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The Waifu/Husbando 2021 Valentines Day Voted Tier List!

Me-oh-my, would you look at that time? After such a crazy year, we're back to that special time… the time to embrace those you care about, tell them how much you love them, to hold onto them and never let go… such a blissful time of year.

Ah, but you're here on Reddit! So why don't we cut the crap, take a break from the insanity of the past year, and continue this odd tradition I've hosted for so long now. Come one, come all; tell me all about your rankings of Waifus and Husbandos in Super Smash Bros!

We're back again, and about time to! The 5th Annual Waifu/Husbando Voted Tier List Poll is here for you!

The Ranking System:

  • S Tier – Too good for this world; instantly would ship with self

  • A Tier – High quality Waifu/Husbando

  • B Tier – Not a primary choice, but solid potential

  • C Tier – Mediocre Waifu/Husbando, too many problems to be a truly viable choice.

  • D Tier – PLS NO, NOT THEM

With this going on for 5 years, you may be curious about how some of your favorite characters performed in the past. Well, look no further! You can check out all previous results here, alongside the threads to see previous discussions throughout the years.

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2019 Waifu/Husbando Tier List

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2021 Patch Notes

  • Added Min-Min, Steve, Alex, and Sephiroth to the poll.

  • Added Alph to SS+/God Tier and F–/Shadow Realm Tier bonus question, who previosly was missing from last years.

  • Ike, Hero, Ganondorf, and Zelda have now been condensed down to one vote, as opposed to multiple votes for different versions/skins. This was due for a number of reasons, but primarily to reduce how daunting the poll has become.

  • Characters with unique skins now have a different section to pick the best one! No need to individually rank every Hero skin now, just rank your "preferred / best" one, and then select which one IS the best one later on! However, characters with multiple gendered skins, like Corrin and Wii Fit, maintain their seperate rankings.

  • New Bonus Questions: Best Platonic Friend and Franchise with best Waifus/Husbandos!

  • Expanded "attracted to" option. While Both/Neither/Other will (most likely) be sorted as one group again for the Filtered Tier Lists, each is given it's own option in the poll now. This is mostly to allow voters to feel like they are further expressing themselves, alongside offering further filtered lists if needed.

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Anyway, enjoy the poll you lovely voters, I gotta freeze in this cold weather 10/10 date to romance, so I might be a bit busy to answer questions.


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