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SmashGG is likely shutting down within a month due to money and Nairo/sexual assault in Smash

Content of the article: "SmashGG is likely shutting down within a month due to money and Nairo/sexual assault in Smash"

Many TO's are aware of this at this point. SmashGG has been contacting them to warn them that the site could be shut down in October and to make other plans for their tournaments. Apparently the metoo storm in smash over the summer caused some contracts to fall through and they are out of money to continue operating. They had strong ties to Nairo through hosting and promoting his tournaments and obviously nobody wants anything to do with him now.

Big TO's with large upcoming tournaments are aware and can confirm and there's plenty of other evidence this is happening soon:

  1. EX-SmashGG employee discusses the downfall that led up to this, approximately 56 minutes in:
  2. the SmashGG twitter is normally very active but hasn't posted in over a month, social media people are usually the first to go.
  3. no new updates about the site or significant functions coming out in a long time
  4. Tournaments from big companies that used to be on the site have already moved to other sites, Fortnite Challenger series being a big one
  5. A few streamers have apparently found out and discussed needing to move their tournaments on stream over the last few weeks

Mods let me know if I need to remove any of this or you need more information to verify if this isn’t enough, any big TO with an upcoming event past the next month should be able to confirm theyve gotten the news. Read the rules and didn't see anything against sharing this type of news.

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SmashGG will probably try to sell what they can before shutting down, which could mean that data gets locked down and sold to a company that doesn't care about Smash, or deleted alltogether. I think the community has the right to save our tournament history data before its too late and encourage everyone to start backing up results now. TO’s should decide together where tournaments will move so that everything moves on a single place. If anyone knows someone who works there please find out if they are going to give a warning before shutting down.


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