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Would you vote in a poll rating every track in Smash Ultimate?

Content of the article: "Would you vote in a poll rating every track in Smash Ultimate?"

I enjoy the music in Smash as much as anyone, but I’m a little sensitive to the frequency at which tracks are repeated as you play over the course of time. To make this easier, I would de-select the tracks from My Music which everyone else does have selected on their own My Music, so that any given track wouldn’t have a higher chance of being played, on Quickplay, over other, equally good, tracks: at the moment, some tracks have a higher chance of being played because they’re selected on the My Music of both players, whereas other tracks are only selected on one of the two player’s My Music, so those tracks have less chance of being played over time.

But to know which tracks everyone else has selected on their My Music, I need to take a poll. Please vote below whether or not you would vote in such a poll.

I would do it through Strawpoll. I’d make 180 polls, one for each of fI’ve preferences—hate it; don’t like it; don’t mind it; like it; love it—for each of the 36 series represented in the game (5×36=180; and this includes the DLC packs released to this date) and include the links to each of the 180 polls underneath one-another on the same Reddit post, and the links would be titled for convenience. To vote, you’d need to select on each of the 180 polls which tracks you think belong in that preference. This would in effect mean loading the same poll 180 times, but I can’t think of a better way at the moment. But it would probably be a smaller number of loadings than 180 for most voters as not everyone will have tracks which belong in each preference for every series: that is, some people for, say, Sonic’s tracks, will just divide them into “hate it” or “love it”. Also, if you don’t have an opinion on certain tracks then you won’t need to vote at all for them but just leave those tracks blank. Just bear in mind that it would probably take several hours to give your preference for every single track in the game, though the less tracks you care to decide on the less time it will take; this probably won’t be something to do in just 5 minutes; so please only vote bearing that in mind. But as far as I’m aware there is no time-limit to how long polls may be kept on Strawpoll for, so there’d not be a hurry; and in any case I’ll have the documents of the polls saved so I’d always be able to repeat it.

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I’d do 180 polls rather than, say, just 5 (one poll including every track for each of the five preferences) because this reduces the risk of a voter working his way through one of the polls and having the page load-out, for whatever reason, and having to start all over again: if each poll only contains the tracks for one series, and only applies to one of the five preferences, then the amount of voting to do in each seperate poll is relatively small.

Strawpoll looks like a small website in terms of bytes of data and there don’t seem to be any adds on there to clutter it, so I hope loading the polls won’t be a problem for mobile users over WiFi.

Although this is primarily for my own benefit, I will publish the results on Reddit for you to see. May be fun to see which are the preferred and hated tracks in Smash!

Please let me know if you can think of a better way of doing this poll.

To end, I’ll just reiterate: please vote below whether or not you would vote in such a poll.

P.S.: any and all DLC released to the date on which I complete the poll will be included in the poll. Also, I will only be looking at Smash Ultimate for this.

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