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What if Ariados was in Super Smash Bros? Yes, really

Content of the article: "What if Ariados was in Super Smash Bros? Yes, really"

Ariados Crawls Out!

This creepy crawly will be the Pokemon-equivalent of Mario's Piranha Plant for just how bizarre it is, but oddly fits. This will be a Pokemon that puts the agile into fragile. Despite it being a featherweight, it has a dash speed of 1.937, two jumps, can wall climb, crawl, and has the signature feature to climb ceilings. So if it can jump onto a ceiling, it will crawl the surface, but cannot climb to the top of the stage.

Jab: Ariados will swipe with one of its forelegs three times before leading into a rapid jab where it stabs the opponent repeatedly with its horn

Dash Attack: Ariados will lunge forward for a biting

Forward Tilt: Ariados will lean forward to deliver a bite

Up Tilt: Ariados lifts its abdomen up to form a makeshift trident stab with its back legs and spinneret reaching upwards. Being hit by all three points will do extra damage

Down Tilt: The spider will extend its horn to do a down-arcing slash

Forward Smash: Ariados will do a quick leap in the air to do a cross-cut with its forelegs

Up Smash: Ariados creates a shadowy figure in the shape of a spider above it, with its four front legs pinching whomever is above it

Down Smash: Ariados swings its abdomen in front of it to do some damage, being hit by the abdomen will spike

Grabs: Ariados will shoot a long line of webbing with a spider-web at the end as a tether, and pulls the enemy in to jump on them to start biting them

Forward Throw: Ariados sucks up the webbing, making the target spin before being butted away by its abdomen

Back Throw: Ariados crawls behind the target sting them with its horn, then having it extend to push them back

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Up Throw: Ariados lands on its back with the enemy held in its legs, and then launches them up with a webby propulsion

Down Throw: Ariados forces the enemy on the ground to slash them several times before dragging them away with its mandibles

Neutral Aerial: Ariados shoots hardened bundle of webbing as a gravity-effected projectile

Forward Aerial: It will move forward to bite the enemy

Back Aerial: Ariados will move its back legs backward to jab the enemy

Up Aerial: Ariados uses its back legs again to now jab in the air, similar to its Up Tilt

Down Aerial: Ariados will shoot a spiked web ball bellow it that disappears after a short time or if it hits an enemy

Neutral Special: Ariados will shoot a rapid projectile spikes that do small damage, and each have a very small chance to poison the enemy. These needles will disappear after moving a distance

Side Special: Ariados sprays a stream of venom that is gravity affected, this venom does no damage but instead lowers the damage output of anyone hit by this stream for five seconds

Up Special: Ariados shoots a string upwards that can be tilted in multiple angles, with this web doing one of three things based on what it hits. If it hits a target, it webs them up where they are much slower and unable to attack until the webs are removed. These webs are immediately removed when hit by an attack move, or if the target mashes the A or B buttons enough to struggle out. If it hits an item, then it reels it for the user to use immediately upon return. When it hits a ceiling, it reels itself up to the ceiling. Now this web can be destroyed with 15% worth of damage, leaving the item to fall, or Ariados to go in freefall. Now the reeling in takes a few seconds depending on the length of the string.

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Down Special: Ariados will leap forward and starts to gnaw on the target, restoring HP as long as its one. This will do extra damage to webbed enemies.

Final Smash: Toxic Silkstorm

This will have Ariados create a massive ball of purple webbing that explodes, covering the entire stage in poisonous webbing. All other enemies on the webbed floors will be slower, and take poisoning damage until the Smash is done. Ariados is unaffected by this

Alternate Colors:

  1. Regular
  2. Shiny colors
  3. Green alteration based on Spinarak
  4. Yellow alteration based on Galvantula
  5. Navy blue alteration based on Araquanid
  6. Brown variant based on tarantulas and the brown recluse
  7. Black and red variant based on the black widow
  8. Pink variant based on pink crab spiders


  1. Ariados creates a spider web between its abdomen-based legs
  2. It will move its body side to side like its pixilated sprite
  3. Ariados' eyes glow as it raises its abdomen up in an intimidating pose

Victory Animations:

  1. Ariados hangs from a thread as it holds its forelegs over its mouth as if it is laughing
  2. Ariados shoots a web at the camera before crawling over it, staring at the audience
  3. On a giant spider web, several Spinarak crawl around Ariados as it screeches in victory


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