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SSBU Move Tier List: Hiatus Intermission

Content of the article: "SSBU Move Tier List: Hiatus Intermission"

Good (very early) morning, Smash Redditors! At long last, welcome back to the Move Tier List Revamped series!

As I've seen from several of your comments, some of you have been wondering whether or not I was continuing this series since I announced that hiatus to finish my video project. While I did say I would hold out on the results until I got that done, I feel like we're long overdue for showing off these results.

Here's where things get more personal. One of the reasons I couldn't get the project done more quickly was because my grandmother fell ill (mostly to dementia). She had been ill for several months now, and my family had gone out to her house for a month to take care of her. Not only was this emotionally troubling for me to deal with head-on, but there was hardly a good place to work at. Later on today, I'll be moving back to a more convenient working environment, though I'm worried if my grandmother will be okay being left in more limited care.

Sad news aside, I hopefully think I can win your support back with this. I have created two polls over the course of that ordeal, but initially I will show only one of them. I had finished creating the tier lists long in advance, and there's a total of six of them, four of which involve the r/SmashBrosUltimate sub, but I'm going to save my big post for that sub for when the full context behind the results will be revealed.

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If there's enough votes to show even just two of those lists, I will reveal the other poll and edit the comment section to account for it. I think some of you might know where I'm going with this (hint hint DLC's a bitch).

Anyways, keep in mind that this poll will be closed once I get home later today, so be mindful of that. I don't know the exact time, but at this moment, it's around 4:30 am PT, so expect that time to be somewhere around 6:00 or 7:00 pm ET.

Happy voting! (I'm starting to miss this catchphrase)


I know have some new social media accounts! Follow me on any of those as I'll be posting Move Tier List or Smash-related stuff there.


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