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What if Cynthia was in Smash Bros?

Content of the article: "What if Cynthia was in Smash Bros?"

The champion of Sinnoh, and one of the strongest Pokemon trainers of all time, has found that the Smash battlegrounds are a great and fun way to stretch her limits. For this new league, she uses her trusted Garchomp for powerful attacks, Roserade for beautiful tricks and turns, and Milotic for its defensive attributes. Together, she can pull off amazing strategies when in the right hands

Main Ideas: I wanted Garchomp to be a more straight forward attacker, Roserade to be more tricky and cunning, and Milotic to be a more defensive fighter

Movements and Stats: Garchomp will be a midweight character with fast movements and three jumps. Milotic will be a heavyweight character with two jumps, can crawl, and has little friction. Roserade will be a lightweight character with the fastest speed and two jumps.


Garchomp: Garchomp does a two-hit jab with its claws

Roserade: Roserade will do a rapid jab with short range bullet seeds

Milotic: Milotic will slap several times with its tail fin

Dash Attack:

Garchomp: Garchomp will dash forward like how it chases trainers in Sword and Shield

Roserade: Roserade will propel itself forward by rocketing itself with spirals of flower petals

Milotic: Milotic surfs forward just like Squirtle

Forward Tilt:

Garchomp: Garchomp will swing forward with its clawed wing

Roserade: Roserade will create a flower infront of its bouqet hand that spins rapidly in a fan-like form

Milotic: Milotic will swing its fins like a model whips their hair

Up Tilt:

Garchomp: The Pokemon will do a swinging headbutt from front to back

Roserade: Roserade will create three thorns in its bouquet, thrusting its arm upward

Milotic: Milotic will create a sputtering orb of icy energy above it releases a bunch of icy blue sparks

Down Tilt:

Garchomp: Garchomp swings its tail forward initially, but doing this tilt twice in a row will have it swing its tail in the opposite direction, but having a wider reach by launching forward a wave of sand

Roserade: Roserade will reach down to shoot a few seeds that do rapid damage

Milotic: Milotic will swing its tail for decent range

Neutral Smash:

Garchomp: Garchomp will stomp the ground below it to create a pillar of sand

Roserade: Roserade will create three large purple spikes from one of its bouquets that reach out in a triangular shape

Milotic: Milotic will shoot a large Hydro Pump that will not only do damage, but leave a slippery trail that causes passerby's to lose friction for a brief moment

Side Smash:

Garchomp: Garchomp will swing its tail across the Z-axis with it going high up and low down

Roserade: Roserade will use a flowery Power Whip as a forward spear

Milotic: Milotic will use its Aqua Tail to sweep forward

Up Smash:

Garchomp: The Land Shark will swing one of its claws upward in an arc

Roserade: Roserade will move one of its arms in an arc to create a flowery whip, having a sweeping motion that will slam any foe above it to the ground for extra damage

Milotic: Milotic will swing its hair like fins in an arc, with each fin doing additional damage

Down Smash:

Garchomp: Garchomp will lunge forward a small distance to deliver a nasty bite, getting back up will serve as some end lag

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Roserade: Roserade slap the ground with its bouquets, causing a large flower to bloom infront of it

Milotic: Milotic will sliver a short distance with it rising up for a rising headbutt

Neutral Aerial:

Garchomp: Garchomp bites in front of itself

Roserade: the flowery Pokemon has three pink petals circle around it quickly

Milotic: Milotic swings its tail around it in a circular motion

Forward Aerial:

Garchomp: Garchomp slashes forward

Roserade: Roserade sticks its arm forward for a weak punch

Milotic: Milotic whips its tail up

Back Aerial:

Garchomp: The Ground-Type Pokemon swings its tail

Roserade: Roserade spins in a pirouette with a trail of petals following one of its hands

Milotic: Milotic smacks its tail behind it

Up Aerial:

Garchomp: Garchomp bites upward like a famous great white shark

Roserade: Roserade poses with its arms straight up in the air, with a large puff of pollen going up

Milotic: Milotic will shoot several droplets of water upward

Down Aerial:

Garchomp: Garchomp goes straight down like Ridley, but will produce a mini-quake, doing no damage while making enemies bounce up

Roserade: Roserade will do a similar pose to the previous aerial with it doing a double kick

Milotic: Milotic will do a swinging headbutt below it

Grabs: Garchomp has the lowest reach, having it grab a player with its claws to bite the foe repeatedly, Roserade will launch a single seed that can trap any foe in place with its roots with the roots syphoning away health from the foe, and Milotic has the best range by reaching out to wrap a player in its tail to constrict them. Fun addition to Roserade's pummel is that it will restore health from its pummel

Forward Throw:

Garchomp: Garchomp blasts the foe away with a Flamethrower

Roserade: Roserade makes the roots throw the enemy forward

Milotic: Milotic spins around to throw the enemy forward

Back Throw:

Garchomp: Garchomp bites the enemy and tosses them behind it

Roserade: The roots rise up, sprouting red and blue flowers, and throws it behind the user

Milotic: Milotic spins around and throws the enemy behind it

Up Throw:

Garchomp: Garchomp bites the enemy and swings them up while its jaw ignites in flames, and then the fire explodes, causing the enemy to be launched up

Roserade: The roots rise up, erect a bunch of sharp thorns, and the foe gets launched up similarly to a cartoon character

Milotic: Milotic will throw the enemy up a small distance, and spits a jet of water to push the enemy up like Mario's Down Special

Down Special:

Garchomp: Garchomp slams the enemy down and starts stomping the user like it is having a huge tantrum. This will bury the victim if one of Garchomp's moves failed to land

Roserade: Roserade has the roots quickly ground, slamming the entangled foe

Milotic: Milotic pulls the enemy down and shoots them with a jet of water, launching them away

Neutral Special:

Garchomp: Garchomp will stomp the ground with one foot, causing a golden shockwave to move forward, this shockwave will work like a low beam attack with massive damage. The start to the attack is very slow, but the shockwave stretches out far and fast. So you have a good chance to escape, but this can be choreographed to hit any foes about to land or have just been stunned in any form.

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Roserade: Roserade will use a Leaf Storm attack that works like Charizard and Bowser's fire breath attacks, starting with good range and decent tilting abilities before shrinking and weakening.

Milotic: Milotic will have a spammable Water Pulse where the Tender Pokemon shoots watery orbs that do mild damage at an average rate, and being hit by one may end up having anyone hit having their controls reversed for five seconds. The Pulses have moderate range before dissipating

Side Special:

Garchomp: The Dragon-type will go underground the platform, leaving a clear tunnel under it as it charges in a chosen direction before launching up. Being hit by the tunnel itself does some damage, but the unearthing motion does massive damage with a chance to launch. However, the Pokemon can be launched out of its tunnel by any ground-pound like attacks.

Roserade: Roserade will shoot several purple spikes in front of it that land on the ground. These spikes will do small flinching damage that slowly poison anyone who touches them for several seconds. These spikes will remain dormant for a whole minute, and only two sets of spikes per battle.

Milotic: The Pokemon will create a wave of Icy Winds to push enemies backward, leaving them covered in frost. This frost slows down anyone hit, but also makes those inflicted heavier and harder to launch.

Up Special:

Garchomp: Garchomp rises up in the sky with several sharp stones following it. Garchomp itself becomes a hitbox capable of fast damage, with the rocks itself serving small flinching damage for anyone too close. By releasing the B button, Garchomp goes into freefall early while the stones keep going for a long distance before disappearing.

Roserade: Roserade will summon a Petal Dance storm that works the same as Bumper, with Roserade taking no damage but being pushed up when touching it. Enemies who touch the storm will be pushed while taking some small damage

Milotic: Milotic actually has two Up Specials. By pressing the B button, Milotic will create two mirrors on either side of it that follow the Pokemon while protecting it from projectiles for ten seconds. By rapidly tapping the B button, Milotic will spin like a wheel with its tail wrapped in a jet of water allowing to blast upwards. Being hit by the Aqua Tail does small damage with impressive push back

Down Special: Switches Pokemon from Garchomp, to Roserade, and to Milotic

Final Smash: The Pokemon uses Hyper Beam to trap up to five players in a cinematic Final Smash where the players are transported to the Distortion Realm where Cynthia points at the foe, with a now Mega-Evolved Garchomp and her other two Pokemon using Dragon Pulse, Leaf Storm, and Hydro Pump before Giratina shatters the platform from below to send everyone back with a huge damage output.


1# Cynthia: base black uniform

2# Cynthia: White outfit like her PM Masters EX form while her Pokemon take white hues

3# Cynthia: Blue outfit referencing Dialga while her Pokemon become blue-hued

4# Cynthia: Magenta outfit referencing Palkia while her Pokemon become purple-hued

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5# Cynthia: Wears her light blue outfit from the anime, her Pokemon become red-hued

6# Cynthia: Light blue outfit becomes gray and red like Giratina, her Pokemon become yellow-hued

8#Cynthia: Light blue outfit becomes white and pink like Caitlin, Pokemon take green hues


Garchomp: Will do its BW/B2W2 movement, will breathe two small puffs of fire, will make a cheerful gesture from Pokemon Camp

Roserade: Will do its BW/B2W2 movement, will glow a yellow aura as green sparkles radiate above it, will make a cheerful gesture from Pokemon Camp

Milotic: Will do its BW/B2W2 movement, will reflect the light around to sparkle, will make a cheerful gesture from Pokemon Camp

Victory Animations: The other two Pokemon will be behind the two cheering happily

Garchomp: Garchomp will be flying in the sky before landing next to Cynthia as it roars fiercely

Roserade: The Pokemon has a swirl of petals around it as it does a dance with Cynthia, making the petals scatter around the two

Milotic: It will coil around Cynthia's feet as it is petted by her


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