The Crew 2

I just want to express my frustration that the end game activity (Summit) is governed by luck…

I can't do this anymore. I can't drive around in circles for several days now hoping a part I need will drop…

I loved this game, I got a Platinum trophy in it. I came back because I saw an update that looked cool to me. But I have been done with the Motorpass, so for the first time I decided to commit to a Summit event. I grinded money last week to buy the cars I need.

But I am looking at two slalom events and I do not have the score breaker set. So I got the Loot Multiplier set from the Motorpass I equipped it and started doing Street Races, I thought it would help me get the Score Breaker set. Nope. All I need is a transmission with a score breaker. Nothing. I have been at it since Monday. I can't do this anymore, this has crushed my spirit to the point where I dread starting the game.

Look, I get it, random loot is random loot. RNG is RNG. If it was a rare hood, a set of tires, a rare car. But this is an essential item, without it I have no hope at beating a high score.

This is gatekeeping at it's most ugliest, because it's based on luck. Theoretically there could be a person out there who played the game less then me, did the slalom worse then mere (slower, more crashes) but still got a higher score because their result was simply multiplied by a set of gold parts.

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When I play a skill game in Gran Turismo, for example a cone a game, everybody gets the same car, with the same handling under the same conditions. That's an end game skill activity, where you learn the handling of a particular car and then come back to test your skill.

I am ok with grinding, I can understand grinding to get the money to buy specific cars for the event, and I love loot, but putting all this together as an integral component into an event that only lasts a week, with rewards that are only available for a week… It just hurts so bad to be turned down because of something you have no control over.

This is too much guys, I know you all love the game, I honestly like it as well, but I really wanted to have an event or an activity that is governed by skill, but so far the majority of high scores that I see are all exploits cheats and tricks and it's just so discouraging to see all that.


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