Super Smash Bros

What if Bendy was in Super Smash Bros?

Bendy Takes The Stage! This dancing demon will be a mischievous imp who makes more than enough trouble for Smash Players. He's a below-average weight fighter with two great jumps and can wall climb

Jab: Bendy will turn his gloves into boxing gloves for a fast double punch

Dash Attack: Bendy will attempt to do a shoulder-first tackle

Forward Tilt: Bendy whips out a gent pipe and swings it forward

Up Tilt: Bendy thrusts a syringe in the air

Down Tilt: Bendy will slam his gent pipe on the ground

Forward Smash: Bendy will turn his hand into an axe to slash at foes with some decent range

Up Smash: Bendy's hand turns massive and thrusts it in the air for an uppercut

Down Smash: Bendy will take a comically large ink bottle and slams it on the ground, this counts as an ink attack

Grabs: Bendy grabs the foe with one arm and headbutts them

Forward Throw: Bendy spits a stream of ink at the foe push them away

Back Throw: Bendy grabs the foe with both hands, enlarges his head to swallow them whole, and turns his head around in a creepy manner to spit them out

Up Throw: Bendy melts into the ground and turns into a giant Bendy hand to launch them up

Down Throw: A bunch of inky hands come from below to pummel the enemy before Bendy kicks them out of the swarming heap

Neutral Aerial: Bendy flails wildly, making several ink blots fly around him

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Forward Aerial: Bendy does a forward jab

Back Aerial: Bendy will do a side kick

Up Aerial: Bendy will grab a foe above him and flings them below, sending them into freefall

Down Aerial: Bendy's legs turn into a sharpened pen, and does a stab/stomp

Neutral Special: Bendy whips out a tommy gun and begins shooting long-range ink bullets at a rapid rate, these bullets do weak flinching damage and will stop firing if the ink gauge is empty

Side Special: Bendy summons a searcher to do a low-height slash that has high launching power, but has a slow start and can be telegraphed.

Up Special: Bendy jumps high in the air with his arms turning into scythes, and then falls straight down for a powerful strike with high launching power

Down Special: Bendy sprays the ground in front of him with ink, making it slippery for the next ten seconds before disappearing to anyone except for him, where he actually does more damage as long as he's standing on it

Gimmick: Bendy will have a film reel icon that fills up with ink over time, but this ink depletes when you use ink-based moves. When the reel is filled up, Bendy glows in a dark aura that signifies this and will be able to temporarily transform into Ink Bendy for twenty seconds.

Ink Bendy Form: This will be a much taller form, is a heavyweight fighter, but is much slower than his base form. Bendy will have two weak jumps, but can crawl and wall cling. All of his attacks do more damage, but are slower and have wonky frame data. Using ink-based moves doesn't deplete the gauge any faster

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Final Smash: That's All, Chumps!

Bendy will transform into Beast Bendy, and charge straight forward to trap any foes caught for a powerful storm of scalding ink that ko's any foes with damage over 100%

Alternate Colors:

  1. Base colors
  2. Black and white colors
  3. Sepiatone colors
  4. Red ink
  5. Blue ink
  6. Green ink
  7. Pink ink
  8. Orange ink


  1. Toon Bendy will take a swig from a can of bacon soup, and Ink Bendy will roar into the sky
  2. Toon Bendy juggles several items from the first chapter, and Ink Bendy pulls out a syringe and crushes it
  3. Toon Bendy's face begins to melt as it looks more like Ink Bendy, and Ink Bendy will look directly at the camera as he reaches towards it

Victory Animations:

  1. Bendy takes a bow
  2. Bendy appears behind a cutout and attempts to make a scary face before giving a sinister grin
  3. A bunch of Lost Ones shuffle around before running away as Bendy chases them with an axe until he notices the camera and blows a kiss towards the camera

Intro Animation:

Bendy steps out of a spinning film real

Well, that's all folks. I have some ideas for DLC characters, but since I can't get a poll up, I'll just list some characters I'd like to try out and see which ones you'd like most.

  1. Scout (TF2)
  2. Aegislash (Pokemon XY)
  3. Kyubi (Yo-Kai Watch)
  4. Chun Li (Street Fighter)
  5. Root Beer Tapper (Tapper)
  6. Helpy (Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator)
  7. Blathers (Animal Crossing)
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