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What If Lance Was In Super Smash Bros?

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Lance Rises Up! The Dragon Tamer… more of a flying-specialist in some of the games, will bring his Dragon Pokemon to Super Smash Bros as one of the most powerful trainers. All of his Pokemon will be heavy weights with Dragonite, Flygon, and Gyarados having descending levels of speed but increasing levels of attack power. Dragonite has three jumps, Gyarados can crawl with two jumps, and Flygon can wall climb with three jumps.


Dragonite: Dragonite will throw two punches before ending with three quick slashes

Gyarados: Gyarados will slam its tail side to side before smashing it downwards

Flygon: Flygon does two claw slashes before landing a headbutt

Dash Attack:

Dragonite: Dragonite will fly forward and deliver a headbutt

Gyarados: Gyarados will slither forwards in a fast tackle that launches anyone in its way

Flygon: Flygon flies straight forward before doing a double kick

Forward Tilt:

Dragonite: Dragonite will swipe the enemy with its tail, having the most knockback of its tilts

Gyarados: Gyarados will whip its head forward to bite the enemy

Flygon: Flygon will swing its tail across the Z-axis

Upward Tilt:

Dragonite: Dragonite will spit an arc of fire above it, leaving any foes above it with burning damage along with some average attack damage

Gyarados: Gyarados swings its tail in an upward arc

Flygon: Flygon flaps its wings upward several times, this also creates a small cloud of sand that can do minor flinching damage

Down Tilt:

Dragonite: Dragonite slams its head down for a falling headbutt, this will leave the user open to attack for a few seconds

Gyarados: It will shoot a small water jet downwards diagonally

Flygon: Flygon does a cartwheel to slam its tail, but this entire cartwheel becomes a hitbox with its tail being the sweet spot

Forward Smash:

Dragonite: Dragonite will use its iconic Hyper Beam, where it delivers a powerful beam of heated energy forward

Gyarados: Gyarados will lunge forward to deliver an Ice Fang attack, this will have a slight chance to leave the enemy frozen

Flygon: Flygon will slam its tail on the ground to create a small geyser of orange earthly energy. The tail will do some damage with the geyser doing the most damage

Up Smash:

Dragonite: Dragonite will upgrade its fire breath into a Fire Blast that will go up a moderate distance before exploding, being hit by the fireball will cause it to explode immediately damaging all players close enough. If it explodes on its own, Fire Blast's kanji form will burn for a few seconds before disappearing. This will work similar to the X Bomb and Smart Bomb.

Gyarados: Gyarados will do a rising headbutt, this makes Gyarados' head and upper neck a hit box, this does massive damage to any foe that is freefalling

Flygon: Flygon will do a rising slash as it flies up a small bit, it will have three jagged arcs of dragon energy that do extra damage on top of the slash

Down Smash:

Dragonite: Dragonite will do a low reaching roundhouse kick

Gyarados: Gyarados will rise up only to do a U-turn down to do another headbutt

Flygon: Flygon will do a low reaching jab

Neutral Aerial:

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Dragonite: Dragonite claps its hands to create a circular shockwave around it

Gyarados: Gyarados bites its tailfin to do a cartwheel

Flygon: Flygon will create two streams of sand that shoot from each side of it

Forward Aerial:

Dragonite: Dragonite will do a fast tackle forward with its body weight

Gyarados: Gyarados will whip its tail forwards

Flygon: Flygon flies forward to do a quick slash

Back Aerial:

Dragonite: Dragonite whips a gust of wind behind it

Gyarados: Gyardos launches it head backwards for an upside-down headbutt

Flygon: Flygon will whip its tail across the Z-axis behind it

Up Aerial:

Dragonite: Dragonite does a backflip with its tail slapping anyone directly above

Gyarados: Gyarados rises up high for a headbutt, this also serves as a recovery move

Flygon: Flygon pushes its wings up to poke the enemy with their tips

Down Aerial:

Dragonite: Dragonite uses Blizzard below it

Gyarados: Gyarados will lunge its head down to do a long-reaching bite

Flygon: Flygon will go straight down to deliver a stomp with a shockwave effect

Grabs: Dragonite will reach out with both hands and start to pummel the victim with a series of headbutts. Gyarados will wrap the enemy with its tail to start biting them. Flygon creates a spiral of sand that rises up to constrict the target

Forward Throw:

Dragonite: Dragonite will blast the enemy forward with a small burst of energy, knocking them forward

Gyarados: Gyarados grabs the enemy its it jaws to fling them forward

Flygon: Flygon has the sand spiral explode, launching the enemy

Back Throw:

Dragonite: Dragonite will spin around in air before throwing the foe

Gyarados: Gyarados grabs the foe with the mouth and moves it behind it so it can shoot it away with a Water Gun

Flygon: Flygon has the sand spiral move up in a curved motion to shoot the enemy behind it

Up Throw:

Dragonite: Dragonite will create a twister to toss the foe up

Gyarados: Gyarados will let the enemy go before swatting it up with a quick Iron Tail

Flygon: Flygon has a set of jagged rocks rise up underneath the enemy to launch the enemy upward

Down Throw:

Dragonite: Dragonite will perform a piledrive

Gyarados: Gyarados will move its head above the enemy to breath a mighty Dragon Breath attack

Flygon: Flygon will fly above the enemy to Body Slam them

Neutral Special:

Dragonite: Dragonite will gear up for a powerful punch, but this will work to where the dragon's hand will glow different auras before landing a punch. First Dragonite's hand will glow a flaming orange, then an electrical yellow, and an icy blue. By releasing the B button on orange, Dragonite will release a long-range Fire Punch that will travel a small distance before fading. This will have the most range of the punches, but has the least KO-potential in order to do some burning damage. With yellow, Dragonite's Thunder Punch will have the weakest range, fastest movements, and can do excessive flinching damage with the crackling electricity. Finally with an icy blue glow, Ice Punch will be the slowest to deliver but can have massive knockback while potentially freezing any target.

Gyarados: Gyarados uses Hydro Pump to launch a long reaching jet of water that does massive damage the shorter the jet is, and has high pushback. This works best if used up close. This can be tilted with ease. When used in the air, it will propel itself backwards, making its entire body a possible hitbox

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Flygon: Flygon will create a sandstorm around it that follows it for ten seconds. This will act as a shield that allows Flygon a small chance to dodge any attack, and anyone up close will start taking small damage as long as they are stuck in it. If used again, it will launch this sandstorm as a moving twister that can travel a bit before fading. There will be some bad starting lag as Flygon needs to create the sandstorm, and requires another ten seconds before using again

Side Special:

Dragonite: Dragonite will use its Thunder Wave to release a radio wave of weak electricity to slow down enemies for several seconds if they connect. This can also lower slight damage from projectiles if timed right, having the first wave of electricity guarding the most.

Gyarados: Gyarados will move forward a small distance before using the move Aqua Tail. While the initial dash is very fast, the Aqua Tail attack does have some end lag at the end. While not it has less launching power, the move does have great damage and projectile resistance

Flygon: Flygon will stomp the ground, and cause a shockwave on the ground to launch any grounded foes. This will be a move with long range, but only works on foes on the ground, but does massive damage on buried foes.

Up Special:

Dragonite: Dragonite's wings will extend to become larger and metallic, and launches upward with high speed. The extension of the wings can do damage to close enemies will knocking them back, but flying upwards grants Dragonite super-armor while its wings become hitboxes.

Gyarados: Gyarados launches itself up high to fall straight to the ground, just like when it uses Bounce. This will work exactly like Dedede's Up Smash

Flygon: Flygon will launch three meteors upward in succession, each one traveling a good distance before falling back down. If they hit an opponent, floor, or projectile, they will explode. This explosion does massive damage to anyone caught with a moderate launching chance, but this also applies to Flygon. Dragon moves are super-effective on Dragon types after all

Down Special: Lance will call back the current Pokemon and switches to next in the order of Dragonite, Flygon, and Gyarados

Final Smash: Draconic Power-Pulveriser

All three Pokemon have the same Final Smash where they move to one side of the stage and emit a powerful set of energy blasts shapped like intertwining dragons that can be tilted and do damage to anyone caught in their vicinity.

Alternate Colors:

  1. Standard for all, Lance takes his HeartGold and SoulSilver appearance
  2. Lance will don an icy blue suit with a red cape in reference to Lorelei, his Pokemon turn icy blue
  3. Lance will don a crimson suit with a white cape referencing Bruno, his Pokemon turn red
  4. Lance's outfit turns purple with a green cape referencing Agatha, his Pokemon turn purple
  5. Lance gets a maroon suit with a gold cape in reference to Will, his Pokemon turn purple
  6. Lance gets a purple outfit with a gray cape referencing Koga, his Pokemon turn green
  7. Lance turns his outfit yellow and blue cape to allude to Karen, his Pokemon turn black
  8. Lance dons his Let's Go outfit, his Pokemon turn yellow
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  1. Dragonite flies up in a spiral direction before landing on its feet, Gyarados will coil up to glare menacingly, and Flygon flaps its wings to whip up a dust cloud
  2. Dragonite moves its head to around as it roars, Gyarados will thrash around as it emits steam, and Flygon will descend from flight to look in either direction
  3. Dragonite will fall asleep while standing, Gyarados will do a Dragon Dance, and Flygon will lift its tail up as sand begins to seep through

Victory Animations: Dragonite

  1. Dragonite will fly up in the air before stomping on the ground, roaring with delight as it stands next to Leon tossing his cape behind him
  2. Dragonite will fly around Lance before posing heroically
  3. Dragonite shoots a Hyper Beam in the air as Lance holds an Ultra Ball in his hands, staring fondly at as Dragonite looks at it over his shoulders

Victory Animations: Gyarados

  1. Gyarados rampages across the field before being halted by Lance, and the two stare at the camera
  2. Gyarados roars in the air as Lance walks forward and tosses an Ultra Ball before placing it by his side
  3. Gyarados causes a rainstorm as Lance adjusts his cape before the two walk away

Victory Animations: Flygon

  1. Flygon flies around Lance as he does a victorious pose, with Flygon stands on all fours underneath him
  2. Lance grabs an Ultra Ball and places it on his belt, only for Flygon to land out of nowhere to glare menacingly
  3. Lance's Flygon whips a sandstorm, causing to appear as silhouettes that slowly walk away before fading


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