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The 2021 Waifu/Husbando Voted Tier List Results!

Greetings fellow users of r/smashbros! Over a month ago, I asked you all who the best waifus and husbandos were in the Smash Bros Series!

And after nearly 300 Votes, I present to you 2021's Top 5 Waifu's and Husbando's!

Zero Suit takes it once again, making this her 4th victory so far, having another close race with her nearest rival Paluenta!

Of course, the main event: The Full r/smashbros 2021 Waifu/Husbando Voted Tier List

For those a bit more curious, here's a few extra info for you

  • The difference between 2020 placing and 2021 placing

  • Using Standard Deviation, you can see characters ranked by how contentious they were! If you're a bit confused on what this means, consider both Ryu and Melee Fox got a B ranking, but Melee Fox had a higher standard deviation, meaning he got to B mostly from the average of S/A votes and C/D votes, while Ryu got B because over half of his votes where B+ to B- range

  • Steve: Steve is the first male character to outperform his female counterpart in any year

  • Female Byleth: Previous member of the Top 5, Female Byleth barely lost out on making the Top 10 this year.

  • Rosalina: Previously fringing in high A- for all 4 years, even among Filtered Tier lists, Rosalina joins A tier for the first time.

  • Duck Hunt, Ness, and Bowser Jr.: This year holds the largest D-Tier yet, previously either unused or held by Bowser Jr alone.

Bonus Questions

What character would gain the most waifu/husbando viability by switching genders?

(Characters were only listed if they scored at least 0.5% of the votes, or 2 votes)

  • Bowser: The reign of Bowsette Bowser stays strong in the gender swap! 3 years running placing first in his own tier here, but this year has seen quite a drop in dominance. Previously nearly doubling votes of 2nd place in 2019, Bowser only scored 6 votes over his closest rival, Terry, and only 2 votes away from falling into A tier!

  • Terry, Male Corrin, And Joker: These three once again had a very close race for second, coincidentally landing in nearly the exact same order as last year, with Corrin now tied with Joker

  • Bayonetta, Peach, Female Byleth, and Female Corrin: Bayo's best girl-to-guy streak was challenged this year, landing as a 4 way tie with Peach, Female Corrin, and Female Byleth

  • Falco: A rather surprising face, Falco managed to squeeze just enough votes to land into B tier, alongside the likes of Ganondorf and Sephiroth. Impressive from his previous high score of 1.4% of votes (with 3 votes) in 2018!

What character would rank the highest to have as a completely platonic friend?

(Characters were only listed if they scored at least 0.5% of the votes, or 2 votes)

  • Kirby: Coming in as champion at this brand new bonus question, Kirby held only 9.1% of the vote, a record low for any of the one-vote tier lists, making no character hold S tier here
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Which franchise in Smash holds the best collection of Waifus/Husbandos overall, even counting characters outside of Smash?

  • Fire Emblem: One the flipside to Kirby's record low, coming in at an absolutely staggering 52.7% of the vote, Fire Emblem holds the highest ever vote for a single vote tier list. Just as side note, SS+ is reserved for greater than 20% of the vote in any bonus question, and with over half of all votes, I felt Beyond SS+ was appropriate.

  • Miis: A slight error, the Tier list posted lacks the "Wiiware" franchise in it, which got 0 votes.

The Assist Trophy Waifu/Husbando Voted Tier List

  • A couple of notable changes, Tiki has taken over Waluigi's 2nd place spot he had for 2 years in a row, while both the Sonic characters (Knuckles and Shadow) performed much better this year than previous years

Costume Questions

Best Hero:

Best Ike:

  • Radiant Dawn (Older Ike): 63.7%

  • Path of Radiance (Younger Ike): 36.3%

Best Minecraft Skin:

Best Ganondorf:

Best Zelda:

Best PremiumTM Mii Costume

(Premium defined as it's headgear hiding the entire face of the Mii with a matching costume)

  • Sans: 46.3%

  • Black Knight: 17.2%

  • Vault Boy: 10.1%

  • Yiga Clan: 9.3%

  • Pig: 6.2%

  • Bomberman: 4.8%

  • Cuphead: 4.0%

  • Creeper: 2.2%

Filtered Tier Lists

If you've been checking out these threads for a while now, you should be aware that these polls tend to be dominated by those who prefer women. Of course, this year is no exception….

  • Likes Females: 71.6%

  • Likes Males: 7.1%

  • Likes Both: 19.8%

  • Likes None / Neither: 1.5%

  • Likes Other: 0%

As with every year, Both/None/Other will be combined into one tier list

Likes Males 2021 Tier List

Changes from 2021 All Votes

Changes from 2020 Likes Males

Standard Deviation Rankings

  • Sephi: To my surprise, the Likes Males Tier List continues the tradition of having a new number 1 pick every single year, never repeating a character. This time, the newcomer Sephiroth takes the throne, and holds his position with an impressive lead over 2nd place Link. Sephiroth is also the only character in a Likes Males Tier List to hold the top tier by himself.

  • Falco: The dark horse of the race, Falco holds a staggering Top 5 placement over his previous highest placement of 18th in 2018 Likes Males. This is the highest a non-human/human-looking character has ever placed, outside of Sandbag.

  • Squirtle: Squirtle is the first character ever to have 100% of voters in any filtered list to vote the exact same score: D tier (1)

  • Charizard: On the flipside, Charizard's low B+ might be a bit strange to some of you who voted, considering no one voted him B+ in Likes Males. Every vote for Charizard was D/C-/C or SS+/S/A+

  • Chrom: Despite being one of the most frequently commented on character to be the best Husbando, Chrom once again barely makes it into the top 10.

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Likes Females 2021 Tier List

Changes from 2021 All Votes

Changes from 2020 Likes Females

Standard Deviation Rankings

  • Zero Suitand Palutena: While an extremely close race this year, Zero Suit beat Palutena by just 0.06, leaving Zero Suit's 5 year* streak of dominating the Likes Females list untouched.

  • Captain Falcon: Once again, Captain Falcon is the highest ranked Male in the Likes Females list. Despite these voters accounting for 71.6% of the votes, Link, Sephiroth, and Ike managed to beat Captain Falcon in the All Votes list.

  • Female Byleth: While Female Byleth no longer is in the top 5 for the primary tier list, she maintains her 5th place position for the Likes Females list.

* While 2018 and 2017 did not have official Likes Females Tier Lists, I ran through the data to find out Zero Suit would have won both of those

Likes Both/None/Other 2021 Tier List

Changes from 2021 All Votes

Changes from 2020 Likes Both/None/Other

Standard Deviation Rankings

  • Link: Link earns the first time a Male character has won the Both/None/Other Tier list, with previous winners Palutena and Zero Suit sharing the A+ tier with him.

  • Isabelle vs Wolf: Isabelle takes Wolf's usual spot as the biggest riser from the All Votes. This is likely due to the combination of Wolf's sudden dropping in rankings in Both/None/Other being more in line with the All Votes list. Meanwhile, Isabelle dropped heavily in the All Votes, but stayed fairly steady in Both/None/Other

The 2021 Weighted Tier List

The Weighted Tier List is a little bonus I include every year that makes every voting category 33.3% of the vote. So all Likes Females Votes are worth 1/3rd of the scores instead of nearly 3/4ths.

SS+ and F–

At the end of the poll, voters were asked to put a single character as SS+ and another as F–. While this does give a small boost to the characters score in the All Votes, it's mostly to see how the tier list would change if it was a simple one vote tier list.

The Single Vote Tier List (AKA, SS+ Votes Only)

  • Pautena, Zero Suit, Zelda, Lucina, And Byleth: The top 5 in the single voted tier list remain the same from last year, with the only difference is Female Byleth's and Lucina's position swapping.

  • King Dedede vs. Sephiroth: King Dedede relinquished his highest male position in the single vote tier list to the newcomer, Sephiroth.

  • Wario: Previous 31st place and 13th place male, Wario skyrockets up this time to 7th place.

Most Hated Tier List (AKA, F– Votes Only)

  • Wario: Despite only getting 2 more votes than Bowser Jr, that was enough for the 10% of the vote cut off, leaving Wario in his own tier this year.

  • Ice Climbers: Previous 6th place on the most hated, Ice Climbers managed to squeeze by unnoticed this year, getting 0 votes.

  • Wario, Bowser Jr, Ness, Male Corrin, Steve, and Sans: The top 5 remains roughly the same, though with the removal of Sans from the voted tier list it could not be identical, allowing the newcomer Steve take his spot.

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5 Years of Data

While it is a bit of an odd tradition, I would like to thank you all for letting me crunch data with hundreds and sometimes thousands of voters. It is something I do quite enjoy, and presenting this data, finding new ways to run the poll, and seeing the discussion it brings is always a fun event for me

Running back through all the Filtered Lists of the past 5 years, I present to you a small bonus few tier lists.

The All-Time High Tier List

The All-Time Low Tier List

This takes the 15 Filtered Lists throughout the years and presents the highest and lowest position each character has taken throughout the years, allowing you to compare the highest scores and the lowest scores between characters.

For fun, the top 3 drops between highest position and lowest position is as follows:

  • Incineroar: 7.70 to 3.42 (Low A- in 2019 Likes Males to Top of C in 2021 Females)

  • Falco: 8.73 to 4.50 (Mid A in 2021 Likes Males to Bottom of B- in 2021 Likes Females)

  • Female Corrin: 8.78 to 4.78 (Mid A in 2017 Likes Others to Mid B- in 2021 Likes Males)

The Ultimate Weighted Tier List

This tier list weighs the average of All 3 to 15 scores a character might have (from 2017-2021, all gender preferences), giving arguably to most balanced and objective look we have at the roster.

And Finally

Standard Deviation Between the Filtered Tier Lists

What this does is creates 3 averages for each of the Filtered Tier Lists (likes females, likes males, likes others), and then ran Standard Deviation between the 3 scores to see which characters are mostly hotly contested among different preferences. So a character like Incineroar varies greatly on what your preferences are, while a character like Ryu seems to have everyone in agreement on his position, regardless if they like men or not.

And… that should be it! Just a few extra links for you all

And Last but not least, the last few questions

Do you have a date for Valentines Day?

  • Nah: 68.4%

  • Yep: 20.9%

  • It's complicated: 10.7%

Did you know you could skip any question?

  • Yes: 65.5%

  • No: 34.5%

7 of you skipped that question


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