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SSBU Move Tier List #8: Dash Attack (Results and More!)

Good morning/afternoon, Smash redditors! After multiple months of hardships (lockdown, death of a loved one, multitude of allegations, Gonzalo’s attempted suicide, you name it) and many stupid excuses, the results for the long awaited Dash Attack tier list are finally ready to be presented! Prepare yourselves for an extremely long post!

Complete Dash Attack Tier List (pre-9.0.0)

Complete Dash Attack Tier List (post-9.0.0)

Associated Spreadsheet

Associated Thread


  • No E or F tiers!
  • A rather high number of D tiers.

My Thoughts

  • I don’t really have much to offer. It’s been so long since I’ve seen this thread that I’ve completely forgotten about every single one of these moves

Combined Tier Lists

Now it's time to show the average between this list and the r/SmashBrosUltimate list. If you want to go to the Reddit post of the latter, click here. If you want to go to the r/SmashBrosUltimate list itself, click here or here. Here are all the associated links:

Here are some notes I found:

  • Only a singular S tier despite there being multiple S tiers on the individual lists.
  • Mii Gunner had the highest variance and standard deviation at 0.370 and 0.608, respectively.
  • Ike had the lowest variance and standard deviation at 0.000003 and 0.001, respectively.
  • The average standard deviation was 0.194.

Grounded Statistics

For the grounded spreadsheets, I calculated the variance and standard deviation for every character throughout the 8 current lists (the difference from mean concerns the mean of each move’s mean and each individual move mean). I also calculated the average standard deviation throughout the entire cast.

A special thing I did for the combined sub spreadsheet was calculate four different values for variance and standard deviation concerning the following categories:

  • r/smashbros (individuals)
  • r/SmashBrosUltimate (individuals)
  • Both subs
  • Both subs (individuals)

After doing this, I calculated the average standard deviation concerning each of these categories.

Once that was done, I would calculate each character’s respective average standard deviation by taking the values for the standard deviation pertaining to the above four categories. Finally, I listed the average standard deviation throughout the whole cast on both subs. While I tried calculating this average by using the individual characters’ SDs as a baseline and then using the “by character” row, both calculations resulted in the same value, so I apologize that it looks redundant.

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I would calculate the variance and SD involving just row 513 or 514 (difference from mean using the mean of each move), but I feel like the workload would become excessive on my end and may produce excessive information on your end.

Here are the lists:

Now here are the spreadsheets:

Anyways, on with the statistics!

  • r/smashbros
    • Little Mac had the highest average score at approximately 5.014. Jigglypuff had the lowest average score at approximately 2.545. Just barely missed D tier.
    • Wario had the highest variance and standard deviation throughout the ground-based tier lists at around 2.752 and 1.659, respectively. This arguably makes him the most polarized character in regards to grounded attacks.
    • Banjo & Kazooie had the lowest variance and standard deviation at around 0.066 and 0.256, respectively.
    • The average standard deviation throughout the cast was 0.704.
  • r/SmashBrosUltimate
    • Once again, Little Mac had the highest average score at approximately 4.979, while Jigglypuff had the lowest average score at approximately 2.274.
    • Once again, Wario had the highest variance and standard deviation at around 2.611 and 1.616, respectively.
    • Mii Brawler had the lowest variance and standard deviation at around 0.124 and 0.352, respectively.
    • The average standard deviation throughout the cast was 0.800.
  • Both
    • For every category, Wario had the highest variance and standard deviation of all characters, except for the “Both subs” category, where it was Mii Gunner (0.043 and 0.207, respectively). Here were his values:
      • r/smashbros (individuals): 2.762 and 1.662
      • r/SmashBrosUltimate (individuals): 2.621 and 1.619
      • Both subs (individuals): 2.691 and 1.641
    • Here are the characters who had the lowest variance and SD and what their values were:
      • r/smashbros (individuals): Banjo & Kazooie (0.066 and 0.257)
      • r/SmashBrosUltimate (individuals): Duck Hunt (0.129 and 0.359)
      • Both subs: Robin (0.000000342 and 0.000585)
      • Both subs (individuals): Duck Hunt (0.105 and 0.325)
    • Here are the average standard deviations for each of the four categories:
      • r/smashbros (individuals): 0.709
      • r/SmashBrosUltimate (individuals): 0.805
      • Both subs: 0.065
      • Both subs (individuals): 0.763
    • Wario had the highest average standard deviation at 1.255, while Duck Hunt had the lowest average standard deviation at 0.255.
    • The overall average standard deviation was 0.585.

First Video Promotion

So now it’s time for me to present the big one to everyone out there. Remember how I’ve said multiple times that I had a big project planned? While some of you have already seen it, I’ve made some noticeable edits to make it more presentable to everyone out there. And heeeeere it is!!

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What is the LEAST AMOUNT of Games Needed to Complete the Gen 3 Pokédex?

If you liked this, I’ll consider promoting my videos in tandem with big tier list reveals. Enjoy the ride, you wondrous wanderers on the Web!


Consider following me on social media! I'll be keeping followers updated on progress with this series (Discord and Amino) or my own YouTube channel (Twitter).

Now I got my Nintendo Switch Online set up! While most of the stuff related to it is covered in the poll, I'm going to leave my friend code right here. If you want to participate in online matches (which will also be good testing for how good specific characters' moves are), please share your friend code with me. You can also consider joining Discord calls as I have my audio settings completely set up, and my info is above. I will occasionally stream these matches as well, but I currently don’t have a set stream schedule.

Friend Code: SW-6759-9761-9093

Previous Threads and Spreadsheets

I updated the previous lists and spreadsheets significantly over the last couple of months alongside completing my project. Some of the updates include the removal of the SSBWorld watermark in the upper right-hand corner and the addition of an extra panel above the highest tier describing what the list is on and which sub the list is associated with. Of course, there’s also the addition of the DLC characters on both the lists and the spreadsheets (this took me two days to complete entirely, so I hope you’re grateful that I put in so much effort). Here they are!

As always, thanks to everyone who has participated in this poll, especially the few Discord followers I have. You’re certainly helping to do your part to keep this series from going under after my massively long hiatus. In addition, thanks to u/mu_II (and u/duckhunttoptier), creator(s) of the r/smashbros Monthly Tier Lists, and Smashboards for the inspiration to create these lists. Share thoughts below!

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The next poll will be on Neutral Airs. Hopefully for once, I can keep a consistent schedule, though if you follow the one I created on this post, I will try to follow this religiously, but with the maintenance of my new YouTube channel and other social media accounts, I probably won’t get too much time to dedicate to this now one-off project. Consider this a heads up as we go forward.

As a final note, here’s u/SwagGuy99’s dash attack tier list to compare to! Hopefully I get to see you all on April 1!

Also keep in mind that today's my 24th birthday! Send me some birthday hugs for a grand return if you want!

EDIT: Almost forgot! Here's the consensus for the poll I posted a few days ago.

Based on these analytics, it seems you really want me to upload more videos in tandem with these tier lists, you want me to redo older tier lists at some point, and you absolutely want me to cross-promote. As far as streaming, while I did promote my friend code, results for wanting to participate in online matches were mixed, though slightly slanted towards not wanting to participate. However, for those that voted "Yes," you have no qualms with participating in streams featuring these online matches. Because of the above mention of a lack of a stream schedule, combined with a lack of a concrete answer, I'm going to spend the incoming week coming up with a suitable streaming schedule that doesn't interfere with the MTL schedule. If you have suggestions for times, please let me know!


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