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This month is the begining of good things to come for Project +

Content of the article: "This month is the begining of good things to come for Project +"

Double whammy to kick it off,

Friday, Jan 15th is M2K's Frame Perfect Series and The Final Matrix Circuit Event!

M2K recently added P+ to his tournament series and it looks like it's gunna start with a bang. With PMRank names like Fuzz, Nogh, and Birdman it's going to be an interesting tournament for sure. It'll all be streamed on M2K's Twitch at 6pm EDT.

For those in the Midwest you can enter the Matrix This is the final entry of the Midwest Matrix Circuit, so if you're in the Midwest sign ups end at 5 CST the day of.

It's going to be streamed on the Project M Nexus Youtube and Twitch accounts at 5:30 CST

On Saturday Jan 16th we have another STACKED, The Salty Spittoon!

This east-midwest event is already looking top heavy with the likes of Rongunshu, Twisty, Yono, Grzly, Kumatora and More

It starts at 3PM EST, on Fizz's Twitch

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Side stream is going to be on the Project M Nexus Youtube and Twitch

January 19th is I Dair You

It's a collaboration between Wisely and @IDairYouGG with a clean 250 dollar pot up for grabs for the homies in the Midwest.

I'll be entering this one, come thru y'all! This will start around 6 PM CST, and it'll be streamed on Wisely's Twitch

Jan 23rd marks the beginning of the

Jan 23rd brings the All Fundies League

You can check out the pinned post on on the sub for more details on that. But it's a mega stacked league in a similar format to the No Fundies League with a fat $1000 charity pot bonus.

Streams can be found at and (and probably the youtube)

And last but not least,

Jan 30 is the first(?) Houston Monthly!

The month goes out with hitters. Looks like this month is the most active I've seen us since irl tourneys were allowed. Well done yall


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