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unpopularopinion: having everybody in elite smash doesnt mean anything

Content of the article: "unpopularopinion: having everybody in elite smash doesnt mean anything"

Basically the reason I say that is well, I originally saw someone doing the elite smash challenge and I was like "well getting everybody in elite isnt that hard but congrats nonetheless", and he goes and assumes I'm some horrible player projecting my lack of skill. I mention I too have done this and that it's really easy to cheese elite gsp due to the system being so flawed you can be braindead and purposefully lose with a character you never played and STILL get put into elite smash (

on top of that, elite smash is full of just essentially decent players. they're full of players that are okay at the very threshold of elite smash and Leffen said it well at one point such as "being in elite smash doesnt mean you're good but if you're not in elite smash dont expect to be winning tournaments any time soon". getting everybody in elite smash does not mean you're good per say but it just means you're decent enough to win one or two matches and never pick up the character again. of course the reddit hivemind of people who dont understand how to short hop will see that and not understand the point and just downvote Lol. if I can literally SD three times with a character and still get put into elite smash, on top of the system itself still allowing stupid rulesets for people to cheese and troll, it's not a valid system.

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besides in a real competitive format it's much better to train your main than to play a bunch of frivolous characters which is why i dont try to get the DLC in elite smash. during the run I skipped the shotos for last and decided I just didnt care anymore and to just leave them. people want to act like getting everybody into elite smash is some crazy pro thing when it's not, if I could do it, and do it by losing in that video to showcase how broken it is on top of that, it ain't it chief. especially since the top .05% of elite smash is way different than the starting threshold of 95% or whatever. if you're decent at fundamentals you can get everybody in elite smash esp since the players are way different too.

tl;dr: elite gsp is such a flawed system that losing your first match can put you in elite smash, and all it really takes to get into elite smash is having decent fundamentals


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