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What 4 DLC characters for Fighter Pass 2 would anger a vast majority of the fan base if they got in?

Content of the article: "What 4 DLC characters for Fighter Pass 2 would anger a vast majority of the fan base if they got in?"

Hey there, so I've decided to try and dedicate myself to try and figure out what combination of 4 DLC characters would cause the most outrage if they were revealed for smash ultimate. I've gone around a couple of discords and got a few ideas, but I'd like to hear some more thoughts.

I have set a few ground rules for myself, however:

1) No Fire Emblem reps, I know, it would piss everyone off but that's just way to easy IMO.

2) No non-video game characters, I'm pretty sure Sakurai stated that they aren't considered.

3) It still needs to make sense. Every DLC fighter has been picked for a reason so far. Steve was picked because of Minecraft being the #1 best selling game of all time and because of Nintendo Executives. Smash Brothers is a celebration of video games yes, but it is also a way to promote video games and sell more copies. I know I personally picked up Persona 5 after Joker was revealed. So these characters still have to abide by that sort of methodology. For example, I would say that a character from Fortnite would actually make more sense than a character from…I don't know let's say Among Us.

That being said I am only doing this for fun I'm not saying that this will actually happen or something, this is my current lineup so far, please tell me what you think.

1) Minmin – ARMS

2) Steve/Alex/Zombie/Enderman – Minecraft

3) Just Dancer – Just Dance

Just Dance is a huge thing, even if you've never played you've probably seen some person awkwardly dancing in front of a TV screen at a party. From a gameplay standpoint, I actually think that they could be fairly unique. Personally, a rhythm mechanic would work best with them, maybe attacking along with a beat would allow them to do insane damage, the beat could be his portrayetd via their animations, a meter, or by using the Switches HD Rumble. Considering how many people got unreasonably upset when Plant got announced, Imagine how upset twitter would get if they got a 3rd Party Wii Fit Trainer. There is also the added benefit of pissing off those poor poor Rayman fans and maybe get some Rythem Heaven fans anger too, considering the character would pretty much steal a mechanic that would work for them too. Just Dance 2021 is also coming out but that doesn't really matter because those games are always coming out.

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4) Freddy Fazbear – Five Nights at Freddy's

I know I said that characters have to make sense, but this actually really does in hindsight. Whether you like it or not FNAF is a horror icon at this point, essentially shaking up the genre in a new way. It's also slowly starting to become less and less indie and more and more triple A. FNAF: Help Wanted proved this, releasing as a VR title then coming to many other platforms, including the switch. From a gameplay perspective, the biggest thing about a horror character in smash is that they have to feel scary somehow. This could be done by either using animations and sound effects or (and in my opinion more interestingly) by giving the character moves that make him feel weird and odd to fight against, and by this, I don't mean spamming projectiles. What if inorder to approach the character, it would force you to go out of your comfort zone, do things that you normally wouldn't do as your character. Make Young Links approach? Make Ganondorf's think twice before Fsmashing? This honestly has such amazing directions to go in. And it would also be really funny to see people say "Freddy Fazbear is OP"

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Now for these other two, I don't have any concrete ideas, just a general designation.

5) Some mobile game characters.

6) A Smash Orginal Character.

I don't think I have to say much for the first one, just imagining that is honestly making my head hurt a bit. A mobile game character would make tons of sense and piss off so many people. Some examples include Angry Birds, The Subway Surfer's Kid, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run, Ect/

Now for the smash original character, some of you may be thinking, "Why would that piss people off? That would actually be sorta cool." And I agree, I think using a smash original character to close off the fighters pass would be almost celebratory in a way, a final celebration for the ultimate smash brothers. But the reason this would piss people off so much is simple. Imagine you are rooting for a character like, IDK let's say 2B from Nier Autonoma. (Nothing against you 2B fans it was the first thing that popped into my head.)

"You see the silhouette of the new character, it's almost too generic, you can't tell who it is, a small sliver of hope pops into your brain until the character starts changing forms, rapidly switching as black clouds form around it. MASTER CORE JOINS THE BATTLE! The trailer says, causing you to sob. You were so close! You'll never forgive them. This is just as bad as Byleth."

Just imagine that for me, I can't be the only one who thinks that's kinda hilarious.

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Anyway, that's all for my rambling. Again, this is just an exercise I'm doing and I'm not trying to kick anyone while they're down.

Let me know if you got an idea!


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