Super Smash Bros

Ultimate 32 Day 2 Upset Thread

Thread runs until start of Top 8. This should be an S-tier on the Wi-fi Warrior Rank v6 if Howplayz calculations are correct.

Smash.GG Bracket: Here

Streams: & &

Seeding: Pro Top 16 and Open Bracket Top 128 (input at 2 PM Eastern US Friday, has changed slightly)


Saturday November 14

Pools – 2:00pm EST, 4:00pm EST.

Top 128 – 6:00pm EST. Top 16 advance.

All Saturday matches are Best of 3.

Sunday November 15

Pubs 16 Vs Pro 16

Top 32 – 1:00 pm EST.

Top 8 – 3:30pm EST.

All Sunday matches are Best of 5.

Upsets (mainly involving Top 16 seeds, however I do take requests at my discretion)

Top 32

  • Lui$ Palutena (9th seed) 3-1 Sparg0 Cloud (Pro 3rd seed)

  • Mr. Brodie Lee (Atomsk) DDD (30th seed) 3-1 Riddles Terry (Pro 6th seed)

  • Angel Robin (10th seed) 3-0 Riddles Terry (Pro 6th seed) (Riddles out at 25th)

  • LeoN Bowser (Pro 10th seed) 3-0 Epic_Gabriel ROB (Pro 7th seed)

  • Joker Samus (Pro 13th seed) 3-2 Epic_Gabriel ROB (Pro 7th seed) (Epic_Gabriel out at 17th)

  • Dabuz Olimar (Pro 9th seed) 3-1 Sharp Joker Sheik (Pro 8th seed)

  • Aaron Diddy Kong (11th seed) 3-0 Yez Ike (Pro 12th seed)

  • Chag Palutena (8th seed) 3-0 Joker Samus (Pro 13th seed)

  • Lui$ Palutena Mario (9th seed) 3-1 KirbyKid K Rool (Pro 14th seed)

  • Ned ZSS PT (2nd seed) 3-2 SuperGirlKels Sonic (Pro 16th seed) (a reverse 3-0)

  • Angel Robin (10th seed) 3-2 Ned PT ZSS (2nd seed) (Ned out at 17th)

  • WaDi ROB (28th seed) 3-1 Rivers Diddy Kong (7th seed) (Rivers out at 25th)

  • Mr. E Lucina (13th seed) 3-0 Chag Palutena Inkling (8th seed) (Chag out at 17th)

Read more:  I made ANOTHER detailed list of how effective characters are against King K. Rool's belly armour

Notable (mainly involving Top 16 seeds, however I do take requests at my discretion)

Top 32

  • Kola Roy Cloud (Pro 2nd seed) 3-2 WebbJP Lucas (34th seed) (a reverse 3-0)

  • Kola Roy Cloud Snake (Pro 2nd seed) 3-2 mabelssb Doc (Pro 15th seed) (a reverse 3-0)

  • Salem Snake Hero Steve (Pro 11th seed) 3-2 Angel Robin (10th seed)

  • Yez Ike (Pro 12th seed) 3-2 8BitMan ROB (17th seed) (8BitMan out at 25th)

  • Mr. E Lucina (13th seed) 3-2 Grayson ROB (19th seed) (Grayson out at 25th)



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