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Smash Roster Gender Deep Dive

Cuz this topic never starts fights.

I decided to do a deep dive of the genders of the Smash cast and the ratios therein. Please leave comments if I am missing any information because some of the characters were difficult to determine. Also, I know this can be a sensitive topic so please let me know if I use any incorrect terminology.

Okay, here goes:

Mario – Male

Donkey Kong – Male

Link – Male

Samus – Female

Dark Samus – Questionable. As described by, “She is a combination of elements from Metroid Prime, Samus Aran, and Samus's Phazon Suit.” It consistently refers to “her” as female, as does the game, but one could argue that a being like this does not have a gender at all.

Yoshi – Unknown/Inconsistent. Yoshi is a species of creatures. Some games and sources claim that Yoshis reproduce asexually and they have no gender, but Yoshi (as in, the main Yoshi that appears with all of Mario’s friends) is referred to as “he” in English translations, but is not specified in Japanese as they refer to Yoshi with ungendered pronouns. Being able to lay eggs is generally a female trait. My personal take is that Yoshis come in male and female varieties. The females are the only ones capable of laying fertilized eggs, but males can lay eggs too. The main Yoshi is male. But that is my headcanon and not official.

Kirby – Male. There seems to be some debate online, similar to Yoshi, about the species and how they reproduce. Kirby is consistently referred to as male in games in English. In Japanese, Kirby is referred to by gender neutral pronouns.

Fox – Male

Pikachu – Either, depending on skin. Pokemon are creatures that come in either sex. A large part of Pokemon is breeding them, so it’s an integral part of their series. Pikachu are 50% male and 50% female. There is a difference in appearance between the sexes. Male Pikachu have a pointed tail and female Pikachu have a rounded tail. Therefore, the default Pikachu is male and so are all but two of the alternate skins.

Luigi – Male

Ness – Male

Cpt. Falcon – Male

Jigglypuff – Probably female. As with Pikachu, Jigglypuff can be either male or female. However, unlike Pikachu, there is no visual difference between the sexes. What is interesting is that while Pikachu as a species are a 50/50 split between male and female, Jigglypuff as a species are 75% female, meaning the Jigglypuff in Smash is most likely a female.

Peach – Female

Daisy – Female

Bowser – Male

Ice Climbers – The Ice Climbers are a duo, Nana is female and Popo is male.

Sheik – Female, presenting as male. Spoiler alert, Sheik is Zelda. Zelda is a female, but she disguises herself as a new identity, Sheik, during the events of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The Sheik persona presents as male, but it is a disguise, which means her true gender is still female. One could say that the Sheik persona is male, but Zelda herself is still female. Like how a drag queen’s character is female, but the performer can still be male.

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Zelda – Female

Dr. Mario – Male

Pichu – Undetermined. Unlike Pikachu, there is no visual indication of sex, so it is impossible to know if the Pichu in Smash is male or female, as there is a 50/50 chance either way.

Falco – Male

Marth – Male

Lucina – Female

Young Link – Male

Ganondorf – Male

Mewtwo – Genderless. Mewtwo, while a Pokemon like Pikachu and Jigglypuff, is somewhat unique because it was created in a lab. It is the only one of its kind and cannot reproduce, even with Ditto (a Pokemon able to breed with almost any Pokemon regardless of sex). In game, Mewtwo has no gender listed while most other Pokemon do.

Roy – Male

Chrom – Male

Mr. Game and Watch – Male.

Meta-Knight – Male. Like Kirby, there is some debate online about the specifics of his species (underneath the mask, he looks like a dark blue Kirby), but he is consistently referred to as male in game.

Pit – Male

Dark Pit – Male

Zero Suit Samus – Female

Wario – Male

Snake – Male

Ike – Male

Pokemon Trainer – Trainer: Either, depending on skin. Pokemon: Probably male. The trainer can be male or female based on the skin you choose. The actual Pokemon are all various forms of evolution of starter Pokemon. All starter Pokemon have an 87.5% chance of being male. Therefore, it’s most likely the Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard in Smash are male, but it is not confirmed.

Diddy Kong – Male

Lucas – Male

Sonic – Male

King Dedede – Male

Olimar, Alph, and Pikmin – Olimar: Male. Alph: Male. Pikmin: Undetermined. I couldn’t find any evidence of gender for the Pikmin. They are referred to as “it” in game. They reproduce by delivering their DNA to “onions” and therefore reproduce asexually making their actual gender/sex unknown.

Lucario – Probably male. Much like the starter Pokemon mentioned earlier, Lucario also has an 87.5% chance to be male. It is most likely that the Lucario in Smash is male.

R.O.B. – Robot, identified as male. R.O.B. is a robot and therefore has no distinguishable sexual characteristic. He is referred to as a male in all in game mentions. He may be a robot designed as a male and programmed to identify as such. R.O.B. stands for Robotic Operating Buddy, but is also read as the name Rob, which is typically a male name.

Toon Link – Male

Wolf – Male

Villager – Either, depending on skin. It is also worth mentioning that, in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, all villagers are referred to with they/them pronouns. This is presumably to leave no room for misgendering any non-binary or transgendered individuals, but one could also interpret it to mean that all villagers are non-binary or genderless.

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Mega Man – Male. He is a robot, like R.O.B., but, unlike R.O.B., has a clear personality and has a sister who is also a robot. He also has “man” in his name.

Wii Fit Trainer – Either, depending on skin.

Rosalina and Luma – Rosalina: Female. Luma: Undetermined. Rosalina is definitely female, but it is more complicated for her Luma companion. Like the Yoshis, Lumas are a species. They come in all sorts of colors and, presumably, genders. There is a main Luma in Super Mario Galaxy that is indicated to be male that matches the default Luma Rosalina starts with in Smash. The black Luma is also probably Polari who is also male. He other colors’ genders are unknown.

Little Mac – Male

Greninja – Probably male. Greninja is the final evolved form of Froakie, a starter Pokemon. As we have learned, all starter Pokemon have an 87.5% chance to be male, therefore the Greninja in Smash is likely male.

Palutena – Female. One could argue whether gods have genders, but she is consistently referred to as female.

Pac-Man – Male.

Robin – Either, depending on skin.

Bowser Jr. and The Koopalings – Bowser Jr. is male. Larry, Roy, Iggy, Morton, Lemmy, and Ludwig are all male. Wendy is the sole female Koopaling.

Duck Hunt – Dog: Male. Duck: Undetermined. Shooter: Undetermined. Duck Hunt is a strange case because they are technically a trio. There is a dog, a duck, and a hunter who shoots from off screen during some attacks. Duck Hunt’s reveal trailer confirms this hunter/shooter is a part of the team. The dog is referred to as a male in all appearances. The duck is unclear, but some of the skins are specifically male (like the mallard duck one). The shooter is unknown.

Ryu – Male

Ken – Male

Cloud – Male

Bayonetta – Female

Corrin – Either, depending on skin.

Inkling – Either, depending on skin

Ridley – Male

Simon – Male

Richter – Male

King K. Rool – Male

Isabelle – Female

Incineroar – Probably male. Incineroar is the evolved form of the starter Pokemon Litten. As we know, starter Pokemon has an 87.5% chance to be male, therefore the Incineroar in Smash is likely male.

Piranha Plant – Unknown/Inconsistent. This one is strange because in some languages, the character is referred to with gender neutral pronouns and in some languages they are referred to with male or female pronouns. Piranha plants are a species and some of them have presented themselves as a specific gender, like Petey Piranha, but it is unclear what the Piranha Plant in Smash is supposed to be. Plants typically have both female and male parts. It is unknown.

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Joker – Male.

Hero – Male. There are four separate heroes, but they are all male.

Banjo-Kazooie – Banjo: Male. Kazooie: Female

Terry – Male.

Byleth – Either, depending on skin.

Min Min – Female

Steve, Alex, Zombie, and Enderman – Steve: Male. Alex: Female. Zombie: Unknown/Either. Enderman: Unknown, presumed male. This one is tricky because Steve and Alex are just default skins for the player in Minecraft and not really characters. Steve is generally considered to be the male one and Alex is generally considered to be the female one. However, there is evidence and debate online that Steve and Alex, especially Alex, are non-binary or genderless. Zombies are assumed to be whatever gender they were as humans. Therefore, the gender of the Zombie in Smash is unknown. Endermen are presumed to be male based on their name, but it’s technically unknown.

Sephiroth – Male

Mii Fighters – Whatever you want them to be!

I hope you have enjoyed this TedTalk. Let me know anything I got wrong (and I’ll update) and be nice to each other in the comments.

I thought about doing one on sexualities, but, for most of the characters, the answer should realistically be “unknown.”

What did I learn? Well, for one, we REALLY need more women in Smash. Can we get Lara Croft, Chun-Li, Chell, fucking Ms. Pac-Man? Also, Nintendo is really unclear about their different species, specifically the Yoshis, Toads, and whatever Kirby is.


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