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What if N was in Super Smash Bros?

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Natural Harmonius Gropius brings three trusted Pokemon to the game as he continues his philosophical journey for truths and ideals in the game of Super Smash Bros. He uses Zoraork, Carracosta, and Vanilluxe here for a well balanced battle style.

Zoroark will be a midweight fighter with three jumps, can wall cling, and wall climb. Vanilluxe will be a lightweight fighter with two jumps with its second jump having it float up similar to Mewtwo. Carracosta will be a superweight fighter with two jumps and no other movement options.


Zoroark: Zoroark does three slashes of its claws before leading into a rapid jab where it flails its claws wildly

Vanilluxe: Vanilluxe do a short projectile for its jab as it shoots short range icicles that can do decent damage

Carracosta: Carracosta will slam each fin before leading into a bite

Dash Attack:

Zoroark: Zoroark will get on all fours to tackle the enemy

Vanilluxe: Vanniluxe does a double headbutt

Carracosta: Carracosta runs forward before tripping to end in a body slam

Forward Tilt:

Zoroark: Zoroark will whip its mane across the Z-axis

Vanilluxe: This will be it jabbing its bottom icicle forward, this will have a chance to land a sweet spot despite the low power

Carracosta: Carracosta will lean forward to bite the enemy

Up Tilt:

Zoroark: Zoroark will do a backflip with it one of its legs serving as a hitbox

Vanilluxe: Vanilluxe will shoot a jet of mist from its straw

Carracosta: Carracosta can now jump up to land a short headbutt

Down Tilt:

Zoroark: Zoroark will do a low kick forwards

Vanilluxe: Vanilluxe will spin like a top as its head spins low to the ground, this will have some end lag as Vanilluxe will be dizzy after spinning so much

Carracosta: Now it whips its thick tail in front of it

Grabs: Zoroark will grab the target with both hands to start knee-kicking them, Vanilluxe will freeze the enemy' feet to the ground so it can start spitting icicles at them. Carracosta will wrap one of its fins around the target to start gnawing on them.

Forward Throw:

Zoroark: Zoroark will do a roundhouse kick to knock them back a short distance

Vanilluxe: It will spin rapidly, knocking them back a much further distance then expected

Carracosta: This will have Carracosta shoot the enemy with a weak Water Gun that does knock them back a good distance

Back Throw:

Zoroark: It will disappear, then reappear behind its target to do a double kick

Vanilluxe: Vanilluxe will spin around the enemy to knock them away

Carracosta: Carracosta grabs the target with its jaw and swings them back

Up Throw:

Zoroark: Zoroark will do a rising Shadow Claw to uppercut them into the air

Vanilluxe: Vanilluxe will create an icy whirlwind to blow them up

Carracosta: Carracosta will bite the enemy to raise them straight up in the air so it can deliver another Water Gun

Down Throw:

Zoroark: Zoroark grabs the enemy and jumps up in the air to make a U-Turn straight down, doing a sort of speedy suplexe

Vanilluxe: Vanilluxe summons large clumps of snow to potentially bury the enemy

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Carracosta: Carracosta simply body slams the enemy to potentially bury them

Forward Smash:

Zoroark: Zoroark will do a straight forward jab with one of its clawed hands

Vanilluxe: Vanniluxe will breathe a short ranged blizzard for massive damage

Carracosta: Carracosta will slam one of its arms as its spins 360 degrees

Up Smash:

Zoroark: Zoroark will clap its hands in the air for a long range shot of dark energy

Vanilluxe: Vanilluxe summons three sharp icicles around it for an unorthodox set of spikes above it

Carracosta: Carracosta will slam its fin in the air, with it being cloaked in a rapid of water

Down Smash:

Zoroark: Zoroark will crouch down to do a sweeping kick

Vanilluxe: Vanilluxe will summon three icicle spikes around it to extend downwards on either side of it

Carracosta: Carracosta will get on its belly to spin around as it uses a spiralling Aqua Tail

Neutral Aerial:

Zoroark: Zoroark will do a punch to either side of it with its arms extended either side

Vanilluxe: Vanilluxe has three snowballs gravitate around it

Carracosta: Carracosta will spin around with its fins extended

Forward Aerial:

Zoroark: Zoroark does a drill kick forwards

Vanilluxe: Vanilluxe does a double headbutt forwards

Carracosta: Carracosta will attempt to crouch into its shell as it spins forward

Back Aerial:

Zoroark: Zoroark will turn around to do a quick slash of the claw

Vanilluxe: Vanilluxe will tilt 90 degrees to extend its icicle a decent distance for a series of quick jabs

Carracosta: Carracosta will turn around to do a double kick to push itself forward

Up Aerial:

Zoroark: Zoroark will raise an arm into the air for an upward arcing slash

Vanilluxe: Vanilluxe shoots three puffs of mist from its straw

Carracosta: Carracosta will extend its neck up to deliver a quick bite

Down Aerial:

Zoroark: Zoroark will cross its arms down for a crossing cut

Vanilluxe: Vanilluxe will move a short distance down for a drilling attack with its spike

Carracosta: Carracosta will throw a large boulder down that will damage anyone hit by it as it falls down. Once it hits someone or a projectile, it will shatter

Neutral Special:

Zoroark: Zoroark will vanish in a cloud of black smoke, which itself takes three seconds while being vulnerable before becoming fully invisible. It will be much more difficult to hit, and will then create a massive blast of dark energy by pressing the B button again. The invisibility will last until it attacks with any of its move, gets hit, or after 15 seconds

Vanilluxe: Vanilluxe will use Ice Beam similar to Charizard's Flamethrower as it creates a straight forward beam of icy blue energy that will first do massive damage, but slowly weakens in range and power as it eventually needs to recharge

Carracosta: Carracosta will stomp on the ground, causing a jagged pillar of stone to quickly rise up, doing flinching damage. This pillar can be toppled down for extra damage as it crushes anyone in its path, including the player, when it takes 10% damage

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Side Special:

Zoroark: Zoroark will do a quick Shadow Claw that will have a high-launching chance

Vanilluxe: Vanilluxe will create a small cloud of icy fog that moves across the ground as you control it, and will turn into a massive icy prison for anyone caught in that does massive damage with a chance to sweet spot them. However, this is an easy-to-predict move with starting lag as Vanilluxe sets up the fog. The foe needs to be directly underneath the fog for the move to work

Carracosta: Carracosta will crouch down and begins spinning like a large buzzsaw, and will move in a set direction. Being hit by the does good damage, but will aslo have Carracosta granted super armor until the move ends where Carracosta is left dizzy

Up Special:

Zoroark: Zoroark will jump up high with its claws glowing red, and will begin slashing the first player it comes in contact with before landing into freefall

Vanilluxe: Vanilluxe will shoot a blizzard upward from its straw that gains a wider hitbox as it goes higher. This will end after a few seconds, but does massive damage as it also has a chance to freeze enemies in contact with the blizzard

Carracosta: Carracosta throws a single rock upwards in a titled direction that does weak damage, but immediately knocks any foe down quickly. Depending on how high up this rock is, this well determine how possible it would be for the foe to be buried.

Final Smash: Truth and Ideals

N recall his Pokemon to summon the two Legendary Dragons, Zekrom and Reshiram, who will fly onto either side of the stage while shooting bolts of black lightning and white fire across the stage. These attacks do massive damage to anyone caught by the blasts

Alternate Colors:

  1. N and his Pokemon are in his base colors
  2. N dons a purple shirt in reference to Sage Zinzolin, his Pokemon turn cyan
  3. N changes into a green shirt in reference to Sage Ryoku, his Pokemon turn green
  4. N gets an orange shirt as a nod to Sage Giallo, his Pokemon get orange hues
  5. N wears a red shirt referencing Sage Rood, his Pokemon become red
  6. N wears a gray shirt to reference Sage Bronius and Kyurem, his Pokemon turn white
  7. N takes a dark green shirt referencing Sage Gorm, with his Pokemon taking the same colors
  8. N takes a black shirt alluding to Ghetsis, as his Pokemon turn black


  1. Zoroark will hold its hand to its belly as it laughs, Vanilluxe dances around as snow falls on the ground, Carracosta plants its feet into the ground as it roars
  2. Zoroark disappears and reappears, Vanilluxe's snow begins to melt before it creates a cloaking mist to recover, and Carracosta gnashes its jaws
  3. Zoroark will do a backflip, Vanilluxe will shoot several puffs of mist in the air, and Carracosta will shake some water off of its body

Victory Animations: Zoroark

  1. Zoroark will appear out of no where as N approaches to stroke its mane
  2. Zoroark runs on all fours before sliding in to a stop as N stares wistfully beyond
  3. N will march forward angrily before shifting into a snickering Zoroark, with the real N walking in from the side in a mellow manner
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Victory Animations: Vanilluxe

  1. Vanilluxe flies in the air, spreading sparkling snow behind it as it then hovers behind N as he holds some sparkling snow in his hands
  2. Vanilluxe spins in the air happily as N sits down next to several Vanillite
  3. Vanilluxe flies down for a hug from N as they grow closer

Victory Animations: Carracosta

  1. Caracosta roars out load as N holds the bill of his cap and points to the camera, where Carracosta glares, ready for their next battle
  2. A Tirtouga and Archen gather around N and Carracosta as they pet and cherish them
  3. Carracosta slides in on a stream of water with N on its back as they swim away

So now that's Cynthia, Lance, Leon, Ghetsis, and now N. So far, I have also done Dragonite, Gengar, Ariados, Mr. Mime, Deoxys, and Toxtricity. Any other ideas?


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