes a zone that deals 2% for every second an opponent is within it. The zone remains for 10 seconds.

Side Special: Javelin Throw: Eliwood throws a javelin. (6%/8%)
Down Special: Lord Swap: Swaps Eliwood with either Lyn or Hector.

Boxing Ring Title: Daughter of the Plains

Entrance: Lyn flashes in, unsheathing her sword.
Edge Teeter: Lyn's ponytail sweeps around her face before she pushes it back.
Up Taunt: Lyn raises her sword high in the air.
Side Taunt: Lyn's blade flashes brightly as she swings it once.
Down Taunt: Lyn disappears for a split second. (Also her spotdodge/airdodge animation)

Grounded Normals:
Jab: Lyn swings her sword in front of her. (4%/6%)
Jab Combo: Left-to-right swing, right-to-left swing, top-down swing (4%/6% twice, 5%/7.5%)
Dash Attack: Lyn rushes forward as she draws her sword. (6%/9%)
Getup Attack: Lyn swings her sword above her head as she leaps up (5%/7.5%)
Ladder Attack: Lyn swipes her sword to the side (4%/6%)

Tilts and Smashes:
Up Tilt: Lyn pulls out a bow and fires one arrow upward. (6%/9%, move can be angled)
Side Tilt: Lyn does one sweeping sideways slash. (7%/10.5%)
Down Tilt: Lyn does a quick slash on either side. (8%/12% each)
Up Smash: Lyn leaps into the air as she swings her sword above her head. (8%/12% uncharged -> 10%/15% charged; jump distance goes from short hop to full hop height by charging. Charge time of 1.5 seconds)
Side Smash: Lyn does two sweeping angled slashes in front of her. (6%/9% each uncharged -> 8%/12% each charged, first hit leads directly into the second. Charge time of 2 seconds)
Down Smash: Lyn disappears and a number of clones appear, each one attacking in turn. (3%/4.5% each uncharged -> 4%/6% charged, clone count starts at 3 and ends up at 5 as the move charges. Charge time of 4 seconds)

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Neutral Aerial: Lyn does a roundhouse kick. (3%/4.5%)
Up Aerial: Lyn swings her sword above her head. (6%/9%)
Forward Aerial: Lyn slashes bottom-up then top-down. (7%/10.5% each though the hits do not lead into each other; second hit spikes if either the tip connected or the sword ended up critting)
Backward Aerial: Lyn quickly slashes twice as she spins around. (4%/6% each, hits lead into each other)
Down Aerial: Lyn fires an arrow below her. (6%/9%, move can be angled)

Neutral Special: Windsweep Slash: Lyn disappears for a bit before reappearing some distance ahead and swinging her sword. (10%/15%, if move crits it inflicts double knockback)
Up Special: Sacaen Galespin: Lyn swings her sword around and summons a gust of air that rockets her into the sky. (3%/4.5% per hit, with 3 hits)
Side Special: Bow and Arrow: Lyn fires an arrow ahead of herself. (8%/12%)
Down Special: Lord Swap: Allows Lyn to swap with either Eliwood or Hector.

Boxing Ring Title: Ostian's Maverick Heir

Entrance: A bolt of lightning strikes and Hector appears from the flash.
Ledge Teeter: Hector nearly slips and falls off the edge, but he rights himself just in time.
Up Taunt: Hector hoists his axe onto his shoulder.
Side Taunt: Hector cracks his knuckles as electricity sparks between them.
Down Taunt: Hector slams his axe into the floor with a hearty chuckle.

Grounded Normals:
Jab: Hector throws out a punch. (5%)
Jab Combo: Hector throws out a jab, hook, and then an axe swing. (5%, 6%, 8%/10%)
Dash Attack: Hector charges forward with a shoulder bash. (7%)
Getup Attack: Hector slams his axe down in front of him and hoists himself up. (8%/10%)
Ladder Attack: Hector lashes out with a kick. (6%)

Tilts and Smashes:
Up Tilt: Hector swings his axe above his head. (8%/10%)
Side Tilt: Hector swings his axe in from the side. (9%/11%)
Down Tilt: Hector brings his axe down in front of him. (10%/12%)
Up Smash: Hector swings his axe above him in a 120 degree arc (10%/12% uncharged -> 12%/15% charged, charge time of 1.5 seconds)
Side Smash: Hector hoists his axe onto his shoulder before dropping it down. (12%/15% uncharged -> 15%/18% charged, charge time of 3 seconds)
Down Smash: Hector swings his axe around him. (9%/11% first hit, 11%/13% second hit uncharged -> 11%/13% first hit, 14%/17% second hit charged, charge time of 2.5 seconds)

Neutral Aerial: Hector spins his axe around in front of himself. (6%/7% per hit, with 4 hits; only two hits of the move can actually connect with any one opponent)
Up Aerial: Hector spins around, axe raised. (8%/10% per hit, with 2 hits)
Forward Aerial: Hector swings his axe forward and falls with it. (9%/11% per hit, spikes)
Backward Aerial: Hector slams the opponent first with his elbow, then with the handle of the axe. (6%, then 8%, hits lead into each other)
Downward Aerial: Hector swings his axe below himself. (8%/10%, spikes)

Neutral Special: Hand Axe/Thunderclap: If Hector has the Wolf Beil, he'll toss out a simple hand axe. If instead he has the Armads, a bolt of lightning comes down in front of him. (6% for the hand axe, which swings back to Hector like a boomerang, and 10% for the lightning)
Up Special: Hectorcopter: Hector spins his axe repeatedly, lifting himself into the air before slamming down. (5%/6% for the spin hits, of which there are 4 total, followed by a spiking swing that deals 10%/12% and sends Hector forward and down. The amount of height Hector gains doing this increases drastically with Armads)
Side Special: Sweeping Charge: Hector charges forward as he brings his axe down. (8%/10%)
Down Special: Lord Swap: Allows Hector to swap between himself and either Eliwood or Lyn.

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Final Smash: Dragon's Gate Assault: No matter which lord is out, they dash forward with their legendary weapon in hand and swing, causing any opponents hit to end up by the Dragon's Gate. A fire dragon appears, burning all opponents before Ninian summons a blizzard that weakens it and damages them some more. At this point, all 3, having been provided all the possible buffs by Ninian, charge in. Lyn leads the assault with her afterimages, followed by Hector scooping the opponents up using the Hectorcopter maneuver and slamming them back down, and finally, Eliwood sallys in on his pure white stallion, Durandal in hand, and lands one final swing that both kills the fire dragon and sends all opponents flying. (The initial swing deals 10%, the dragon deals another 10%, followed by 10% from Ninian's blizzard, and then each of Lyn's 5 attacks deals 5% each, Hector's spinning portion does 5% 4 times, followed by a slam that deals 25%, and then Eliwood's final blow deals a whopping 30% with double knockback for good measure (so yeah that's a cumulative 110% that is treated like 220%. Anyone caught by this is absolutely entirely dead without fail)

Stage: Castle Ostia: A special stage situated around the massive halls of Hector's home castle; it starts in the throne room, then makes its way through the various narrow corridors and treasure rooms before ending up outside in the city of Ostia proper, before heading back in. Omega/Battlefield form is on a part of the outer battlements.

Marcus: Ace Class Support Spirit, grants user +15% attack power and damage resistance.
Kent and Sain: Ace Class Primary Spirit with 3 slots, grants user +20% assist trophy power and +20% attack power and damage resistance in team battles.
Matthew: Advanced Class Support Spirit, grants the user Item Magnetism
Serra: Advanced Class Support Spirit, grants the user Autoheal
Ninian: Legendary Class Primary Spirit with 3 slots, grants the user freeze effect on all attacks and +10% attack power, damage resistance, movement speed, and jump height
Florina: Ace Class Primary Spirit with 2 slots, grants user +20% aerial mobility.
Rath: Advanced Class Support Spirit, grants user +20% attack power with bows and +10% movement speed.


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