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SSBU Move Tier List: Grand Return! (At Last!)

Greetings, Smash Redditors! Welcome to a special episode of Move Tier List!

So I know many of you who still had this series on your mind were wondering when this series would return. Well, I have good news.

I had finished the project I was planning to show last month, and I'm planning to debut it on YouTube where I'll then showcase it to all of you (if you follow me on Discord, like u/SquidGamer15, you got early access to it, so you'll already know what it was; please don't spoil it, though). However, I now have a set date (though not necessarily a set time):

This list is coming out on March 28, which, coincidentally, is also my 24th birthday, so you can send me some birthday wishes as well! Before I do so, I need to finish editing a few things with the original upload, and I need to finish creating parts of my online brand. You can consider supporting me by following any of the links in the footer of this post.

From here, I'm going to be extremely busy with video work and managing my brand, so I'm going to change the schedule as such. While this may likely change in the future, here's what I have planned for the future.

  • March 28: Dash Attack Results (coincides with first video upload
  • April 1: Nair Thread
  • April 8: Nair Results
  • April 12: Fair Thread
  • April 19: Fair Results …
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Basically this follows a pattern of 4 days from results to thread and a week from thread to results. Hope this will be a schedule that is easier to follow and won't be too stressful on my end. If you have issues with this, please remind me.

Now here's a poll to get back into the groove! I want you to fill this out if you want to, so I can see what it is you would like to do as we go forward whilst also taking this schedule into account. I will close this poll in two days, so hurry up if you care to fill it out!

Sure has been a long time, but…

Happy voting!

Finally, I want to give a small premature introduction to my Patreon. It's linked in the footer and not yet ready for presentation, but I have a proposition: what if I added a tier for $1 per month? If you were to subscribe to that tier, you would have early access to tier lists and have your name in the closing credits of every post. And if I do create Patreon tiers relevant to this series, this would be the only one, and the price would be constant.

Stay smart, stay safe, and know your limits. Get ready for my big return in two days and take care, everybody!

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Consider following me on social media! I'll be keeping followers updated on progress with this series (Discord and Amino) or my own YouTube channel (Twitter).

  • Discord UN: Skeeter Mania #8880
  • Twitter
  • Twitch
  • Amino
  • YouTube (This is just to get a feel for what I'm going to do; later I'm going to create a community post.)

Now I finally got my Nintendo Switch Online set up! While most of the stuff related to it is covered in the poll, I'm going to leave my friend code right here. If you want to participate in online matches (which will also be good testing for how good specific characters' moves are), please share your friend code with me. You can also consider joining Discord calls as I have my audio settings completely set up, and my info is above.

Friend Code: SW-6759-9761-9093

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As a final note, thanks to everyone who's continued to anxiously yet patiently wait for everything. So many hardships (like my grandmother's death) and lame excuses have passed now, but from here on, I promise to be far more diligent and avoid stupid excuses. Like I said in this post, I won't ask for anyone's sympathy, especially after these delays, but if you do show sympathy, I'll gladly accept it.

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