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Trending Hashtag Strategy (why we need to keep innovating on #FreeMelee)

Content of the article: "Trending Hashtag Strategy (why we need to keep innovating on #FreeMelee)"

So obviously Melee did well to be the #1 Trending topic on Twitter yesterday with the #FreeMelee hashtag yesterday. And I still see lots of people pouring it in almost a full day later. That being said, if you check we are no longer on the top of trending as new topics have come in and the Twitter Algorithm counts our trend as yesterday's news and moved on.

We can't let that happen.

In order to keep on top of Twitter trending for days at a time (and it will be a long protracted engagement), in order to use the tools social media has given on top of us we need to be coming up with new hashtags every couple of days if not everyday. From my time about a year ago in the Democratic primaries (shoutout to the #YangGang) it is pretty easy to get trending topics if the community behind it is coordinated and deliberate about their social media strategy. Our strength in this conflict with Nintendo is our size and breadth and social reach which happens to be Nintendo's weakness – they're the only ones who have face to lose over this.

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On November 21st, MeleeItOnMe is planning on trending #WhatMeleeMeansToMe for the 19th anniversary of the release of the game in Japan – sharing any stories or better yet video clips of what impact this game has had on your life to co-opt the feel-good narratives that Nintendo often uses in their own marketing about how games bring us together and enrich our lives.

One other thing to note is that timing it so we all do it at once important. I think given that there is a significant West Coast Melee contingent, trending it sometime around 9-10AM PT (so around 12-1PM ET) would probably be the best to get a critical mass all at once.

That's a start but what other hashtags can we use? –


On December 3rd the North American release of the game, we can potentially try and hashtag something along the lines of #19YearsOfMelee or #LongLiveMelee again with similar themes of resilience despite whatever adversities we face as a community

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Whenever Ludwig has LACS3 we could try and trend something along the lines of #MeleeGiveBack or #MeleeForGood #MeleeForCharity

Don't have a date for this one but if we want to get more aggro against Nintendo I think something creative like #NintenDontPlayTogether to highlight how Nintendo is legitimately asking us to not play our game with each other

I've seen a trend of people showing pics of their Melee discs to prove they're not pirating their ISO of melee so maybe something like #MeleeDiscCheck or if we're cheeky something like #DiscPic (though that may not be in good taste, idk I just woke up and am half awake on this)

Other classics






And as Blur said on MIOM stream last night, if Nintendo C&Ds other major tournaments (Genesis is probably next on the chopping block) then as a TO publicize it, and get the community to rally around the injustice.


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