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Sol Badguy Gears Up for a Fight!: A Smash Ultimate Design Concept.

Hey so I’m back once again with another Smash moveset. If you don't know me I’ve done a couple in the past( Dante, Nero, Vergil, Akira Howard, Phoenix Wright). Before E3 drops this is the last one I really wanted to push out as it's one of the few characters I think has a shot to be in the game. Now this is not a game I’ve played extensively like the others, I just started getting hyped for Guilty Gear Strive and having played the beta and Sol Badguy is fun and cool. So using my limited knowledge of Guilty Gear combined with hours of searching online I thought I’d give it a fair shot. Being a Fighting game character it wasn't that difficult though comparing myself to some of the other versions of the design I have some differences but some obvious similarities.

As always we start with Aesthetics.

Now as for which version of Sol I’m basing this off of I'm basing this off of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2. This was the most recent version prior to Strive, though if you’d like you can replace what I’ve done with the Strive version, only some things change anyway (I do borrow some things from Strive anyway so it works either way). Color 1 is default Sol. Color 2 Is a blue alt with white accents and yellow hair based on Ky Kiske, his rival. Color 3 is a Yellow and black alt. Color 4 is a black alt with white hair. Color 5 an orange alt with brown hair referencing May. Color 6 is a dark blue alt with black accents and black hair. Color 7 is a dark red alt with white hair referencing another ArcSys protag Ragna. Color 8 is a primarily white alt with red accents referencing Order Sol (though this alt could easily just be Order Sol himself).

Intro: This would be a far out view of his Rev 2 intro of him loading his sword with a shell or a simple fist clench as he gets ready which is his intro from Strive.

Outros: I’m basing his outro on his Victory animation from Rev 2. 1. His standard victory animation where he walks away rubbing his neck then poses with his sword. 2 His round victory animation where he plants his sword in the ground and looks to the side . 3. His round start animation where he flicks a shell into the air with his teeth, loading it into his sword and swings blowing dust before zooming in on his face. There’s also a unique one though I'll mention that later. Music wise it's the Insta Kill theme.


Up Taunt: A thumbs down at the opponent

Side Taunt: An up yours motion though without the actual finger sticking up

Down taunt: A thumbs up to the opponent


So Sol comes from a traditional fighter so every move does come from the game aside from 1. And being from a traditional fighter he’ll have the same default gimmicks of always facing the opponent in a match, Auto turnaround, Motion Inputs, and cancels. So what makes Sol different? Well firstly he has a sword which I know the Smash community can't get enough of. And for the first in Smash is a spendable meter Sol will have his Tension Gauge. Tension is your standard bar/meter which can be spent for various things (a ton of things in Guilty Gear but less in Smash). Tension builds by attacking, getting hit, and moving forward both in the air and on the ground. The caveat to this is that there is a negative penalty if the Sol player plays campy which will cause Sol to lose meter.

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Sol also has an Air Dash. By double tapping forward/back while in the air quickly Sol will dash in the air. This does eat the double jump however.

Ok so the generic mechanics are done. One thing before I go into the moveset is I’ll primarily be using Numpad notation. For a brief overview think of your stick’s position as numbers on a keypad, so 5 is neutral, 6 is forward, 4 is back, 2 is down, 8 is up, etc and when you use a motion you follow so quarter circle forward is 236. I'll still mention the motion itself.

Guilty Gear also uses a 5 button system. Punch (P), Kick (K), Slash (S), Heavy Slash (HS) and Dust (D). This means that aside from some minor situations holding some moves won't just make a stronger version.


Jab: Gatling combo. 5P, 5K, 5S, 5HS (from Rev2). Sol does a hit forward with his blade hilt that goes into an Up kick, then a swipe with his sword forward and then swinging the sword back swiping once more.

FTilt: 6S from Strive, it's another more powerful swipe with his sword with fire trails behind him.

UTilt: 2HS. Sol does and uppercut with his sword (think of it like Roy’s jab but goes a bit higher)

DTilt: 2K. A crouching kick we’ve seen these before on fighting game characters.

Dash Attack: Fafnir. Sol lunches forward with his fist that's on fire.

FSmash: 6HS Sol slams his sword in front of him hitting the ground (which like sephiroth is its own hitbox)

USmash: Dust. Sol Does and uppercut with his arm, the move had deceptively good range even though he isn't using his sword

DSmash: 2D. His crouching dust. Which is a sweep attack with his leg.


NAir: j.K. This Sol’s kick while in the Air, its similar to a sex kick.

FAir :j.S. Sol’s jumping Slash, Sol swings his sword from above him downwards

BAir: j.D. Sol’s jumping Dust. This is a jab with the hilt of his blade.

UAir: Sol Doesn't have a move that fits this so either an aerial version of his 2HS or an upward version of his j. S (so an air Utilt or an upward FAir).

DAir: j.HS. Sol Slams his sword down while in the air, this has a spike.


Ok this is the cool stuff you want to see. Like I said before about the buttons aside from one instance, holding the button won't make a stronger version of the specials, though that doesn't mean effects wont happen if you do hold (similarly to Terry some moves have 4 versions of Tap, Hold, Motion+Tap, Motion+Hold). Similarly to Guilty Gear some moves are usable in the Air and some aren't. Also this one is going to be listed in a different order than usual.

DSpecial: Gun Flame. Sol plants his sword in the ground and causes pillars of flames to form that travel forward. Holding Special will cause Gun Flame Feint to occur where no pillars come out and the endlag is significantly cut. This move is not usable in the Air.

USpecial: Volcanic Viper. Sol does basically a Shoryuken with his blade carrying his momentum. Can be done with 623/DP motion. Tapping will do the Slash version and holding does the Heavy Slash version which is stronger but has more endlag. (Air Ok)

Similar to Terry I’m giving Sol a Forward Special and a Back Special.

FSpecial: Bandit Revolver/Bringer An attack that starts with a lunging knee followed by a swipe kick. Can be done with 236/QCF/Quarter Circle Forward + Attack. If held this move becomes Bandit Bringer where Sol will Rise a bit higher before slamming down with a flaming fist (similar to Power dunk though no hitbox on the rise). (Air Ok).

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BSpecial: Night Raid Vortex. I was going to put Ground Viper here but I prefer how Night Raid Vortex functions. Sol goes low to the ground and travels a bit before going into an uppercut (if this were a Ground Viper it would effectively go into a Volcanic Viper). 236/QCB/Quarter Circle Back + Attack, you can hold to increase the distance. Unlike Terry this move cant be used in the air, doing the motion in air will just cause a Bandit Revolver/ Bringer in that direction. This move also cannot be canceled into from a normal attack.

NSpecial: Roman Cancel. Using Meter from the Tension Gauge Sol can cancel out of any move at any point of the move (canceling the knockback as well). This will help with combo extension , do multiple of the same move for pressure, etc. It costs 50% meter. The color of the Cancel (which is signified by a glowing ring) changes depending on how it's used (Red for on connected hit, Yellow when used OoS, Purple on cancel when the opponent isn't hit, and Blue in neutral/not attacking or being attacked). The RC will cause a mini burst (visually a thin ring around Sol that goes out a small amount from him) that knocks the opponent back as well as slowing them down allowing for combo follow ups or reversal situations (this effect does not last very long, even less than Bayo’s Witch Time so you have to confirm basically immediately). You cannot Roman Cancel in hitstun, it's an extremely quick move.(Air Ok)

Kirby Hat: I feel like I never needed to talk about Kirby’s hat before because for the past couple of ones I gave him a gun so I can imagine you guys could pick up what Kirby did. Firstly it's Sol’s hair and headband. But when Kirby copies Sol he gets the ability to Roman Cancel. Kirby will gain a Tension gauge which will be around the same amount that the Sol had before being Copied (a little more as Kirby had attacked so giving him more to benefit the success). Kirby’s Tension Gauge will not disappear if it is depleted and will continue to work just like Sol’s will (gain on hit, getting hit, moving forward and has a Negative Penalty if played campy/not engaging with the opponent and constantly retreating). (God I wish Kirby’s hat stayed with him for the stock or until Kirby manually gets rid of it I wanna see the insane stuff Kirby could do with Roman Cancels).

Super Special: Tyrant Rave. By inputting Half Circle Back + Forward + Attack Sol can do his Super. Which is basically a punch into a supercharged punch with his sword. This costs 50% of Tension, has very short range and a lot of endlag, you cant Roman Cancel out of this one. Also yes this can be done at any point as long as you have meter.

Super Special: Dragon Install. At 100%+ you can input 214214/Double Back Quarter Circle + Attack. This costs 50% Tension and will last for 20 seconds and this does buff Sol’s base attributes, damage, and knockback as well as buffing Gun Flame’s pillars and Volcanic Viper’s reach. You can still perform Tyrant Rave and Roman Cancels as long as you have the meter (which you still gain during the install). When the Install is over Sol will end up in a crumple like state and will not be able to move for a couple of seconds (the Install will wait for any move to finish first before Sol stops), this also completely drains any remaining Tension that he would have had left.

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He grabs the opponent with his arm and just knees them for his pummel.

Fthrow: His normal throw which he picks up the opponent and headbutts them

Bthrow: His Wild Throw where he slams the opponent behind him (similar to Terry)

Uthrow: Based on his Air throw where he launches the opponent away with flames from his hand.

Dthrow: Sol doesn't really have one so I’m giving him one where he throws the opponent down and then dive kicks them (based on his Break move).

Final Smash: Branding Breach

This is Sol’s Insta Kill from Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2. Sol charges at the opponent and hits them with a Fafnir. Then the cutscene plays which is the same one from Rev 2.Sol charging his weapon and then going for a punch with it causing an explosion. Being an Insta Kill it will Instantly kill the opponent but if Sol wins with it Guilty Gear’s announcer takes over “DESTROYED” before cutting to a unique win Screen and quote from Sol, “Sol Wins” still with Guilty Gear’s announcer.

And that's kinda it. I hope I did a good job since this is going into a franchise I have such passing knowledge of but resources online definitely helped me figure it out. The biggest hurdle was honestly figuring out how to make Roman Cancels an intentional input rather than like A+B+Shield or something like that which I dont trust smash bros to not fuck up, I’m not a huge fan of making it Neutral Special but I feel like I didnt have many options (Ill be honest I had it as Down Special in most of my drafts but I was unhappy with it, considered putting in on Neutral Special switching with Gun Flame and said “if I did that Kirby would gain Roman Cancel” and that changed my mind). I heavily considered the Burst mechanic but I think that’d be unfair in Smash, even if it could be balanced a combo break at any point may just be a bit overbearing especially with how Roman Cancels could work. I considered following Strive and making Bandit Revolver and Bringer 236+Attack and 214+Attack respectively but I just liked Ground Viper/Night Raid Vortex enough. Initially I gave Sol the weakness of the Back Special like Terry but honestly I said screw it and let him keep Side special for a bit of help with horizontal recovery (and realistically that weakness for Terry does end up being more of a learning curve).

This kinda came from me just getting excited for Strive and wasn't planned (if you remember back to the Astral Chain concept I mentioned I had 2 planned, this one was not one of them).

As always input is appreciated.


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