Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Con Fall Fest – Ultimate Seeding (updated)

With Tweek and Shuton deconfirmed, the seeding has changed significantly

Camorific is currently seeded into Shuton's spot so that the bracket below isn't impacted too heavily. Here I'll be noting the effective player that is predicted to make it there based on the idea that Camorific should be a sub-64 seed.

  1. Panda l ESAM (Pikachu)
  2. Sparg0 (Pyra/Mythra, Cloud)
  3. Liquid` Dabuz (Olimar, Rosalina & Luma, Min Min)
  4. SSG l Maister (Mr. Game & Watch)
  5. Panda l Marss (Zero Suit Samus)
  6. Moist l Light (Fox)
  7. Cosmos (Pyra/Mythra) (effective)
  8. Moist l Kola (Roy, Cloud)
  9. Armada l Elegant (Luigi)
  10. Mistake (Bayonetta) (effective)
  11. Moist l Aaron (Diddy Kong, R.O.B.)
  12. MK l BigBoss (R.O.B.)
  13. Panda l WaDi (Mewtwo, R.O.B.)
  14. naitosharp (Joker, Zero Suit Samus)
  15. EMG l Riddles (Kazuya)
  16. Dark Wizzy (Mario)
  17. TG l MVD (Snake)
  18. 16B l LingLing (Peach, Daisy)
  19. Armada l Kurama (Mario)
  20. Lima (Bayonetta)
  21. NPT l Tilde (Falco)
  22. Puppeh (Pokémon Trainer)
  23. TR l Montrose (Ness, Bayonetta) (effective)
  24. IluZ l yonni (Steve)
  25. 16B l Zomba (R.O.B.)
  26. RBG l KirbyKid (King K. Rool) (effective)
  27. LVD l Suarez (Yoshi)
  28. Axiom XL (Kazuya)
  29. VGBC l Pink Fresh (Min Min)
  30. Jakal (Wolf)
  31. Ho3K l John Numbers (Wii Fit Trainer)
  32. ApolloKage (Snake)
  33. DA EMP l Sinji (Pac-Man)
  34. ZD (Fox, Wolf)
  35. Tidal l Mj (R.O.B.)
  36. TR NVR l TheMightyDialga (Bayonetta)
  37. NVR l PkChris (Ness)
  38. Mercury (Joker)
  39. Pelca (Snake) (effective)
  40. DM (Pyra/Mythra, Steve, Pikachu)
  41. FRKS l Grayson (R.O.B.)
  42. FV l Red Oolong (Wii Fit Trainer) (effective)
  43. RBG l C.Falcon (Joker)
  44. djb l Nuggetz (Daisy)
  45. colinies (Young Link)
  46. NPT BBM l Beast (Pokémon Trainer)
  47. IcyMist (Samus)
  48. Demon (Bayonetta)
  49. tyler (Yoshi)
  50. Phuzix (Sheik)
  51. Cyro (Roy)
  52. merf (Chrom, Wolf)
  53. 1L2P l PsyKoD (Ike)
  54. RVNT l Mr.Zercon (Isabelle)
  55. NVR GoTE l Synergy (Robin) (effective)
  56. Ho3K l Dill (R.O.B.)
  57. DKwill (Donkey Kong)
  58. KoS HK l AoS (Zero Suit Samus) (effective)
  59. Nhan (Joker)
  60. NGYN l Mata-Door (Wario)
  61. hen cass (Bayonetta)
  62. Peanut (Little Mac)
  63. D14 l NickDistrict14 (Wii Fit Trainer, Steve)
  64. smub (Ridley)
R2 Pools SemisR2 Pools FinalsWinners EighthsWinners QuartersWinners Semis
ESAM vs smubESAM vs ApolloKageESAM vs Dark WizzyESAM vs KolaESAM vs Maister
Sparg0 vs NickDistrict14Sparg0 vs John NumbersSparg0 vs RiddlesSparg0 vs CosmosSparg0 vs Dabuz
Dabuz vs PeanutDabuz vs JakalDabuz vs naitosharpDabuz vs Light
Maister vs cassMaister vs Pink FreshMaister vs WaDiMaister vs Marss
Marss vs Mata-DoorMarss vs Axiom XLMarss vs BigBoss
Light vs NhanLight vs SuarezLight vs Aaron
Cosmos vs AoSCosmos vs KirbyKidCosmos vs Mistake
Kola vs DKwillKola vs ZombaKola vs Elegant
Elegant vs DillElegant vs yonni
Mistake vs SynergyMistake vs Montrose
Aaron vs Mr.ZerconAaron vs Puppeh
BigBoss vs PsyKoDBigBoss vs Tilde
WaDi vs merfWaDi vs Lima
naitosharp vs Cyronaitosharp vs Kurama
Riddles vs PhuzixRiddles vs LingLing
Dark Wizzy vs tylerDark Wizzy vs MVD
MVD vs Demon
LingLing vs IcyMist
Kurama vs Beast
Lima vs colinies
Tilde vs Nuggetz
Puppeh vs C.Falcon
Montrose vs Red Oolong
yonni vs Grayson
Zomba vs DM
KirbyKid vs Pelca
Suarez vs Mercury
Axiom XL vs PkChris
Pink Fresh vs TheMightyDialga
Jakal vs Mj
John Numbers vs ZD
ApolloKage vs Sinji


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