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Could helicopter events work?

Content of the article: "Could helicopter events work?"

I'm fairly certain that most of the people who got the helicopter forgot they even had it (I surely have). I can't really blame them since it's just…there. No events, no upgrades, not even a roster to chose from. It's just another vehicle for players to use for 5 minutes and forget about. I thought about this and I figured something could be done about this.

I went to youtube to look at the what helicopters are used for. I got an abundance of videos of helicopters racing other types of vehicles; mainly cars and bikes. In more scarce amounts, there was footage of helicopters participating in air races and aerobatics competitions. Hell (heh), there was even a helicopter-only race with multiple vehicles in close range of each other.

What I was thinking was helicopter events could take from the examples I've mentioned. There could be races where a helicopter goes up against other vehicles on routes that already exist in the game (mainly from SR, RR, HT, and possibly MX). There could also be heli vs heli races, an maybe time trials to get from one destination to another with landing points in between. This would most likely be part of the Pro Racing discipline.

There are some understandable concerns and objections to this though. At this point, we all know most people who play this game already don't care about the boats and planes, so the likelihood of them accepting helicopter races is minimal. Many would complain about Ivory Tower adding helicopters when the cars and bikes they desire are still absent (like the open-wheels that should rival the KTM X-bow. Where's my damn mono?!). All that licensing and development would go to waste. It's also more grinding to get the the new vehicles and all the best parts for them, which many consider tedious.

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My perspective is that while it may not be the content most want, it's still content; more so than just adding cars and vanities every update. We are all aware that the lack of content is a problem this game has had for awhile. This is apparent from the fact that a lot of people are begging for a race-creator (me included). Along with the race-creator, something like this actually adds on to the game. This creates a new set of skills and strategies (and exploits) for players to adopt. That's my take on it.

What are your thoughts on this idea?


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