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What if Deoxys Was In Super Smash Bros?

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Deoxys Arrives From The Stars!

This alien Pokemon will bring immense psychic-abilities to battle in Super Smash Bros! With its adaptive abilities, it can take one of four forms in battle that shifts its weight, speed, and movements to better adapt to different battle styles. Normal will be a midweight fighter with three jumps, can wall jump, and moves at a speed of 2. Attack will be a lightweight fighter with two jumps and a speed of 2. Defense will have 2 jumps, a speed of 1.4, and be a superweight fighter. Speed has 3 jumps, can wall jump, and has a speed of 3.35.

Jab: Deoxys will use its tendrils to whip the enemy twice before doing an axe kick

Dash Attack: Deoxys will charge straight forward to deliver a headbutt

Forward Tilt: Deoxys will extend two tendrils forward in a helix motion

Up Tilt: Deoxys does an up-arcing whip with its tendrils

Down Tilt: Deoxys does a sweeping kick

Forward Smash: Deoxys will create a powerful burst of psychic energy that moves a very short distance incfront of it

Up Smash: This will have Deoxys thrust a short beam of energy from the jewel in its chest

Down Smash: Deoxys does a two-handed hammer arm on the ground, this will have the most range

Grabs: Deoxys will wrap the enemy in one of its arm tendrils, while forming the other arm into a spike to jab the enemy

Forward Throw: Deoxys blasts the enemy away with a wave of psychic energy

Back Throw: Deoxys wraps the enemy in its arms to swing them around and toss it away

Up Throw: Deoxys has a Normal Forme clone emerge from below to deliver an uppercut

Down Throw: From above, a meteor appears to quickly crush the enemy, then explode to shoot them away

Neutral Aerial: Deoxys extends four tendrils in an X-formation to deliver four quick attacks at once

Forward Aerial: Deoxys will dash forward for a headbutt

Back Aerial: Deoxys twists its upper body to deliver a karate chop

Up Aerial: This is the same as Forward Tilt as its arms now reach up while twisting in a helix form

Down Aerial: Now it faces the camera, swipes an arm from one side to the other with psychic energy being projected to shoot three rapid bullets right down

Gimmick: Deoxys will have three circles around it: red for Attack Forme, yellow for Defense Forme, green for Speed Forme, or purple for Normal Forme. Which ever circle is chosen, it will instantly turn into that form and deliver its attack.

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Neutral Special:

Normal: This will be a simple projectile in the form of a silvery beam from its Flash Cannon, this has a small chance to break shields, but this is a slow moving attack

Attack: By charging up a powerful aura, Deoxys uses a Focus Punch by intertwining its tendrils to form a large fist. However, this charging aura can be broken with it also taking more damage from any attack

Defense: With a less powerful attack, Defense Deoxys will create a light-shield in front of it that it uses to defend itself, and push enemiess a moderate distance forward with a decent amount of damage done depending on how fast they were moving

Speed: This will be a fast moving kick that can do devastating damage at the very end of its attack where it creates a sonic boom from immense speed. This will be easy to telegraph as it has some starting lag where it positions itself

Side Special:

Normal: Deoxys will extend a hand forward to trap an enemy in a psychic bind that does squeezing damage before launching them. Now by holding down the B button, Deoxys will instead hold the psychic energy until it forms a Psyshock attack that shoots forward as a fast and explosive blast that moves a long distance

Attack: Deoxys launches a slow-moving ball of electricity that will increase in size before exploding into a massive dome of sparks, but holding the B button turns the orb into a long reaching Thunder instead

Defense: This form will shoot several spikes on the ground that will rise up to do flinching damage to any enemy that steps on them, but doing so will cause them to immediately disappear. Holding the B button will instead allow this form to create a boulder wrapped in psychic energy that will be launched forward while being affected by gravity

Speed: Deoxys' Speed Forme will have it dash forward with immense speed, doing small damage while being granted a slight super-armor. Now by holding the B button will instead have it lunge forward to use a powerful Drain Punch that will restore 20% of HP from the damage dealt

Up Special:

Normal: Deoxys will do a teleporting jump that leaves it in freefall

Attack: The Attack form will rise up in the air to use its Psycho Boost to blast downward just like when it was an Assist Trophy.

Defense: This form will lash its arms upward to constrict an enemy before slamming them on the ground, and this can also be used for recovery

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Speed: Deoxys' Speed Forme will teleport upwards while leaving an afterimage that if hit, will disappear in a small haze while leaving its assailant in freefall

Down Special:

Normal: In this form, it will slowly recover HP as it becomes vulnerable for a few seconds. The max amount it can restore is 20%

Attack: Deoxys will become enwrapped in waves of ghostly energy that will trap and do damage to anyone caught in them as long as the B button is held, but ends automatically after 5 seconds

Defense: The Defense Forme will ready itself where if it is hit by a melee attack, it will slam the enemy hard enough to do double the damage dealt to it

Speed: Speed Forme will create five stars around it in rapid succession, and this will take a few seconds of starting lag that allows the move to be cancelled entirely if hit. These stars will float around it until the B button is tapped to shoot the stars, or be used as a shield for projectiles

Final Smash: Interstellar Crash

Deoxys will create a powerful beam of energy to trap one-four enemies that shoots them into space, where they are blasted by a barrage of energy beams from dozens of Deoxys as a pyramid-shaped meteor brings them back to the stage

Alt. Colors: Purple orb will always be the same

  1. Base colors
  2. Red and blue coloration
  3. Green and yellow coloration
  4. Pink and white coloration
  5. Gray and black coloration based on grayliens
  6. Shiny colors of yellow and teal
  7. Black and red coloration
  8. Purple and blue coloration



  1. Deoxys crosses its arms and floats up with a cold stare
  2. The gemstone on its chest blinks Morse Code for the number 3, as in Gen 3
  3. Deoxys will turn its tendrils into arms, and then back to tendrils


  1. This will be it creating a shockwave of dust underneath it
  2. Now it blinks Morse Code for Attack
  3. It will have three purple orbs orbit its body


  1. Deoxys now wraps its arms in a guarding pose
  2. It blinks Morse Code for Shield
  3. It have two tendrils form a shield infront of it


  1. Deoxys will move between two spots in a blink
  2. It blinks Fast in Morse Code
  3. Speed Forme spreads its tendrils out, with dust clouds being expelled

Victory Animations:

  1. A meteor falls from the sky, and Deoxys arises from the smoking crater with one arm clenching its fist at the camera as two tendrils wave around in the wind
  2. Deoxys will shift between all of its forms before flying off into the sky
  3. A violet orb lays on the ground, before rising up with Deoxys forming from it
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