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Why is the FGC so hated in the Smash community?

Content of the article: "Why is the FGC so hated in the Smash community?"

Hi. This is one of your weird neighbor that plays games on a big box on my lap, with big flat buttons. The title is purposely off-putting, because I browse r/Fighters a lot, and we tend to have that question popping up, once in a while.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

It may not be the best place to talk about it (I'll probably get downvoted for that), but the answers we got for those questions are always the same. That Smash is a fighting game but not in the FGC, that it's completely okay to have separate communities within the same genre (MOBAs, FPS, etc), and that a community as successful as the Smash community shouldn't care about a bunch of trolls on socials, yelling "PARTY GAEM!!!" like morons, the second they see Sm4sh Ultimate.

Where do you think this obsession is coming from? Smash-only events like Genesis or Super Smash Con directly compete with EVO (minus Sm4sh), in registered player numbers. One story about Leffen will be more seen and talked about from esport media outlets, than a hundred stories about 15-yo rivalries in Guilty Gear or Tekken. But despite all the proofs on the Smash community's superiority of interest and activity over the entire FGC, there's still that constant demand for legitimacy. Why? What would the Smash community have to gain from this? The top commentaries in this thread clearly shows a disinterest over the fighting games we play, from a lot of people playing Platform Fighters. Doesn't this seem kinda paradoxical?

To be clear, I'm not pissed about any of this situation, nor do I try to downplay Smash or its community. I constantly say that Platform Fighters should be considered as a legit subgenre of fighting games, and people telling otherwise, for the most part, are just moronic trolls trying to fetch the attention of Smashers. What they built over the years is nothing short of amazing, and I completely believe that no friction between both communities is necessary. We can perfectly co-exist, without being forced to participate in the same events, or be considered as under the same umbrella.

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Anyway, doesn't matter how separated the communities are, we're all still under that COVID storm. So as a conclusion to this post, I wish you all the best, and hope that you'll stay safe. Thanks.


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