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Wilson (Don’t starve) smash concept

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Wilson – Don’t starve

Wilson would be a light character, with two jumps and no crawl or wall-cling. His run speed would be fast due to the walking cane

Firstly, the gimmick. The gimmick of Wilson would be hunger, and sanity. Sanity and hunger can both be lowered and raised. Hunger naturally decreases overtime, reaching 0 after two minutes. When hunger reaches 0, you start taking damage. Hunger also decreases when you attack, or get hit. Sanity, is different, to say the least. Sanity can decrease of increase depending on what stage you picked. For instance, Dracula’s Castle would passively decrease sanity, while Dream Land would increase it. Some stages, like Pokémon stadium would have no effect at all. Sanity also decrease based on what characters you are fighting and how close you are to them. Ganondorf and Ridley would decrease, but characters like Kirby wouldn’t increase, instead having no effect at all. Getting hit also reduces your sanity, while hitting an opponent increases it. With 40 or lower sanity, you become insane, and gain faster movement, more dodge frames, but less damage, and less knock back. You can return to sanity again once you pass around 75 sanity. Also, some moves will decrease sanity. I will tackle increasing hunger later in the moveset. For now here are the moves.

Stage entrance – waking up, like in the original game

Jab – single hit with the fist that transitions into a two hit combo with the axe

Ftilt – spear attack, identical to the game

Utilt – a pitchfork stabs into the ground, then is raised upwards rather fast, similar to villager’s down tilt. The two hits would connect into each other

Dtilt – a spider spawns at Wilson’s feet and lunges forward. Does massive shield damage, but has some end lag. Spiders will stop at the ledge. This move decreases sanity

Dash attack – a blind swing twice with the walking cane. The hits connect into each other with the final hit being a launcher

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Fsmash – a swing forwards with the Hambat

Usmash – a swing from front to back with the thulcite club, similar to Ganondorf’s

Dsmash – two tooth traps appear at either side of Wilson, then detonate, launching upwards. There is a hit box in the charging of the smash, and the traps linger for a bit after the move is over

Nair – Wilson curls up in a ball while equipping the thulcite crown. The crown’s shield bubble then appears and does damage. Wilson is invincible while the bubble is up, and if an opponent hits the bubble with an attack, Wilson is sent into freefall.

Fair – a up to down swing of the glass cutter, similar to cloud’s nair. This move does not spike, however it does send glass shards flying, doing non flinching damage all around

Uair – Wilson swings a lantern multiple times upward, similar to olimar’s aerials

Dair – a single thrust with the nightmare amulet downwards, while souls escape the amulet and fly downwards. The amulet itself does not spike, but the souls do. This move decreases sanity

Bair – a thrust backward with the dark sword. Has massive launch power. This move also decreases sanity

Get up attack – pickaxe swung on either side

Ledge get up attack – a shovel swing to the feet

Neutral B – Magic Staves. Press b for the Fire staff, and hold b for the Ice staff Fire staff is almost identical to Lucas’ PK fire, while the ice staff freezes for about one second. This move decreases sanity

Side B – Clockwork Rook. A clockwork rook is spawned in front of Wilson. It readies for a charge forward, and when the button is pressed, it goes until it is destroyed by attacks, or falls off of a cliff. The rook is not very fast. This move decreases sanity

Up B – Telelocator Staff. Wilson holds the Telelocator staff upwards. Then, lightning strikes it, and Wilson is teleported in whatever direction you choose, similar to other teleport moves. The lightning strike does spike. This move decreases sanity

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Down B – Crock Pot. A crock pot is spawned in front of Wilson. This is how to deal with hunger. If a projectile hits the crock pot, it will capture it, and begin cooking. After 2 seconds. A random crock pot dish is served from the pot. Wilson then can eat it to restore hunger and sanity, depending on what the dish is. Different projectiles will also create different dishes, with better projectiles giving better dishes. Mario’s fireball might yield kebabs, or ratatouille, while Sephiroth’s Gigaflare or a full G&W Oil Spill could yield pierogis, or dragonpie. These foods would also heal health, but only a tiny bit. After being used, the crock pot can not be used for another 6 seconds. You can also catch fighters in the crock pot, and drop it off of ledges. Fighters yield no food. Food will not give the amount of health/hunger/sanity that it does in the game.

Final Smash – Reign of Giants

Wilson blows the pan flute, putting anyone near him into a cinematic cutscene. All four seasonal bosses (Deerclops, Moose/Goose, Antlion, and Bearger) appear and start going to town on the caught opponents, with Dragonfly appearing to finish them off.

Alternate costumes – In a perfect world, every character would be an alternate costume. But sadly, we are left with only 8 slots. My picks for alts would be Willow, Wolfgang, Wendy, and Webber to represent the original game, Winona to represent DST, Warly for the Shipwrecked DLC, and Wormwood for the Hamlet DLC


Up taunt – Wilson does the carol emote

Side taunt – Wilson examines his opponent, yielding different dialogue for every character, similar to Palutena’s guidance, but with Wilson by himself. In a perfect world, the alts would also have unique dialogue for every fighter.

Down taunt – Wilson does the cocoa emote

Besides classic mode, spirits, and songs, that’s all I have to say about Wilson. What do you like? What would you improve?


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