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Sonic Rework Concept

I think it goes without saying that a lot of people don't like Sonic's moveset in Smash. He's got a lot of ball-based moves, has very little inspiration from the Sonic series, and he encourages campy play more then most characters. Though mostly, I just find it disappointing that two of his specials are basically exactly the same. That's why I come here today with a totally original idea that's definitely never been done before: a Sonic rework concept! With this, I aim to create a moveset that's more inspired by the Sonic series, has less ball attacks, and discourages campy play, while keeping the aspects that I think are already fine. So, here it is. Any moves not mentioned are unchanged.

Entrance: Sonic stomps onto the stage before flicking his nose and assuming his idle stance. The nose flick resembles both his Brawl render and one of his animations from the start of levels in Sonic Colors and Generations.

Idle: Though he still has his existing idle stance and animations, standing still for about 30 seconds while cause Sonic to start waiting impatiently for you to do something. Similar to Classic Sonic in Generations/Forces, he takes on many poses in a pre-determined sequence. They include:

• Sonic taps his foot repeatedly, occasionally looking at his wrist as if he was wearing a watch (Sonic series).

• Sonic snaps his fingers and points forward (Sonic 3).

• Sonic assumes a pose like he's about to run (Sonic Mania).

• Sonic looks off into the distance while crossing his arms and tapping his foot even more (Sonic 3D Blast).

• Sonic lays on his side, occasionally tapping his finger on the ground (Sonic series).

Eventually, after standing still for 3 minutes straight (in-game), Sonic says "I'm outta here!" and leaps off the screen, KO-ing himself. This is taken from Sonic CD.

Up Taunt: Instead of doing a kickflip and crossing his arms while pointing, he instead spins in a circle before taking on his iconic pose from the original Sonic 1 box-art.

Jab: Although the first two hits are the same, the third hit is the Top Kick from Sonic Battle. Get used to hearing Sonic Battle, because you'll be hearing it a lot.

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Dash Attack: The modern slide attack. Works the way you'd expect a slide attack to work.

Forward Smash: The punch now has a flame effect, though it's the same otherwise. This references LEGO Dimensions, another crossover game that Sonic appears in.

Down Smash: The Sonic Flare from Sonic Battle, being a breakdance attack. Fairly standard.

Neutral Air: Sonic's Insta-Shield from Sonic 3. The shield provides the move extra range and destroys weak projectiles (Mario Fireball, Mega Man Buster shots, etc.), but Sonic himself does more damage and knockback.

Forward Air: You already know what this one is: the Sonic Eagle from Sonic Battle. A quick axe kick that can spike opponents.

Back Air: Sonic spins horizontally with his leg outstretched, resembling the Windmill from Sonic Battle and the Humming Top from the Sonic Advance and Rush series. A multi-hit attack similar to Pikachu.

Up Air: A simple flip kick like Mario or Terry. Useful for combos.

Down Air: The move comes out a lot faster, though that's about it.

Neutral Special (Homing Attack): This move has received a number of changes.

• Sonic strikes a quick pose after landing a hit, such as his Ultimate render pose or his Sonic Adventure pose.

• The reticle now stays on the target throughout the whole charge rather then as he's dashing.

• When multiple opponents are present, you can Homing Attack each one in succession by repeatedly pressing the button as long as they're in range. This is done automatically when the move is fully charged, similar to the Focused Homing Attack from Sonic Lost World.

• If no opponents are in range, Sonic will do a little Jump Dash in the direction he's facing.

Side Special (Boost): This is the biggest change to Sonic's moveset. For this move, there's a meter above Sonic's percentage that goes up the more Sonic damages opponents. This gives Sonic energy that let's him use side special to Boost at incredible speeds, ramming all opponents in his path. The beginning of the dash is the most powerful part and surrounds his whole body for a second, allowing you to launch opponents off-stage while swiftly returning back on-stage. However, you will lose Boost energy not just by Boosting, but also from taking damage and being KOed. Beyond that, the meter isn't your ordinary Boost Gauge; it's the Tension Gauge from the Sonic Rush games. What makes the Tension Gauge different from a normal Boost Gauge is both how the bar fills up three times with different colors (blue, yellow, and red), but once it's completely filled, you enter Overcharge mode. In this state, Sonic starts glowing, and you have unlimited Boosts for as long as the medallion on the tip of the meter is spinning, which you can keep spinning by hitting opponents. Once the medallion stops spinning, you exit Overcharge and lose Boost energy based on how many Boosts you used.

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Up Special (Spring Jump): You can now jump after using this move like Banjo & Kazooie. In addition, using up special again after already using Spring Jump lets you use the Hop Jump from the Sonic Advance and Rush series for a bit of extra height.

Down Special (Spin Dash/Bound Jump): Both of Sonic's Spin Dashes (Spin Dash and Spin Charge) are combined into one move. You mash the button to charge up a dash that hits only once like his former side special. If you jump while holding the button during the charge, you automatically dash forward once you hit the ground similar to the Drop Dash from Sonic Mania, though you cancel the charge if you let go of the button. Using down special in the air utilizes the Bound Jump that appears throughout the Sonic series. This causes you to crash down to the ground while curled up, bouncing upwards when you hit an opponent ot the ground.

Final Smash (Super Sonic): This Final Smash was altered in function once again, now acting more like other Final Smashes. He dashes forward as Super Sonic until he collides with an opponent, at which point they are brought above the stage and repeatedly bashed by Super Sonic (dashing around the whole screen in a manner similar to how Super Sonic moves in Ultimate). The final blow is a powerful dashing punch that launches sideways.

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And that's it! I know plenty of people have done Sonic reworks already, but I wanted to throw my hat into the ring. I had some ideas that I didn't really see others do, like Down Special, but I'd like to thank u/MaverickSlayer for the side special idea. They made their own Sonic rework concept a while back, so go check that out if you want. In any case, I hope you enjoyed!


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