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SSBU Move Tier List #9: Neutral Air (Results)

Good morning, Smash Redditors! The results of the Neutral Air tier list are now in! Don’t worry, this post won’t be anywhere near as long as the previous!

Complete Neutral Air Tier List

Associated Spreadsheet

Associated Thread


  • No F tiers!
  • More S tiers than any other list!
  • Only 7 characters weren’t at least B tier.
  • Two ties:
    • R.O.B./Young Link
    • Corrin/Jigglypuff
  • Since Pyra and Mythra don’t have icons on SSBWorld (the site I use to create the tier lists) yet, I’ll have to tell you where they would’ve ended up.
    • Pyra should be between Lucas and Wii Fit Trainer.
    • Mythra should be between Robin and Mario.

My Thoughts

  • I think Ike and Shulk may be too high.
  • I especially think Wario is too high. Have you seen this hitbox?!
  • Meta Knight is a little too low.

Combined Tier Lists

Now it’s time to show the average between this list and the r/SmashBrosUltimate list. If you want to go to the Reddit post of the latter, click here. If you want to go to the r/SmashBrosUltimate list itself, click here. Here are all the associated links:

Here are some notes I found:

  • Due to the large convergence of S+ (a tier reserved only for characters who get a perfect score of 6) and S tier characters on the r/SmashBrosUltimate list, roughly 16% of all characters ended up in S tier.
  • There were no D tiers.
  • Lucario had the highest variance and standard deviation at 0.830 and 0.911, respectively. C tier on r/smashbros and A tier on r/SmashBrosUltimate.
  • Min Min had the lowest variance and standard deviation at 0.00022 and 0.015, respectively.
  • The average standard deviation across the cast was 0.274.
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Consider following me on social media! I’ll be keeping followers updated on progress with this series (Discord, Amino, and even Twitter now) or my own YouTube channel (Twitter).

Previous Threads and Spreadsheets

As always, thanks to everyone who has participated in this poll, especially the Discord followers I have. I even got a few more, one of which is a pretty big-name YouTuber who does Pokémon videos and both commented on my video and subscribed to me. He even promoted my video on his Discord server, giving me just the slightest bit more attention and subscribers. For that, I’d like to thank him very much, and you’ll see his comment pinned in my first video.

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Here’s the video for those who missed it.

Right now, I’m in the middle of working on my second video, which, spoiler alert, will be a video response to a pretty old video. I plan to get it uploaded on April 11, and just like with the dash attack results, I’ll be promoting that video on the Forward Air thread, which will be coming out on April 12 at no clearly defined time at the moment.

Of course, I’d also like to thank u/mu_II (and u/duckhunttoptier), creator(s) of the r/smashbros Monthly Voted Tier List, and Smashboards for the inspiration to create these lists. I also want to give an extra special thanks to u/SquidGamer15 for the links he added to aid in research. The presentation would not have been so solid without him. Thanks to all who shared links as well back when the poll was active. Share thoughts below!

As a final note, here’s u/SquidGamer15’s list to compare to!

To conclude this post, I’d like to once again remind you of the schedule I’m trying to abide by with regards to the MTL series.

  • April 12: Fair Thread
  • April 19: Fair Results
  • April 23: Bair Thread
  • April 30: Bair Results

See you in four days!

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