Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Con Fall Fest – Ultimate Seeding


First Japanese player sighting in the US since Summit :0 sad

  1. TSM FTX l Tweek (Diddy Kong, Wolf)
  2. Panda l ESAM (Pikachu)
  3. Sparg0 (Pyra/Mythra, Cloud)
  4. Liquid` Dabuz (Olimar, Rosalina & Luma, Min Min)
  5. SSG l Maister (Mr. Game & Watch)
  6. Panda l Marss (Zero Suit Samus)
  7. Moist l Light (Fox)
  8. SST l Shuton (Olimar, Pyra/Mythra)
  9. Moist l Kola (Roy, Cloud)
  10. Armada l Elegant (Luigi)
  11. Cosmos (Pyra/Mythra)
  12. EMG l Riddles (Kazuya)
  13. naitosharp (Joker, Zero Suit Samus)
  14. Panda l WaDi (Mewtwo, R.O.B.)
  15. MK l BigBoss (R.O.B.)
  16. Moist l Aaron (Diddy Kong, R.O.B.)
  17. Dark Wizzy (Mario)
  18. TG l MVD (Snake)
  19. 16B l LingLing (Peach, Daisy)
  20. Armada l Kurama (Mario)
  21. Lima (Bayonetta)
  22. NPT l Tilde (Falco)
  23. Puppeh (Pokémon Trainer)
  24. RBG l KirbyKid (King K. Rool)
  25. IluZ l yonni (Steve)
  26. 16B l Zomba (R.O.B.)
  27. Mistake (Bayonetta)
  28. Axiom XL (Kazuya)
  29. LVD l Suarez (Yoshi)
  30. VGBC l Pink Fresh (Min Min)
  31. Jakal (Wolf)
  32. ApolloKage (Snake)
  33. Ho3K l John Numbers (Wii Fit Trainer)
  34. DA EMP l Sinji (Pac-Man)
  35. ZD (Fox, Wolf)
  36. Tidal l Mj (R.O.B.)
  37. TR NVR l TheMightyDialga (Bayonetta)
  38. NVR l PkChris (Ness)
  39. Mercury (Joker)
  40. KoS HK l AoS (Zero Suit Samus)
  41. DM (Pyra/Mythra, Steve, Pikachu)
  42. FRKS l Grayson (R.O.B.)
  43. Pelca (Snake)
  44. merf (Chrom, Wolf)
  45. djb l Nuggetz (Daisy)
  46. colinies (Young Link)
  47. NPT BBM l Beast (Pokémon Trainer)
  48. IcyMist (Samus)
  49. Demon (Bayonetta)
  50. tyler (Yoshi)
  51. Phuzix (Sheik)
  52. Cyro (Roy)
  53. RBG l C.Falcon (Joker)
  54. 1L2P l PsyKoD (Ike)
  55. RVNT l Mr.Zercon (Isabelle)
  56. NVR GoTE l Synergy (Robin)
  57. Ho3K l Dill (R.O.B.)
  58. DKwill (Donkey Kong)
  59. TR l Montrose (Ness, Bayonetta)
  60. Nhan (Joker)
  61. NGYN l Mata-Door (Wario)
  62. hen cass (Bayonetta)
  63. Peanut (Little Mac)
  64. D14 l NickDistrict14 (Wii Fit Trainer, Steve)
Winners SemisWinners QuartersWinners EighthsWinners Top 32Winners Top 64
Tweek vs DabuzTweek vs ShutonTweek vs AaronTweek vs ApolloKageTweek vs NickDistrict14
ESAM vs Sparg0ESAM vs LightESAM vs BigBossESAM vs JakalESAM vs Peanut
.Sparg0 vs MarssSparg0 vs WaDiSparg0 vs Pink FreshSparg0 vs cass
.Dabuz vs MaisterDabuz vs naitosharpDabuz vs SuarezDabuz vs Mata-Door
..Maister vs RiddlesMaister vs Axiom XLMaister vs Nhan
..Marss vs CosmosMarss vs MistakeMarss vs Montrose
..Light vs ElegantLight vs ZombaLight vs DKwill
..Shuton vs KolaShuton vs yonniShuton vs Dill
...Kola vs KirbyKidKola vs Synergy
...Elegant vs PuppehElegant vs Mr.Zercon
...Cosmos vs TildeCosmos vs PsyKoD
...Riddles vs LimaRiddles vs C.Falcon
...naitosharp vs Kuramanaitosharp vs Cyro
...WaDi vs LingLingWaDi vs Phuzix
...BigBoss vs MVDBigBoss vs tyler
...Aaron vs Dark WizzyAaron vs Demon
....Dark Wizzy vs IcyMist
....MVD vs Beast
....LingLing vs colinies
....Kurama vs Nuggetz
....Lima vs merf
....Tilde vs Pelca
....Puppeh vs Grayson
....KirbyKid vs DM
....yonni vs AoS
....Zomba vs Mercury
....Mistake vs PkChris
....Axiom XL vs TheMightyDialga
....Suarez vs Mj
....Pink Fresh vs ZD
....Jakal vs Sinji
....ApolloKage vs John Numbers


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