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Something big to keep in mind with what’s happening to Melee

Content of the article: "Something big to keep in mind with what’s happening to Melee"

As we observe Nintendo's (almost universally) panned decision to cut off The Big House because of Slippi, I'd like to bring up that Smash Ultimate mods have become much more complex and easier to use as of late, with plenty of new developments and resources. There's guides for creating plenty of types of mods, ranging from simple skins to custom animations and movesets.

There are many types of things you can do with mods:

  • Play the local wireless mode online, which has been reported to play better than the regular online in certain circumstances:

  • Dump your switch's keys to play Ultimate on the Yuzu emulator and play games over Parsec:

  • Sync your controller inputs to your PC for use with Parsec on a real Switch, with sys-hidplus:

  • Play gameplay mods over Battle Arenas or with the Local Wireless mod I mentioned, there are plenty out there on Gamebanana This is a guide for setting up custom firmware and mods, and there's plenty of resources available elsewhere in the Ultimate Modding Hub discord which is on the GameBanana page as well.

I'm also aware many people are scared of ban risks, but the issue is all of that ban risk stems from piracy and cheating, which aren't involved with smash mods at all unless you intentionally involve them. Bans have not happened to people just for running Homebrew and mods by themselves.

Researchers and developers can corroborate this. Almost all of what you've seen with the paranoia against bans has been a result of when Switch modding was in its infancy, as there is virtually no risk just by modding.

I hope the modding community can find growth in this situation as we oppose Nintendo's draconian measures against the Melee community.


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