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What if Scizor was in Super Smash Brothers?

The Pincer Pokemon will slice and dice the world of Super Smash Brothers with lightning-fast speeds. This fighter would be a perfect representation of Super Smash Brothers as it was one of the very first Steel-type Pokemon, an evolution of a previous Pokemon, and is just freaking awesome

Scizor will be a lightweight fighter with fast movements, three jumps, and no other movement options.

Jab: Scizor has a rapid jab where it starts with two jabs, then finishes with a flurry of rapid punches

Dash Attack: Scizor will do a sliding kick

Forward Tilt: Scizor will snap its pincer in front of it for a pinching attack

Up Tilt: Scizor will use Air Slash to create a sawblade of clear red energy that it spins in an upward arc, this will have some starting lag as Scizor takes a few seconds to create the sawblade

Down Tilt: Scizor will snap its claws at a lowered angle

Forward Smash: Scizor will deliver a powerful punch straight forward that leads into a double slash

Up Smash: Scizor will enwrap itself in a silvery cyclone that rises a short distance above it

Down Smash: Scizor will shoot three sawblades into the ground that will explode after landing in the ground

Grabs: Scizor will grab the foe with one of its pincers and chokes them by squeezing its pincer

Forward Throw: Scizor will wind the enemy back, and throws them far away

Back Throw: Scizor will toss the enemy behind it, only to deliver a Vacuum Wave attack for an extra push

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Up Throw: Scizor will fly up a short distance while throwing the enemy up to deliver a quick punch

Down Throw: Scizor does a scissor kick that slams the foe onto the ground

Neutral Aerial: Scizor will use an X-Scissor attack facing the screen with it doing two weak claw thrusts on either side before quickly slashing its claws together for a powerful attack

Forward Aerial: Scizor does a spinning drill kick

Back Aerial: Scizor flares its wings up and beats them rapidly for a flinching attack

Up Aerial: Scizor does a tearing attack that moves from back to front

Down Aerial: Scizor will shoot a beam of metallic energy below it that moves a short distance

Neutral Special: Scizor uses Swift to shoot spinning stars that can move rather far while doing weak damage, these have no chance to launch

Side Special: Scizor uses U-Turn to dash forward for a hook kick before disappearing back to its original spot. This will return will only work if the kick lands, so it can use this as a getaway tactic

Up Special: Scizor will fly up in a fast dash just like Ridley, but it does little damage while not ending in a free fall. This will be it using its Quick Attack

Down Special: Scizor will use Swords Dance to create three green swords around it that circle it until you perform a melee attack. These swords will act as a second hit that does additional damage for non-special moves, but this is a slower move as Scizor summons each sword individually, but the move will be canceled if it is hit. You cannot create more than three swords at a time, and you need to wait for all three swords to be used up for you to use the move again.

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Final Smash: Big Bug Bladestorm

Scizor will Mega-Evolve and do a quick lunging slash forward that launches a single foe in the air, while still doing damage to anyone caught in the attack while selecting the first hit. Scizor's pincers glow a metallic silver and begins slashing the foe repeatedly before lading a final X-Scissor which can KO any foes with over 100% damage

Alternate Colors:

  1. Scizor appears in its base colors
  2. Scizor takes a dark green color as a reference to its shiny coloration and pre-evolution
  3. Scizor takes a navy blue coloration
  4. Scizor takes an orange coloration
  5. Scizor takes a pink coloration
  6. Scizor takes a black coloration
  7. Scizor turns cyan
  8. Scizor turns stark white


  1. Scizor moves and snaps its claws at blinding speeds as a reference to its Crystal sprite animation
  2. Scizor will beat its wings as it hovers
  3. Scizor will do a backflip

Victory Animations:

  1. Scizor slides in to do a high jump kick and pose with its claw to the ground as its legs spread
  2. Scizor has several sawblades spin around it before expelling them outward with it radiating a bright red aura
  3. Scizor does a series of rapid punches before dashing away with it leaving a sparkling dust trail


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