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Events for these forgotten Areas/Tracks

I feel that some of these areas deserve to have events in them because they seem to have been forgotten about because of how big the map is but i could definitely see events being put in these places and from what I've seen in the game it looks like many of these areas where going to have events but for whatever reason the devs didn't finish their work. You can see the props and barriers but the only thing missing is a playable event.

I also think these events should be included in the crew 2's PVP. Additionally i also think the Motocross discipline should have its own events that we can select in PVP just like how we can select Street Events.

These are the areas in the Crew 2 where events would work.

Wind Power Plant (Already has some jumps in it) i think this was going to be either a motocross event area or a rallycross event area because there are jumps that have been put in there.

The wind power plant can be found if you go into the game and go to skills then if you select the discipline and go to offroad, skills will appear on the map, one of them is Offroad Slalom skill, look below Chicago its somewhere below it.

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Area 2

Jackson Hole Ice Track

Compared to the first game this area has been downgraded in one way, its called the ice track but the track itself is dirt not ice, i went into the game today and i can confirm, in the first game the track was actually ice but in the crew 2 they changed it too dirt. They will have to fix this one day because the ice track was a fun place in TC1 and they just need to make the track ice instead of dirt.

This area would a good for rallycross and motocross events i looked at it in game and i saw jumps on the track so this area could definitely work for offroad events. The area even has a blimp in the sky above the track and has checkpoints which look like bottles, there are also other props.

Area 3


I feel that there could be some race events in this city, there are certain cities that have just been forgotten about and i hope we can see some events in this city at some point.

Area 4

Docks near Miami

There were some cool docks i saw near Miami and i think they would be good areas for PVP events.

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Area 5

Golden Hills Race Track, Little Eagle Mazda Laguna Seca, Long Beach Race Track, and many more

I think we all know about golden hills race track and Mazda laguna seca, and Long Beach, its clear the devs didn't finish their work with these tracks any many others because no events were added to these tracks, the tracks themselves and the props are fine but there are no events

I didn't want to add too many areas in the list but the first two are definitely areas that deserve to have events in them.

What do you guys think ? will Ivory Tower finish the unfished work with these tracks and areas in the The Crew 2 ?

Thanks for listening.


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