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What if Toxtricity was in Super Smash Bros

Content of the article: "What if Toxtricity was in Super Smash Bros"

Toxtricity takes the stage! This toxic sparker will take its next performance as a player in the Smash Bros world as a midweight fighter with two jumps and no other options.

Jab: Toxtricity will throw two jabs before delivering an uppercut/rocker sign

Dash Attack: Toxtricity will dash forward with an elbow jab

Forward Tilt: Toxtricity will do a headbutt moving downwards with its electrical frills for a longer reach and electrical damage

Up Tilt: Toxtricity will make its electric frills rise up to do a rising attack

Down Tilt: Toxtricity will pretend to rock a guitar as it does a split, and spins its arm in a 360 degree motion

Forward Smash: Toxtricity will do a full body tackle will emitting sparks of electricity

Up Smash: Toxtricity will rise its arms up while doing rocker signs

Down Smash: This will be a low-angle Thunder Punch

Grabs: Toxtricity will lift the target up with one arm, and begin jabbing its other hand into the enemy's throat

Forward Throw: Toxtricity will do a throat jab with enough force to knock the enemy back

Back Throw: This will have the Pokemon throw the enemy in the air, strums its organs to launch them behind it with an electrified sound blast

Up Throw: This will have Toxtricity create a puddle of poison underneath the target that will explode, launching the enemy with a toxic burst

Down Throw: Toxtricity will turn around and do a stage dive, crushing the enemy with its back

Neutral Aerial: Toxtricity will strum its organs, with its arms extending to either side

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Forward Aerial: This will be a forward punch

Back Aerial: Toxtricity does an electrified backhand behind it

Up Aerial: This is going to have the Pokemon do a double kick in the air

Down Aerial: Finally, Toxtricity will throw three drops of acid downwards that dissipate right after being thrown

Neutral Special: Toxtricity will use its Overdrive attack to create a large sound tunnel in front of it to do electrical damage, but will have starting lag as Toxtricity will start its show

Side Special: By using Poison Jab, it will lunge a short distance for a sharp punch, with this having a chance to do poisoning damage

Up Special: By creating a ring of electricity under its feet, it launches itself upward with electricity that can also damage enemies too close. This raises the user a good distance as long as they hold the B button, but only for a few seconds before being put into freefall

Down Special: Toxtricity rounds out its moveset with Charge. The user emits an electrical aura that serves as Super Armor and will allow its next electrical attack to do double damage, or allow its next regular attack to do extra electrical damage. This will require a five second build up for both effects, with its next successful attack having both effects fade as Toxtricity will then need to wait ten seconds for its next use

Final Smash: Grand Finale Max-Stun Shock

This will have Toxtricity trap any number of players underneath a wave of sludge that will transport them to Wyndon Stadium where they are risen up by a Max Ooze attack before being swatted by G-Max Toxtricity's electric guitar back to the stage

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Alternate Costume/Colors:

  1. Base form will be Amped Form
  2. Low Key form
  3. Amped form gets a pink variant
  4. Low Key form gets a green variant
  5. Amped form gets a navy variant
  6. Low Key form gets a crimson variant
  7. Amped form gets a black variant
  8. Low Key form gets a white variant


  1. Toxtricity will flail its tongue while it headbangs
  2. Toxtricity will shoot one arm up in a diagonal position towards the camera
  3. Toxtricity slowly picks at its chest organs

Victory Animations:

  1. Toxtricity will do a guitar solo as it stares at the camera
  2. This punk will turn its back to the camera as it walks away
  3. G-Max Toxtricity will slam its guitar on the ground, causing an electrical explosion in its wake


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